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Transcripts For MSNBC Jose Diaz-Balart Reports 20240723

service director s opening remarks is when she said that there are points where she might be limited in what she can disclose. that s certainly something that was sure to upset and frustrate lawmakers. you re watching members from both sides of the aisle here ask her very serious questions both in specificity and also in the processes of the agency writ large of how this could have happened in butler, pennsylvania, with former president donald trump. i think some of the specifics that you heard in that room that really elicited the most frustration from lawmakers and they were asking her questions that i think all of us have, and the way that congressman jamie raskin put it was what would you say to americans who pay your salary, who put that $3 billion in the coffers of the secret service to help you guys do the job of protecting key assets in american politics. and she said that she s nine days out from what happened in butler, pennsylvania, and that they are trying ....

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Transcripts For MSNBC All In With Chris Hayes 20240721

it evening from new york, i am chris hayes. well, it s been a brutal few weeks for the country. particularly for the democratic party, for the broad pro- democracy coalition in this party. three weeks ago we were all holding our breath ahead of the first presidential debate, the early is such a debate had happened in the modern era. you know how that went. in the aftermath of that, messy and painful as joe biden and the democratic party try to find a way forward. and last weekend, donald trump was injured in a near miss assassination attempt. i mean, i was looking today, but near miss understates how close this came to being a catastrophe. it was the first time in more than 40 years we saw shots fired at a president or presidential candidate. and then just 48 hours, trump named an extreme right-wing senator, jd vance of ohio, as his running mate. on the first day of the republican national convention, the david judge aileen cannon hand-picked donald trump throughout the ....

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Transcripts For MSNBC Ayman 20240721

evening. tonight, president biden is reportedly fuming over the deluge of democrats calling on him to exit the race. is he any closer to passing the torch? also tonight, promises made, promises kept. trump says he wants unity, so why didn t his rnc deliver any of it. strike while the country is fixated on presidential politics it s been one of the deadliest weeks in gaza despite claims by israel that the war is winding down. this week was supposed to be a bounce back week for joe biden s presidential campaign. that is not how things are playing out. now sick with covid at his delaware beach house, the president is seeing more and more democratic lawmakers calling for him to exit the race. at this hour, there are 36 democrats defecting, including senators and tough re-election races such as in ohio and montana. prior to his covid diagnosis, president biden tried to turn the tide with more tv interviews , but they have actually only raised more concerns and questions. h ....

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Transcripts For MSNBC Chris Jansing Reports 20240719

joe biden off the campaign trail, but the pressure isn t going away from inside his own party. new reporting from the washington post that former president obama is telling allies that biden seriously needs to consider the viability of his candidacy. that s according to multiple people briefed on his thinking but not independently confirmed by nbc news. covid has taken the president back to delaware. he is in isolation at a critical time. in just a moment, we ll talk to the biden campaign s principal deputy manager. donald trump right now just hours away from his first speech since the shooting. will he follow through on his promise to bring a message of unity and new information about the multiple missed chances to stop donald trump s shooter, what we know about the time line and the new questions it s now raising about secret service and its leadership. a lot to get to. we begin with the stark contrast being drawn with just 109 days to go before what both repu ....

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Transcripts For FOXNEWS Jesse Watters Primetime 20240718

jesse: the second night is officially underway. we have a star-studded lineup tonight in milwaukee. ron desantis, marco rubio, ted cruz, nikki haley and victor ramaswamy. they will be taking this stage but the men in the arena will be donald trump, since just three days since dodging a bullet, he s expecting to make an appearance tonight and if it s anything like last night it will be special. please welcome the next president of the united states, donald jay trump. [ ] [ ] jesse: last night he was visibly changed and it wasn t just a bandage on his ear. he looked genuinely emotional in a way i ve never seen him before. mature, battle scarred, humbled and at one with his destiny. although the party is completely unified there is one burning question on all of our minds. did biden secret service almost get trump killed? all evidence points to yes. we are told tonight the u.s. authorities have intel of an iranian plot to assassinate trump. cnn reports the se ....

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