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Impossible Foods Cuts Retail Prices

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Impossible Foods encourages the roughly 17,000 grocery stores, supermarkets and retailers that sell the Impossible Burger to pass the savings to consumers as soon as possible.
Thanks to its tremendous growth over the past year, plant-based meat maker Impossible Foods has achieved cost savings that it wants to pass along by cutting suggested retail prices by 20% throughout the United States.
The alternative meat company is strongly encouraging the roughly 17,000 grocery stores, supermarkets and retailers that sell its signature product, the Impossible Burger, to pass the savings on to consumers as soon as possible. 
“While we would not and could not require grocery stores to cut prices, grocery store customers and distributors are in fact consistently passing along our economies of scale to their own customers,” said Dennis Woodside, president of Redwood City, California-based Impossible Foods. “Impossible products are becoming increasingly affordable, and this in turn is accelerating our rapid retail growth. It’s a virtuous cycle for our customers, consumers and the planet.”

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What 2020 taught Impossible Foods' Rachel Konrad: 'Normal' is now

By Rachel Konrad-21 December 2020 11:30am
2020 has been an education for all of us. So as we approach the end of a year like no other, we're asking media and marketing luminaries to share with us their biggest work lessons of the last 12 months. Today, Rachel Konrad, chief communications officer at Impossible Foods, opens up on 'muddling' through an atrocious year.
2020 started at CES, where Impossible Foods launched Impossible Pork Made from Plants and Impossible Sausage Made from Plants. People loved them.
Back in our hotel rooms, we got the first news alerts of pneumonia in China.
None of us could predict the horrors to come. With 2020 in hindsight, here are three lessons learned:

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