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Before Dune: Every Denis Villeneuve Movie, Ranked

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One thing I love to do is judge a director’s entire career. I’ve done this with Kubrick, Tarantino, Spielberg, and a number of others. But one director who is extremely exciting and I have no idea where his career is heading is Canadian director, Denis Villeneuve. As you’ll see from this list, Denis Villeneuve's movies are all over the place. But in a good way! While he’s never done a comedy, his drama and sci-fi films are equally compelling, which is why I’m so excited for his upcoming version of

Every Marvel Movie Loki Has Appeared In

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As we all eagerly await the premiere of the
Loki TV show on Disney+, now is the perfect time to take a step back and look at all of the times Tom Hiddleston appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From 2011’s
Thor all the way to 2019’s
Avengers: Endgame, there’s a great deal to cover in terms of Loki in the Marvel movies. In the past decade we’ve watched the adopted son of Odin play the role of jealous sibling to Thor, the harbinger of death for Thanos, and a reluctant anti-hero, and finally start new adventures in

Stakes are high during 'The Masked Singer' Group A finals | Culture

Week six of “The Masked Singer” marks the Group A finals, which means only four singers get to move on. Before the performances begin, the audience welcomes back Nick Cannon as the host after his sabbatical with COVID-19.
The first performers are the Russian Dolls. In their clue package, they talk about their journey as a group. They began performing at places like parking lots, softball fields and a pizza restaurant before getting to perform at the White House. 
For their performance, they sing “Want To Want Me” by Jason Derulo. The whole audience and judging panel are dancing along once again. The Russian Dolls present perfect harmonies and show off their wide vocal ranges. 

Best Crime Movies on Netflix in India | NDTV Gadgets 360

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American Hustle (2013)
In the late 1970s, two con artists (Christian Bale and Amy Adams) are forced to work for an FBI agent (Bradley Cooper) and set up a sting operation that plans to bring down several corrupt politicians and members of the Mafia. Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner star alongside.
Black Friday (2007)
Denied a release for nearly two years due to an ongoing court case, Anurag Kashyap's second directorial venture — the first has never seen the (public) light of day — is based on S. Hussain Zaidi's 2002 book of the same name and charts the events of the 1993 Bombay bombings, told through different perspectives: police, criminals, and victims.

'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' Episode 5 Post-credit Scene Explained

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'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' Episode 5 Post-credit Scene Explained
On 4/16/21 at 5:35 AM EDT
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 5 is streaming now on Disney+, and ends with a post-credit scene that sets up the final episode of the Marvel show. In the episode, titled "Truth," John Walker (played by Wyatt Russell) got stripped of his role as Captain America after the bloody events of the last episode. However, the after-credits scene revealed that he might be out for revenge.
In the scene, which starts at 54:22 on the Disney+ stream of the episode, we first hear the sound of metal on metal, before we see a picture of Walker alongside Lemar Hoskins aka Battlestar (Cle Bennett), who died in Episode 4.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 5 Ending Explained

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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 5 Ending Explained
The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 5 Ending Explained
Marvel Studios/Disney+
Contains spoilers for 
Marvel's latest Disney+ original series 
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has taken viewers on an action-packed thrill ride full of twists and turns. Episode 4, "The Whole World is Watching," started out slow but rose to a wild crescendo in the final few moments. As a result of his use of Super Soldier Serum, John Walker (Wyatt Russell) went absolutely berserk in front of Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), and the entire world, using the Captain America shield to kill a Flag Smasher in broad daylight.

TEXT TOPIC: Anyone famous go to your High School? | 97.1 ZHT

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Apr 16, 2021
More infamous and famous but my uncle went to high school with Jeffrey Dahmer.
Went to high school with a friend who recently discovered tiktok fame! And he kept it a secret from me - so I'm putting him on blast! @pandiroo
Went to the same high court school as Alice Cooper
Same class as Bart Johnson (dad in HS Musical) went to wasatch HS in Heber city.
My little brother played sports all throughout childhood with Taysom Hill in Pocatello Idaho
West High Alumni...Larry H. Miller, Tony Finau, Michael Chen.
Went to HS with Neleh Nielson from the first season of Survivor. She was #2 at the end.

Who Went Home 'The Masked Singer' Season Five Week 6? The Orca Unmasked! | masked singer, The Masked Singer

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The Orca was unmasked on stage before being sent home from the competition.
The Orca competed in Group A alongside
Russian Dolls,

Who is Orca? The Masked Singer recap: Season 5, episode 6 (Mark McGrath)

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Screenshot: Fox
Week after week, the
Masked Singer judges praise the celebrity contestants for bearing their hearts and souls out on the stage while performing under giant masks that prevent any of their facial emotions from seeing the light of day. In fact, just last week, judge Jenny McCarthy wept while listening to Piglet (who is most definitely Nick Lachey) perform Lukas Graham’s “7 Years,” a song she claims to have never heard before despite it playing on loop at every radio station, shopping center, and yoga class for the past six years.
discussed below.]
On tonight’s episode of the Fox reality singing competition, season five’s first “Wild Card” contestant, Orca, shared a story about his father before performing Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorns.” “Last time I had to really pull out all the stops as the first ever Wild Card, it was a lot of pressure,” Orca said during his clue package of singing Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” “But I channeled my hero, my father, and the nerves washed away. I always looked up my dad, and when I told him I was going to be a dad too, it brought him so much joy. Even though his health was deteriorating, he became laser focused on the babies’ baptism. And he hung on just long enough to see the ceremony. Days later he passed. I felt rudderless in an ocean of tears. But I’ll never forget his last words. He said he was proud of me for being a dad above all else. And it brings so much joy to know his spirit will now live on for generations.”

