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NCIS: Los Angeles recap: Season 12, Episode 15, Imposter Syndrome

Mon May 03, 2021 at 5:49am ET
Daniela Ruah continues to play Kensi Blye on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS
NCIS: Los Angeles finally returned with a new episode on Sunday. This served as Season 12, Episode 15 of NCIS: LA and it was called Imposter Syndrome.
In the last episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, Callen was able to save Anna after she was abducted by the Noble Maidens. Joelle is also safe again, but she was seriously injured, and now she is out for revenge against the people who took her finger and leg.
The show has four episodes that will debut during the month of May, leading up to the NCIS: LA Season 12 finale. When speaking about the finale, star Chris O’Donnell stated that fans will be pleased.

Loud and Proud: Shake Shack's recipe for an inclusive workplace

5 Min Read
NEW YORK (Reuters) - If there is a key mantra for companies right now, it has to be “diversity and inclusion.”
FILE PHOTO: People gather in front of a restaurant of U.S. burger chain Shake Shack on its opening in Shanghai, China, January 24, 2019. REUTERS/Stringer
With issues of race, gender and sexuality coming to the forefront of American life, the nation’s board rooms are scrambling to assemble talent pipelines that look more like the nation as a whole.
Burger chain Shake Shack Inc is enjoying a nice head start in this particular race.
The New York City-founded staple recently received a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for its LGBTQ-friendly workplace. Advocacy even finds its way onto the menu, with items like the “Pride Shake.”

Swiitchbeauty founder Rabia Ghoor gets serious props for being one of SA's leading women in business

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Swiitchbeauty founder Rabia Ghoor gets serious props for being one of SA’s leading women in business
In pursuit of fulfilling any dream or passion you have to start, says the founder and creative director of Swiitchbeauty, Rabia Ghoor.
At the age of 14, Ghoor took a stab at her entrepreneurial journey and started her make-up and skincare online beauty store.
Recently, Ghoor scooped the Forbes Young Achiever 2021 Award and was noted as one of South Africa’s leading women in business.
"When I started, I didn’t think that I would be nominated for any award, let alone a Forbes award," she told the Standard Bank Top Women Publication.

You can now play five Eurogamer-themed Featured Contracts in Hitman 3

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Reads like a 47.
Updated on 25 March 2021
Launch Hitman 3 at any point within the next two weeks and you might just notice a familiar blue logo on the front page!
From today, five custom Eurogamer Contracts that we've created will be featured in the game and they're bursting with Easter eggs for regular viewers of our Youtube channel to discover.
Set exclusively in the Mendoza level of Hitman 3 and playable across all available platforms, these custom contracts take place against the beautiful backdrop of the winery and vineyards of Viñedo Yates. That stunning scenery won't be serene for very long however, as these missions embrace the Video Team's love of all things chaotic.

Stacey Solomon opens up on long battle with debilitating condition

Stacey Solomon opens up on long battle with debilitating condition
The Loose Women star has bravely shared details about her struggle with the condition
08:02, 15 MAR 2021
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Swerve City / Mudshark / Cafe Fistfight - Dead Witch, Auckland

SWERVE CITY is a band from Auckland, New Zealand that seems drawn together by fate.
The new single “Sink Like Stones” is a scathing attack on the leaders of the world, for their mishandling of climate change issues to date. Fierce guitars scream like Valkyries, the rhythm section pounds like war drums, the bass line infiltrates your senses, while the vocals and lyrics cry out like a megaphone in protest, that something has to change.
Adam Forsdyke (Drums) hopped into an Uber one night, driven by the unsuspecting Kevin Ashby (Lead Guitars, Vocals). Around the same time, Shannon Coulomb (Bass) and JP Carroll (Guitar, lead vocals) were toying with the idea of creating something new, to accompany the pair’s respective solo projects (Imposter Syndrome, Arrays).

