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Transcripts For FOXNEWS FOX and Friends Sunday 20240708

o er the ramparts watched were so gallantly streaming and the rocket s red glare, the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave oer land of the free and the home of the brave . . . will: good morning, america. good morning talladega. welcome to nascar s present and past. fox & friends weekend. pete: you can have it. no you can t. good morning everybody. we had three cars out there we were supposed to chart. two of them were locked and one i flooded the engine when i tried to start it. show you the nascar prowess of this team. this is talladega. sunday morning. no one is up here yet. rachel: no one is here yet nice weather. great sign for the rest of the day. you guys kept me up way too late yesterday. pete: that is true. we had a good night yesterday. we might show some of that. rachel was at mid field of the usfl game, doing the coin flip. rachel: tell you something funn ....

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Transcripts For FOXNEWSW Sunday 20240705

the a iowa caucuses kick off tomorrow in below freezing temperatures as law a makerrers return to washington facing leadership plans of another continuing resolution to fund government and avoid a partial government shutdown at the end of next week. that despite a wide open border with some 8 million foreigners crossing into america illegally on joe biden s watch. utah senator mike lee on the choice to shut town the border or shut down government. then political stunts amidst allegations of bribery and money laundering. florida congressman byron donalds on the investigation into the millions the biden family accepted from foreign adversaries. plus, georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene on the why the first son got up and left when she started speaking at his contempt of congress hearing. hen taiwan elect ares a new leader, the man beijing as labeled an instigator of war. the impact with wisconsin congressman and head of the select committee on china mike gallaghe ....

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Transcripts for FOXNEWS Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 20240604 15:23:00

When are senate republicans going to get serious about the border? well, it s time to get serious about the border right now, and the way we do that is to tell the biden administration if you want your administration funded, secure the border. secure the border or shut it down. the very worst thing webbed do right now is give them we could do right now is give them more money for things like giving aid to help other countries secure their borders while doing nothing that s actually going to change president biden s will to enforce the law. that is his job. he took an oath to do that. he s failing badly when it comes to the border, and the consequences are catastrophic. it results in human trafficking, human sex trade. it s lawlessness across our country. these things do have an effect, and it s harming americans, harming people all over the western hemisphere. maria: just extraordinary. what do the next few days look like? senate goes back on tuesday and schumer had set up a proced ....

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Transcripts for FOXNEWS Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 20240604 15:22:00

Saying a new law is necessary. moreover, maria, even after that new authority they create kicks in only after 5,000 migrant encounters a day, it would remain in effect only for a maximum of 180 days a year after the first few years. i think the first year is 275 days. what that means is that the mexican drug cartels could then calendar their human trafficking. you know, keep in mind they are many, many billions of dollars a year off of joe biden s lax border enforcement policies. and they could just front-end load that or back-end load that depending on what the calendar allowed. so this is a proposal that s designed, first and foremost, not to secure the border, but to extrack and extort extract and extort votes from republicans for this aid package, most of which goes to ukraine for which they re understandably reluctant to vote. it s disgraceful. maria: well, i mean, the senate republicans seem more interested in sending money to ukraine than actually securing the border. ....

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Transcripts for FOXNEWS FOX and Friends Sunday 20240604 10:23:00

Rachel: absolutely. will: back here at home the texas department of military that the missing national guard soldier is feared dead. we told you about the story yesterday. the new information seems to be that the illegal immigrants that this national guardsman was attempting to rescue were in fact involved in the illicit drug trade. that he was sacrificing, risking and perhaps ultimately sacrificing his life, not just to save human life but because he had been put into a situation to control chaos at the border, one that is directly tied to importing illicit drugs including record amounts of fentanyl making their way into this country. rachel: that is the problem, the people coming over the border we don t know who they are. democrats will say these are just all hard-working people coming across. sure, some are people looking for a job, a better life. many of them are sex traffickers, are drug traffickers, are people who are, you know in the human sex trade ....

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