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unfortunately, you know, dr. fauci and all these people who just decided that we're going to suppress the truth, they probably cost people's lives. >> tucker: of course they did. of course they did. and it was strategic. they weren't censoring people because they were annoying, they were censoring people because they were providing factual information that might have stopped certain policies or election results from happening. so, you know, this was sophisticated and had an effect on american society. certainly it had an effect on your life and thank you for continuing to report on this for the last two years. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: charlie kirk is someone else who apparently was censored by twitter, founder and president of turning point usa. we just told you that bari weiss just reported that twitter set charlie's account to do not amplify status. he joins us right now. thanks for coming on. you're just hearing this, too. this just happened, this is happening, in fact, as we talk about it.

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Tucker Carlson Tonight

turning point usa college kids where they had to go home and stare at a screen all day long. i started tweeting about that. apparently that was a threat. my question, though, tucker is, were they told to do this by anthony fauci? were they told to do this by the federal government? were my tweets somehow able to create viral countermessaging to what they wanteded to see happen in 2020? we may never know, but twitter at its best, when it was really something that was worthy of appreciation, i hope it gets there soon, was a place where opposite ideas were able to spread and rally and hold people powerful accountable. i happened to have one of those accounts for a couple of years and twitter went out of their way to censor it. >> tucker: let me ask you, did you complain, you understood the platform so you knew something fake was happening, someone was putting a thumb on the scale, did you complain to twitter about it? >> yes, i did.

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Anderson Cooper 360

very quickly that the formality on the outside carried through on the inside. >> reporter: the episodes are peppered with intimate moments in what was billed as an inside look at their relationship from the start. and it includes moments like this. >> it's happening, it's happening, it's happening. >> reporter: videos and pictures never made public before of the moment harry proposed. >> leaking, but there's also planting of stories. >> reporter: but with the trailer teasing dramatic moments that weren't included in the first three episodes, any bombshells the palace fears may be still yet to come. >> has the palace responded to this documentary? >> reporter: i think there's quite a lot in this series unsettled the palace. there's not quite enough to prompt a formal response. i think the bigger test of that, anderson, will be next week, when we get to the more sensitive part of the story, which is when they were forced or they felt forced out of the family and had to leave to go to north america. so, not enough in there yet, although some of it feels quite

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Erin Burnett OutFront

gru operative. as this is happening, putin is toasting the russian forces carrying out my invitation, then pout continues says cheers, appears to be drinking from a glass of champaign. after this he made an incredible remark. let me just play it, matthew. >> translator: right now there's been a lot of uproar with our attacks on the energy infrastructure of our neighboring country. yes, we're doing it, but who started it? who hit the crime an bridge. >> incredible. the neighboring country won't even use the word ukraine and then, who started it, ukraine. >> reporter: yeah. the he's gone out there on

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Tucker Carlson Tonight

the lives lost, the kids from school closures and the outcome of the 2020 election all came from a censorship of twitter. >> tucker: and they did it last week partly because everyone that works there is a liberal, and partly probably because they were threatened. charlie kirk, great to see you tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: the founder and editor of compact, he says the problem is deeper, no corporation should have this much power over our freedom to speak. thanks so much for coming on tonight. that was my summary of your view. tell us, what do you conclude from this? >> thanks for having me, tucker. the great danger in what we have seen, we suspected it, of course, all along but now we have confirmation that shadow banning was happening, great danger in this isn't that our freedom of speech is expressed,

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All In With Chris Hayes

professional reputation. >> i also to say as someone who has, harry, skated remarkably close to the line of overall criminal conduct over the years, not that there has not been criminal conduct. there is good evidence there has been. but prosecutable over cases, what he has done with documents here is just a deranged. the constant lying, the constant ignoring lawyers, not giving it over, mine, mine, mine. up to possible contempt of court, possibly getting an indictment over it, this is just illogical extreme at the entire trajectory of this whole story. >> that's it, it's the ranged but as this sort of exquisite quality about donald trump, because what's happening is that even the small thing has fault lines that all go to what donald trump dishonesty. everywhere you look, that infects things, even through the simple act. i want to stress, this happens

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CNN Tonight

leader kevin mccarthy says this is bad for national security, that it's an incentive for finding more american targets to hang onto. >> all of these things can be true at once, and i think the way you are both framing it so important. this is not a choice between brittney griner and paul whelan. this was a choice between brittney griner and nothing. that doesn't mean there's still not an important discussion about whether or not the united states engages with rogue nations like russia over getting hostages back. that's an important discussion to have, whether that should happen ever. and, you know, i think it is happening, and i welcome it. i will say there was a distinct change in u.s. policy over this issue. when? the trump administration. this all changed between 2016 and 2020 when donald trump made it a point to do things the united states hadn't really done this overtly before, which was work to get hostages home no

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Anderson Cooper 360

with intimate moments and what was billed as an inside look into their relationship from the start. it includes moments like this. >> it's happening, it's happening. >> videos of pictures never made public before. the moment harry proposed. >> i was planting -- >> the trailer teasing dramatic moments. in the first three episodes. any bombshells the palace fears may be still yet to come. >> max, has the palace responded to this? >> i think there is quite a lot in this series that unsettled the palace. it's not quite enough to prompt a formal response. i think the bigger test of that, anderson, will be next week, when we get to the more sensitive part of the story, which is when they were forced, or felt forced out of the family and had to leave to go to north america.

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Fox News at Night

in order to transition smoothly to a clean energy economy while maintaining reliability and affordability, we've got to ensure that our stable baseload resources are maintained. >> trace: california is a trendsetter and this could be the canary in the home line of california is pulling back on its generous subsidies. it sounds like the rest of the country is going to have to follow suit. >> carley: that's typically what happens. >> that's typically what happens a state the size of california are echoed and mirrored elsewhere. so we could see that happening. doesn't necessarily have to be the case, there are other states are pursuing smart policies in this regard. there are compromises that can be had in which we can incentivize what we need, to move to this clean energy future without compromising relia

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The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle

we aren't running into federal law in order to protect it from the radicalism of the supreme court >> yet, i am sure that you would like to see more? >> well, for me, the holy grail of lgbtq equality is the equality act. which will protect the equality -- lgbtq community from discrimination areas beyond marriage and housing, employment, and public accommodation. so for me that should be the ultimate goal of the lgbtq civil rights movement. >> it is not lost on me, i am sure it is not lost on you. the moment in which this is all happening, right? you have had against the lgbtq community on the rise. i understand that in some regards that cannot be legislated. that is cultural. that is social. i do wonder what you believe lawmakers can do, what might be possible in this next congress. i know what your holy grail is. i think you and i know that is not necessarily something that is gonna be possible in the next years. what is possible, to protect

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