Remote working part 2: slung in the deep end

Instalment two of ICAEW’s remote working series explores how one business completed an 18-month project in two weeks by shifting whole workforces from office to home working.
The pandemic has forced employers, employees and procedures to rapidly move online. These operational adjustments left questions around areas as diverse as employee wellbeing, productivity and training – questions which many are now seeking to answer as businesses look to move into a new way of working.
Kate Palmer is HR Advice and Consultancy Director at Peninsula, a business services company based in Manchester. Palmer worked in a traditional office before the pandemic which didn’t accommodate remote working, but says they will be incorporating it from here on in.

Guide to practicing productivity

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Guide to practicing productivity
In this piece, Heather Augustine guides us through practicing productivity, and how to combat imposter syndrome and develop a more proactive mindset.
Guest post by
Have you ever had a little voice in your head whispering that you don’t know what you’re doing? Ever looked around the room with a sinking feeling that you’re the least qualified person there?
In small doses, these impulses can push us to improve, to get help and learn from those who’ve come before us.
However, when that mentality seeps into our lives and latches on for months, years, or even decades, we find ourselves faced with the far more problematic Imposter Syndrome.

Tesla's former lead M&A attorney breaks down how she fights imposter syndrome

But, like many senior women, especially women of color, the 43-year-old struggled with self-doubt. 
Three quarters of women executives feel imposter syndrome – a feeling of inadequacy that persists despite career success – and put more pressure on themselves to succeed than men, according to a KPMG report last year.
Phillips' colleagues evidently don't agree Phuong has reason to suffer imposter syndrome. She was named among Top 100 Legal Influencers by The Business Journal in 2019 and received a Women of Influence Award from the Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2015.
Despite all her successes, Phillips, who has been chief legal officer for mobile and social games developer Zynga – the makers of "Words With Friends" – in San Francisco, California since 2017, still has moments of insecurity over her professional worth.

Cat's out the bag: idiomatically maligned, yes, but he'll have his day

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Cat’s out the bag: idiomatically maligned, yes, but he’ll have his day
A column to satisfy your inner grammar nerd
Sue de Groot Deputy features editor: Sunday Times 06 March 2021
Though the barrage of lockdown memes has lessened in intensity (after a year of pandemic it is hard to believe in one’s actual existence, let alone find anything funny), every now and then a gem comes my way.
Today someone forwarded me a tweet from a cat lover that read: “You know who doesn’t get impostor syndrome? Cats. Not only does every cat know they’re a cat, I think every cat believes firmly, with conviction, that they are the best possible cat, the prime example of a cat, the most cat a cat could be.”..

How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

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Plus benefits of hybrid learning and Tepper essays The post How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome appeared first on Poets&Quants.

Cat's out the bag: idiomatically maligned, yes, but he'll have his day

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05 March 2021
Though the barrage of lockdown memes has lessened in intensity (after a year of pandemic it is hard to believe in one’s actual existence, let alone find anything funny), every now and then a gem comes my way...
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From Metal Frontman To Movie Producer: Jesse Korman (The Number 12 Looks Like You)

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As a younger man, Jesse Korman was one of two vocalists fronting the maniacal cult mathcore act, The Number 12 Looks Like You, becoming the group’s main vocalist after Justin Pedrick left the group in 2009, with their latest record being 2019’s enigmatic ‘Wild Gods‘ LP. Forming in 2002, and following some eight or so years of writing and performing, The Number 12 went on hiatus, eventually reforming in 2016. It’s during these interim years that Jesse dived headfirst into other professions. Namely that of photography, from first being a digital tech (a role he had no idea about but said yes to anyway), to being an on-set film photographer, taking actors portraits and creating movie posters, even snapping photos for the election campaigns of AOC (yes,

