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It is Now Official: Hunter Biden is Under Investigation by the FBI for Money Laundering and Tax Evasion

Arguably, the grandest componet of this well coordinated widespread cheating mega scandal by the Democratic Socialists, and their colluding Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media was the news blackout and complete censorship of the Hunter Biden /Jim Biden investigation by the FBI.
    This certainty of truth, denied by the
"Covid" Joe Biden campaign in mid October during 2020 election, multilaterally censored by Big Tech social platforms, while under a complete news blackout by the Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media, the perfect truth is revealed. And that truth is ... wait for it ... Hunter Biden is under investigation by the FBI for Money Laundering and Tax Evasion - just to name a few - involving large sums of money and gifts from foreign powers, including China, while his father was vice-president with that investigation beginning in 2018 before Hunter Biden's father, Covid Joe, decided to stand for the office of presidency.

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