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Locals love lift lines, invite Ikon pass holders to couch surf

Buck Wagner, 31, just couldn’t get enough of the lines.
“I really like these lift lines,” the ski tuner said, 45 minutes into his wait for the Marmot lift Wednesday — and with another 15 minutes to go. “No, seriously, I love them.”
Wagner and others who spoke with this reporter throughout the past ski season said their favorite part of the seemingly endless month of February powder days was standing in line, pulling their face masks down, and trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues. Skiing be damned. There were mini snowmen to make and sweet, seemingly endless lines to wait in.

Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' drops new group photos of all 6 competing groups

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Kingdom: Legendary War' has dropped another teaser featuring all 6 competing groups. 
Following the performance posters, Mnet revealed 6 new group photos for all 6 boy groups. Each group is seen taking on a bubbly and funny concept in these group pictures. On the March 18 broadcast of Mnet's '
M! Countdown' later this week, viewers can also catch a very special stage featuring the 'Kingdom' contestants. 
A total of 6 currently promoting boy groups including BTOB, iKON, SF9, The Boyz, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ will be facing off on 'Kingdom' for a chance to earn the title of the performance kings of K-Pop. The show is set to premiere on April 1 at 7:50 PM KST. 

B.I to Release First Album since Withdrawing from iKON + To Donate All Profits

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On March 14, he tweeted "start" or "beginnings," and followed it with an "end" tweet the next day. These posts again hinted at his upcoming return with new music after a long time.
Then, on the next day, it was confirmed that he will, indeed, come back to the K-pop industry.
(Photo : iKON Official Facebook Account)
On March 16, B.I's agency IOK Company announced that the male idol will be launching an album titled "Midnight Blue." This will be his first album in approximately two years since he left iKON in June 2019. It will not be a regular album, but instead a donation album as B.I will be donating all of the profits earned, from the sales to copyright royalties, to a non-governmental organization that supports children and youth in need. B.I's album will contain a track titled "Midnight Blue."

Brave Girls win first-ever #1 on this week's 'Inkigayo' + Performances from Rosé, WayV, Ghost9, and more!

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SBS's 'Inkigayo' aired its latest episode with energetic and fun performances from your favorite idols!On today's episode, BLACKPINK's Rosé …

iKON reveal which member is best with money

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iKON revealed which member is best with money.On the March 12th episode of 'Kim Shin Young's Noon Song of Hope', Donghyuk picked hi…

Industry Leader Sushma Bhan Joins Ikon Science as Board Member

SURBITON, United Kingdom, March 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ikon Science, a global provider of knowledge management solutions designed to optimize subsurface discovery, is proud to expand its board

iKON's official TikTok account hacked

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iKON's official TikTok account has been hacked.Fans noticed strange activity on iKON's official TikTok and posted images of the suspicious activity o…

BTS, iKON, ATEEZ, aespa, More: K-pop Radar Releases 'Weekly Top 10 Music Video' for 10th Week of 2021

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BTS has regained the top spot on the K-pop Radar chart again. Along with the superstars, iKON, ATEEZ, aespa, and more also entered this week's "Weekly Top 10 Music Video."

iKON Tops Japan Rakuten Music Daily Chart for 5 consecutive days

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iKON maintained the top of major music charts in Japan, proving its still strong global popularity. iKON maintained the top of major music charts in Japan, proving its still strong global popularity.

Former iKON member B.I returns to Twitter after three years

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Former iKON member B.I (Hanbin) excited fans by tweeting on Twitter for the first time in three years.The last tweet the former idol group…

Asia-Pacific News In Brief (March 8, 2021)

Asia-Pacific News In Brief (March 8, 2021)
News from WE, Edelman, Hill+Knowlton and Beeing Social.
PRovoke Media
08 Mar 2021 // 3:11AM GMT
SYDNEY — WE Communications has named Gemma Hudson as executive VP of health innovation and growth. Hudson (pictured) is charged with accelerating sector growth opportunities and cementing the agency’s health sector proposition in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region. She has spent the past eight years at WE, most recently as CEO of Australia.
SINGAPORE — Edelman has appointed Neeraj Khanna as head of marketing for its agency network in Asia-Pacific. In his new role, Khanna will lead the network's regional marketing strategy, reporting into Bob Grove, chief client and operating officer at Edelman APAC. He most recently lead the marketing and communications efforts of Omnicom Media Group agencies.

