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Resolution in Support of Defending the Southern Border, And the Delivery of Existing Illegal Migrants to Sanctuary Cities, Counties and States

Everyone is either a member of a family, or has close association with a family that is forced to shelter a pathetic character, ignobly tolerated; a family member that exists only to be a monumental embarrassment on their best days; their worst days are horror stories.

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Covid Joe: Flashes of the Surreal and Then: "The Weird Turned Pro"

Surreal - one example;
Joe the Virtue Signaling Fool, fully vaccinated for months now, walked down an empty, voluminous hallway by himself to the podium at the entrance of the White House East Room, where all media is more than 15 feet distanced, in a room with a very high ceiling.
You can't make-up this level hypocritical stupidy.
    Fortunately it was a short address, and ended with folks like me wondering:   
What was that supposed to be?
To borrow from the vernacular of "Dr." Hunter S. Thompson
- "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" -
Virtue Siganl Joe is that pathetic "pro"; as a politician, as a human being, when that shiver of weird travels up my spine every time this Imposter President speaks, or something resembling speech, I am painfully reminded that I know his kind.

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Former President Trump is Acquitted ... Again | Beaufort County Now

"slings and arrows" of hate, free lance abuse and the Democratic Socialist
"Resistance" to all things relative to common sense for 4 straight years, is acquitted of his record second Impeachment ... this time as an ex-president.
President Trump at the NACo Conference, speaking to the county commissioners, in early March 2021 (in the days before the Democratic Socialists' politicization of Covid), about governing the real America of patriots: Above.   
photo by Stan Deatherage   
Click image to expand.
    It was a historic moment in the presidential history of this public, and I was determined to try to make some sense of it even though the more I witnessed these proceedings, the more I found them utterly senseless until there was a wee bit of logic of the real emanating in low pulses from the defense team headed up by Michael Van der Veen, David Schoen, and Bruce Castor.

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