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TV tonight: back to Nonnatus House in Call the Midwife

Last modified on Sun 18 Apr 2021 01.35 EDT
Call the Midwife
8pm, BBC One
We’re back at Nonnatus House for the 10th series of this sedate BBC drama staple, now reaching 1966. A momentous year for more than just English football, we open with Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) deciding whether a nearby private clinic might help keep Nonnatus House afloat, while the birth of a baby boy with no legs below the knees leads Dr Turner (Stephen McGann) to worry that this could be another Thalidomide case. And Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt) continues to reckon with her crisis of faith.
Ammar Kalia

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TV guide: 22 of the best shows to watch this week, beginning tonight

TV guide: 22 of the best shows to watch this week, beginning tonight
Keys to My Life, Too Close, Naked Attraction, Uimhir a 6, Frank of Ireland, Leonardo
about 5 hours ago
Sunday, RTÉ One, 6.30pm
The mystic landscape of the Burren has fascinated folk for centuries, and filmmaker Katrina Costello has spent the past 13 years’ filming and photographing in this unique geological wonder in Co Clare. In her two-part documentary, Costello explores the karst limestone formations, the flora and fauna, the underground cave systems and the Burren’s mysterious turloughs (disappearing lakes). As well as capturing the stunning, evocative beauty of the Burren, Costello looks back in time to the early Irish hunter-gatherers, and asks the question: are we

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From Promising Young Woman to The Hunter: The best on demand TV to watch this week

Promising Young Woman
With stories of a ‘rape culture’ at many British schools very much in the headlines, Emerald Fennell’s new film couldn’t be more timely. Its towering triumph – both for Fennell, who writes and directs and has secured Oscar nominations for both and for its similarly nominated star, Carey Mulligan – is that despite the distressing subject matter, it couldn’t be more watchable. 
From brilliant opening to an ending about which nothing should be said, this is the sad, funny, disturbing tale of the #MeToo generation of women finally getting their own back; man by abusive man. 

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RAI Com makes its virtual way to Berlin with Regina, Freaks Out and Walking Liberty

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Produced by Bianca Film together with RAI Cinema, and distributed by Adler Entertainment Italia, Grande’s debut feature film was the only Italian title to be presented in competition at the 38th Turin Film Festival, which unspooled online at the end of November, last year. The director says he started with the essay by the psychoanalyst Massimo Recalcati “Il complesso di Telemaco”, which tackles issues surrounding the absence and death of father figures, to explore the unbreakable bond between 15-year-old Regina (
Ginevra Francesconi), who dreams of becoming a singer, and her father Luigi (

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One man takes aims at the Mafia in 'Cacciatore: The Hunter'

It’s the stuff of classic crime fiction. In a region torn apart by crime, one man stands up for what’s right and takes down the criminals terrorising the innocent. But
Cacciatore: The Hunter is based on actual events in 1990s Sicily, where prosecutor Alfonso Sabella (who’s book
Cacciatore di Mafiosi is the basis for the series) waged a real-life war on the local Mafia. Like they used to say, the names have been changed to protect the innocent – not that you’ll find too many of the innocent here.
Prosecutor Saverio Barone (Francesco Montanari) isn’t an easy man to get along with. When we first meet him, he’s about to turn his boss in for corruption, and it’s hard to tell just how much it’s about integrity and how much it’s about taking his boss’s job. But in the 1990s Italy needs that kind of ruthlessness: after a recent attack left two high profile anti-Mafia prosecutors dead, the government is newly determined to face down organised crime and bring everyone, foot soldiers and big bosses alike, to justice.

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21 for 2021: St Vincent, Lana Del Rey, James Bond, Dune, Arab Strap, David Byrne

As we creep blinking out of our homes into a vaccine-enabled version of normality, some semblance of order should return to the world of arts and entertainment. In that spirit, and with the usual caveats, here are 21 reasons to look forward to 2021.
Line Of Duty
Filming on series six of the BBC’s blockbuster drama about a police anti-corruption was curtailed by the pandemic. It has now finished so it won’t be long before we’re once again gripped by questions both large (is Adrian Dunbar’s Superintendent Ted Hastings really H, the criminal mastermind the team have been chasing for years) and small (why does Martin Compston’s Cockney accent never slip?). This season’s star turn comes from Kelly Macdonald as DCI Joanne Davidson. Date: March.

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