Superwoman Syndrome - Los Angeles Sentinel

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Superwoman Syndrome
Wendy Gladney 
As we welcome Women’s History Month and celebrate the accomplishments of women who have done great things, our minds reflects on the love of our mothers as well as trailblazers such as Madam Vice President Kamala Harris. I believe it is difficult, if not impossible, to measure levels of one success over another because we are all building blocks on top of or beside each other. The success most of us have achieved is in some way due to the efforts of those that have come before us and paved the way.
If we are not careful, it is easy to get caught up in the “Superwoman Syndrome” and think we have to be everything to everyone every time without fault or failure. When we feel like we do not measure up or cannot live up to the Superwoman Syndrome, it can turn into what is known as the Imposter Syndrome. The Imposter Syndrome (IS) makes us feel like we do not belong in the room or that whatever success or achievement we have achieved is not merited and one day we will be found out as a fraud. This is dangerous and problematic. This can cause anxiety and a host of emotional challenges. Without a fundamental faith in ourself we can begin to have doubts in our abilities and our purpose. The best way to combat this is to never compare yourself with someone else and remember you were uniquely made. You have your own set of gifts for the world. Everything you do does not have to be perfect, but you owe it to yourself to try and be your best you. Remember, there will always be someone, smarter, funnier, thinner and prettier but they will never be you.

'I said to my my husband, why would you want Holly Willowy Booby, when you've got me?' - Dervla Kirwan on what it's like to have Holly Willoughby crushing on your husband

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The cast of RTÉ/BBC drama Smother, from left: Niamh Walsh as Jenny; Dervla Kirwan as Val Ahern; Seána Kerslake as Grace and Gemma-Leah Devereux as Anna
But nothing can compete with her hilarious nickname for ITV's This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby - who has a very public crush on Dervla's actor husband Rupert Penry-Jones - and later, we will get to that.
First, though, Dervla stars in new RTÉ/BBC drama Smother, a family thriller that opens with her matriarch, Val Ahern's, 50th birthday party and the mysterious death of her "despicable" husband Denis (Stuart Graham). Their three daughters are played by Seána Kerslake (Can't Cope, Won't Cope), Gemma-Leah Devereux (The Tudors) and Niamh Walsh (Holby City).

What's holding you back from performing at 100%?

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Oct 30, 2020What’s holding you back from performing at 100%?There are days where you jump out of bed and before you know it you have ticked off everything on your to do list and it's not even lunch time.Then, there are days where it gets to 6pm and you just

Imposter Syndrome: the lived experience

Imposter Syndrome: the lived experience
1 March 2021: Mental health speaker Nick Elston shares his experience of living with and overcoming Imposter Syndrome on stage and outlines what chartered accountants can learn from this.
At its worst, Imposter Syndrome can stop you from living life on your terms, running a business in the way you want to or destroy your personal and professional relationships. 
As I highlighted in my session for ICAEW Virtually Live last year, maintaining good mental health is one of the many challenges of this pandemic, and tackling issues such as Imposter Syndrome forms part of this struggle.
What is Imposter Syndrome?

era leadership: Being more human

NEW YORK — Leading when you know where the world is headed is one thing, but it is something else when the future is uncertain.

COVID-era leadership: Being more human

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Corporate executives are facing this challenge in the COVID-19 era, having to chart a path forward in foggy conditions without a map. We remind our clients that all of us are operating in a "new norm" - no one has been through this current situation of leading through a pandemic.

Voting out the imposter within - Campus Times

Campus Times
Campus Times staff has worked hard on a responsive web redesign. Please bear with us as some older content may be temporarilily unavailable. To submit feedback, or to report an issue, email the Web Staff at [email protected]×
Courtesy Rachel Kamata
They’re all frauds — or they’ve thought so at some point.  
Even as I write this, feedback on an assignment sits untouched in my inbox because I’m terrified of what it may say. Most of us are intimately familiar with imposter syndrome: the feeling of inadequacy that leads to you to think that everyone else is smarter than you. We’ve all been there — the belief that all your achievements have been a fluke, the inability to accept compliments, and the voice in your head whispering, “it’s only a matter of time until you’re exposed for the fraud you are.”

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