SHINee wins #1 on this week's 'Inkigayo' + Performances from iKON, ATEEZ, VERIVERY, and more!

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SBS's 'Inkigayo' aired its latest episode with energetic and fun performances from your favorite idols!On today's episode, G-reyish came b…

iKON Takes another No. 1 Spot on an International Music Chart with 'Why Why Why'

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Mar 05, 2021
After three days of release, iKON's new song "Why Why Why" has scored another No. 1 position on an international music chart, proving their constant popularity outside of South Korea.
iKON Makes Long-Awaited Comeback with New Song "Why Why Why"
On March 3, YG Entertainment's boy group made their highly-anticipated return with the release of a new digital single titled "Why Why Why." It is the band's first release in more than a year since their third extended play "I Decide," dropped on Feb. 6, 2020.
iKON's new song conveys the sadness and regrets one feels after a breakup. The group's rapper, Bobby, participated in the composition and lyric-writing process of the track, together with CHOICE37, LP, LIL G, and Sonny. Since it was launched, the digital single did not only soar high on Korea's real-time music charts, but it also topped iTunes charts in at least 10 different countries.

BRAVE GIRLS, SHINee, ONF & More: These are the Most-Streamed K-pop Groups on Genie

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(Photo : BRAVE GIRLS Official Instagram Account, SHINee Official Instagram Account and ONF Official Instagram Account)
Many K-pop songs have been dominating music charts and streaming platforms recently. On Friday, March 5, Genie revealed the top 20 most streamed songs by idol groups in the last 24 hours. Keep reading to know if your favorite artists made it to the list this time.
BRAVE GIRLS, SHINee and ONF Top Genie's Most Recent Tally
Surprisingly, BRAVE GIRLS topped the list with their trending track called "Rollin'." Numerous music lovers were stunned to see the said song on top of the tally as it was actually released more than three years ago.

iKON Easily Garners 1.1 Million Views Few Hours After 'Why Why Why' MV Release + Reveals Thoughts About Their Comeback

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Mar 03, 2021
iKON sent fans into a frenzy after the group released the official music video of their new track called "Why Why Why."
(Photo : iKON Official Twitter Account)
iKON is, undeniably, among the most followed K-pop acts today. On Wednesday, March 3, the South Korean group surprised their devoted followers by dropping the official music video of their new track called "Why Why Why." Keep reading to know more about it.
iKON Unveils Official 'Why Why Why' Music Video on YouTube
iKONICS were sent to a frenzy after the South Korean boyband released the official music video of "Why Why Why" on YouTube today. The clip featured Chan, DK, Song, Jun-ne, Jay, and Bobby traveling from one place to another as they show off their killer dance moves and exemplary singing prowess.

iKON Rockets to No. 1 of iTunes Charts Around the World with New Song 'Why Why Why'

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Mar 04, 2021
iKON has officially dropped a new song titled "Why Why Why" for their long-awaited comeback. And the brand-new single is making a splash on the iTunes charts worldwide.
iKON Returns with New Digital Single "Why Why Why"
March 3 marked the official comeback of YG Entertainment's boy group after more than a year. This day, the song "Why Why Why" was released on various music sites, together with its music video. iKON Bobby is credited for composing and writing the lyrics of the track, alongside LP, Sonny, CHOICE37, and LIL G.
iKON's new song "Why Why Why" expresses the sadness and regret felt after ending a relationship with someone. The music video for this single has the highest number of views on YouTube for a K-pop act in the last 24 hours since it was released on March 3 at 6:00 p.m. KST. It exceeded one million views in just four hours and hit 2.4 million views in the last 24 hours.

iKON walk in D-Day poster for 'Why Why Why'

