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FPL's Manatee Lagoon kicks off manatee season with tons of fun activites

Manatee Lagoon, an FPL Eco-Discovery Center, is kicking off manatee season with a free family-friendly weekend celebration packed with tons of fun activities.

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Central Florida counties face power outages from Nicole

Thousands of power outages have been reported across Central Florida as Tropical Storm Nicole moves through.

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Your World With Neil Cavuto

look what he's done when it comes to hurricane relief. he has the bridge to sanibel done. fpl is up and going. he's talking about education and the issues most important to voters. when ideal test his messaging, he performs. when people hear him talk, he's a man of action, not just words. so i think he's somebody that needs to be watched. >> neil: you and i also talked during the break, fellow new jerseyians whether there's the kind of quiet surge that we didn't appreciate a year ago. when the new jersey governor looked like a 20-point favorite to win re-election and he won by one or two points. is there anything like that going on behind the scenes that we don't appreciate? >> yeah, i absolutely think there is. there's a strategy among democrats right now to say that republicans are the ones that a fear mongering. governor hochul talked about anybody concerned about crime as 60 a data denier.

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FPL removes last 2 wooden power poles in Palm Beach County

Florida Power and Light is making some big power grid improvements aimed at restoring power faster after a storm.

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