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The Rogue Dove

It has been a considerable blot of time since my regularly featured Italian enriched doughs were frequently demonstrated. I am out of practice, and in need to validate my reputation, even if to myself but not only that but to exceed where I recognised the faults. Now armed with a new bit of kit, the Hanna “Bread and Dough” pH meter, I wanted to go deeper where such tracking

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Nightmare In Italy: Lombardy Is COVID Epicenter Again

Nightmare In Italy: Lombardy Is COVID Epicenter Again
Locals can't tell whether it's a second or third wave ... or just a continuation of the first wave when Northern Italy was the West's first epicenter of the coronavirus.
BRESCIA — By last week, at the Chiari hospital in the northern Italian region of Lombardy, scenes were eerily reminiscent of one year ago. The facility that is between the cities of Bergamo and Brescia is the only nearby "dirty" hospital, using the doctors' jargon to refer to the hospitals dedicated to COVID-19 patients.
"We are at our limit," says Mauro Borelli, a general manager of public health service in the region. "Our availability is 110 beds — after we reach that, we'll have to close the specialized surgical wards." By late February, the number of patients hospitalized at the facility was nearing 100, one-third of whom were in sub-intensive therapy and attached to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure helmets. "The average age of our patients is 50 years old, and more than half are infected with the English variant of the virus," adds Borelli.

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Marcolini, crowned 'best pastry chef in the world', releases new Valentine's Day collection

Marcolini, crowned 'best pastry chef in the world', releases new Valentine’s Day collection
By Anthony Myers
Pierre Marcolini, who was recently awarded the prize for ‘Best Pastry Chef in the World’, has collaborated with Belgian suppliers to bring natural colour to his new range of Valentine’s Chocolates.
The famed chocolatier said he is revising his tones with a 100% natural technique, without additives to integrate powders sourced from nature into signature chocolate Hearts to colour them naturally.
The new Pierre Marcolini Maison palette consists of:
Red = Coeur Framboise: natural raspberry powder
Caramel = Coeur Caramel: natural “dragon fruit” powder
Green = Coeur Pistachio: a natural herbal touch

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