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iKON have revealed their D-Day poster for 'Why Why Why'.In the poster, iKON walk away from a burning bus onto the beach. 'Why Why Why' is the group's…

iKON, ATEEZ, Ciipher, & More: These K-pop Acts are Set for March Comebacks and Debuts

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Mar 01, 2021
February 2021 has finally concluded, and today marks the start of the third month of the year. This month will be an exciting time for K-pop fans as March is filled with anticipated comebacks from numerous K-pop acts fans shouldn't miss, as well as some thrilling debuts.
Among the artists are some of the well-known acts like iKON, Rain with Kim Chungha, ATEEZ, PENTAGON, WOODZ, Park Ji Hoon, and more!
ATEEZ to Make a Comeback on March 1
The first one in the list of March comebacks is KQ Entertainment's eight-member boy group, ATEEZ. The octet is scheduled to release a new mini-album titled "ZERO: FEVER Par 2" later today, at 6 p.m. KST. The album contains seven songs including the title track "Fireworks (I'm the One)." This single includes lyrics written by members Mingi and Hongjoong.

iKON's Yunhyeong Accused of Being a School Bully + Numerous Classmates Release Statements Defending Him

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Feb 23, 2021
iKON member Yunhyeong is the next South Korean celebrity to be involved in school bullying rumors. This time, however, numerous classmates of the idol are standing up to defend him. Keep on reading to learn more.
iKON's Yunhyeong Accused of Being a School Bully in Middle School
As more and more idols are accused of being school bullies, many are taking this chance to write posts about celebrities being pepetrators of school violence during their youth. The most recent idol is
iKON member Yunhyeong. A post was made claiming that during middle school, he would ruin the self-esteem of his female classmates by rating their appearance right in front of them. The poster accused the idol of hanging out with iljins (bullies or people who are famous for their bad reputations). The user claims that there are photos of hims moking in the men's restroom.

These are All The K-Pop Idols Accused of Being School Bullies... for Now

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[Trigger Warning/Content Warning: Mentions of Bullying, School Violence]
With the sudden rise of school bullying cases among idols, it may be difficult to keep track of what is happening. These are all of the idols who have been accused of being school bullies as of Feb. 24.
1. BLACKPINK's Jennie
(Photo : News1)
Jennie's school bullying rumors resurfaced after a YouTube channel named "Garo Sero Institute" shared a new video concerning Jo Byeong Gyu's school bullying rumors as a New Zealand student. Despite the video focusing on the actor's rumors, they mentioned Jennie as someone who comes to mind at the mention of New Zealand school violence.

YouTube K-pop battle series: Stray Kids, Ateez, iKon, The Boyz, and others fight to become top boy band of their generation

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The new Mnet YouTube series will feature younger K-pop boy bands such as Ateez competing against older groups like BtoB. International as well as local fans will be able to vote for their favourite groups.

BTS, BIGBANG, & More: These K-Pop Groups Have the Most Days at No. 1 on MelOn's Daily Chart from 2014-2020

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TWICE Has the Most Days at No. 1 on MelOn's Daily Chart
The Korean act that successfully claimed the most No. 1s on the Korean music chart is none other than JYP Entertainment's nine-member girl group, TWICE, which made their debut in 2015. The female act was able to spend a total of 99 days with nine songs. "TT" spent the most days at No. 1 with 26 days.
"TT" is followed by "Cheer Up" (24 days), "Knock Knock" (18 days), "Signal" (12 days), "Heart Shaker" (seven days), "Yes or Yes" (six days), "What is Love?" (three days), "Dance the Night Away" (one day), and "More & More" (one day). TWICE's first entry on MelOn's daily chart is "Cheer Up" in 2016.

iKON reveal 'Why Why Why' moving posters feat. Bobby & Jay

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iKON have revealed their moving posters for "Why Why Why" featuring Bobby and Jay (Kim Jin Hwan).Along …

Song Yun Hyeong sits down to share the honest reasons why iKON joined 'Kingdom'

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On a recent VLive, iKON member Song Yun Hyeong took the time to talk with his fans and reveal the honest reason the group decided to appear on the su…

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