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Elon Musk visits Israel to meet top leaders

Elon Musk , who’s been under fire for endorsing an antisemitic conspiracy theory and wider accusations of hatred flourishing on his social media platform X,...

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Ruben Navarrette: Trump's 'vermin' attack sounds familiar - in more ways than one - West Central Tribune | News, weather, sports from Willmar Minnesota

From the commentary, " There are many more examples of immigrants being compared to dogs, insects, farm animals and, yes, vermin. In fact, this is practically an American tradition, one of our uglier ones."

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American Opinion: The rising tide of hate crimes can't be ignored - West Central Tribune | News, weather, sports from Willmar Minnesota

From the editorial, "Instead of binding together in threatening times, we have become a society that looks for a group to blame, and then spreads ugly lies and insults about them."

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Israel-Hamas war: NZ journalist Thomas Mutch on the fear, hatred hope he encountered on the frontline

New Zealand journalist Thomas Mutch travelled through Israel and the occupied Palestinian West Bank a month after the Israel- Hamas conflict began and gives...

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American Opinion: Trump's dangerous 'vermin' speech would have been at home in Nazi Germany - West Central Tribune

From the editorial, "There is increasingly more of a resemblance to other leaders, of other countries, who, like (Donald Trump), hammered hatred, grievance and self-obsession into the opposite of liberty, justice and democracy."

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String of Ottawa events linked to antisemitism alarms local Jewish community

Hate toward the Jewish community in Canada has been building for years and is being accelerated by the Israel-Hamas conflict, expert says

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Elon Musk under fire for not taking down antisemitic tweets in Canada

Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs says calls to remove tweets that violate X’s hateful conduct policies have been ignored

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America is not used to seeing the blatant antisemitism that we've seen since Hamas murdered 1,400 Jews on October 7.

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FBI Portland encourages Oregonians to report hate crimes, says that reports have doubled over five years

The Portland division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation says ir is working to increase awareness about hate crimes and encourage victims to report incident

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Throughout history Israel has been demonized regardless of the facts.

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