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Window Closing for Democrats to Clinch Biden's Agenda as Congress Returns

Democrats are gearing up for a year-end sprint to unify their fractured caucus behind a spending bill that's crucial to President Joe Biden's agenda.

Government Shutdown 2021: Senate Passes Short-Term Debt Ceiling Bill, Funding Country Into December

After much drama, last-minute decisions and finally, an agreed-upon deal between Republicans and Democrats, the Senate passed an extension of the debt limit avoiding a default on the national debt,...

3 Reasons Why the Latest Market Weakness Might be a Buying Opportunity

McConnell Expected to Propose Short-Term Debt Ceiling Fix to Avoid Looming Crisis

Congress has until October 18 to raise the ceiling or risk default that would have widespread economic consequences.

Yellen: Congress Has Two Weeks to Fix Debt Ceiling or US Will Go Into a Recession

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen issued another stark warning on Tuesday, saying the U.S. economy would go into a recession if Congress doesn't do something about the debt ceiling within the next two...

Thoughts on 'Build Back Better' (letter) | Letters To The Editor

As the clock ran out Sept. 30, Congress voted to prevent a partial shutdown and keep the government open until Dec. 3. This issue remains to be solved later, along

US Government Shutdown meaning: What is the real impact?

It seems incredible, but the United States government is almost out of money. That means a possible government shutdown could be coming as funding is set to run out by the end of t

President Signs Bill to Avert Partial Government Shutdown (VIDEO)

The back-to-back votes by the Senate and the House averted one crisis, but delays on another continue as lawmakers dispute the borrowing cap.

Full List of 15 Republican Senators Who Voted to Avoid a Government Shutdown

Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are among those who approved the short-term government funding bill that keeps federal agencies open until December 3.

What To Fear Most

Government Shutdown 2021: Biden Signs Funding Bill

Late yesterday afternoon, the House and the Senate both approved short-term funding through a new bill that will keep the government running until early December. The measure is not considered an...

Government Shutdown 2021: Here's How You Could Be Impacted Financially

Schumer locks in Thursday vote on bill to avert government shutdown

Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday night that the Senate had reached a deal to vote Thursday on a short-term government funding bill to avoid a shutdown. 

Chuck Schumer Cuts Deal to Avert Shutdown as Nancy Pelosi, Progressives Head for Showdown

While Democrats may avoid a government shutdown, they still face an intra-party dispute over infrastructure proposals.

Hampton Roads awaits looming deadline that could lead to government shutdown

The U.S. government could shut down by October 1; however, the Senate is expected to vote on a resolution either Wednesday or Thursday.

What is the debt ceiling and why does Congress need to raise it?

Showdown on Capitol Hill could cause federal government to default on debt payments, rattle markets if it isn’t resolved soon

Government Shutdown 2021: Will Social Security Checks Still Be Sent?

Thursday, September 30, 2021 | TALKERS magazine

House Passes Funding Bill, Clearing The Way To Keep Government Open

Will Penny Stocks Be Affected by the Government Shutdown? 3 to Watch

AS Butuh Utang, Kas Negara Habis 18 Oktober 2021

Menteri Keuangan AS Janet Yellen mewanti-wanti Senat agar segera mengambil langkah.

Defense Department preparing for possible government shutdown, military to continue working without pay

The Department of Defense is preparing for the possibility of a government shutdown by the end of the month if Congress is unable to agree to a deal to keep the federal government funded. The [...]

Government Shutdown 2021: Will the Post Office Be Open?

USPS Rate Hikes and Slowdowns Could Delay Your Child Tax Credit Check

Republicans Blocked Stopgap Bill But More Voters Would Blame Dems for Shutdown: Poll

Republicans blocked a stopgap bill that would have temporarily raised the debt ceiling but a new poll shows more voters would blame Democratics for a shutdown.

Government Shutdown 2021: Is Federal Financial Aid In Danger?

Government Shutdown 2021: Will SNAP Benefits Be Impacted?

Government Shutdown 2021: How a Lower US Credit Rating Impacts You

Will another government shutdown hurt the stock market?

Goldman Sachs just crunched some numbers on the potential impact to stocks from another government shutdown. Should you be worried?

Shutdown Looms as House Races to Vote on Funding Bill

The House rushed headlong Tuesday into a vote on legislation to fund the government, suspend the federal debt limit, and provide disaster and refugee aid, forcing a showdown with...

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