'Masked Singer': Orca eliminated; Yeti, the last Wildcard, is unveiled

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Spoiler alert! The following contains details from the April 14 episode of "The Masked Singer," including the identity of the unmasked celebrity.
For the first time this season, "Masked Singer" host Nick Cannon kicked off the show after a hiatus due to COVID-19. The comedian made a rousing return last week, posing and performing as a "Wildcard," the Bulldog, before revealing his identity.
In honor of his return, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger performed a duet for Cannon of Dionne Warwick's "That's What Friends Are For."The two even tailored the lyrics for the emcee. 
The show continued to celebrate the host by using a t-shirt cannon to launch Nick "Cannon" clues to the show sleuths, Jeong, Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke, on the identities of the Group A celebrities following the performances. The evening also unveiled the last Wildcard of the season, Yeti. 

Anthony Mackie's Best Performances, Ranked

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Did you know that Anthony Mackie went to the Juilliard School for acting? I know, right? But it actually makes perfect sense. While most people think of the Captain America movies or
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier when they think of the actor, Anthony Mackie's movie and television performances are far more diverse than just superhero flicks.
In fact, more than half of the performances on this list have nothing to do with the MCU. And while Mackie has impeccable comic timing, a majority of these performances are for deeply dramatic roles. So, without further ado, Anthony Mackie’s best performances in television and film.

Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye may feature Avengers Endgame throwback

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Hawkeye will be
Vera Farmiga (
is also part of the cast, while
Better Call Saulfan-favourite Tony Dalton is down for the role of the archer's mentor Jack Duquesne.
Filming is still underway at the moment, but if you cross all of your fingers and toes, the series might pop up on Disney+ in the not-too-distant future.
Hawkeye will air on Disney+.
Avengers: Endgame

Jeremy Renner teases the return of Ronin on Hawkeye series

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Jeremy Renner teases the return of Ronin on Hawkeye series
Sun Apr 11, 2021 at 10:44pm ET
Not only is Clint Barton returning to the MCU, but so is his other famous alter ego.
Jeremy Renner has shared new photos from the set of the coming Hawkeye series, which shows him not as the bow-wielding Avenger but his darker persona, Ronin. 
Who is Ronin?
In Japanese culture, a “Ronin” is a masterless samurai, often portrayed as an outlaw figure. In Marvel Comics, the role is more complex.
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When the Avengers formed a new team in 2005, they added a mysterious masked martial artist only known as Ronin. There was a game by the other Avengers guessing who was behind the mask.

Irish Eye On Hollywood | Irish America

Furthermore, an exciting fall is looming on the horizon, particularly with the October release of
Veronica Guerin, the movie starring Cate Blanchett, based on the life and gruesome death of the crusading Dublin journalist after whom the film is named.
There’s also playwright Conor McPherson’s much-anticipated directorial debut
The Actors (produced by Neil Jordan) which stars legendary thespians Michael Caine and Michael Gambon.
Finally, Jim Sheridan’s New York Irish immigrant tale
In America is still slated for a late November release.
But first, let’s get to the hot-weather movies.
Director of
In June, Dublin director Thaddeus O’Sullivan’s (

LOKI Star Tom Hiddleston Says The Disney+ Series Is "About Identity" And Teases His Shapeshifting Abilities

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LOKI Star Tom Hiddleston Says The Disney+ Series Is "About Identity" And Teases His Shapeshifting Abilities
Tom Hiddleston has dropped some big hints about what fans can expect from
Loki, revealing that "I think that shapeshifting logo might give you an idea that Loki, the show, is about identity." Check it out!
JoshWilding |
Filed Under: "Loki"
Source: Empire Online
Loki arrives on Disney+ this June, and it's easily one of Marvel Studios' most intriguing TV shows. The latest trailer didn't exactly give us a whole lot to go on when it comes to the plot, though it looks like the God of Mischief will be travelling through the timestream (or the Marvel Multiverse) at the behest of the Time Variance Authority.

This Day in History - 11th April

daily dose of trivia for all the history buffs out there. So sit back and take a ride to all the fascinating things that happened today!
People are trapped in history and history is trapped in people, and hence, every day has been a significant one in the foibles of History. Let’s take a tour of “This Day in History – 11th of April”.
1831Lewis Chess piece gets exhibited
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The 12th century Lewis chess pieces are exhibited at the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, shortly after their rediscovery in a sandbank on the Scottish Isle of Lewis.

Eiza Gonzalez stands out in orange-print dress during Sunday morning coffee run in LA

Godzilla vs. Kong action star Eiza González stood out in a seventies-style, orange-print ruched dress during her Sunday morning iced-coffee run.
The Mexican-born 31-year-old - who was glued to her phone - made sure to protect herself and others from the coronavirus by wearing an orange face mask.
As of Sunday, there have been 1.22M confirmed COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles leading to 23,467 deaths - according to Johns Hopkins University.   
Citrus style! Godzilla vs. Kong action star Eiza González stood out in a seventies-style, orange-print ruched dress during her Sunday morning iced-coffee run
Mandatory: The Mexican-born 31-year-old - who was glued to her phone - made sure to protect herself and others from the coronavirus by wearing an orange face mask

How Godzilla vs Kong plays into nine Hollywood strategies to extend a franchise

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
The challenge is the studio never wants one adversary to triumph over the other, upsetting fans of the losing hero and risking interest in future movies.
So along comes a shared adversary.
Batman v Superman.
The hugely successful Marvel Cinema Universe franchise started with standalone movies about Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America.
With years of planning, they all built towards the Avengers movies, with the climactic
Avengers: Endgame also involving characters from the
Guardians of the Galaxy movies.
The next phase, starting soon with
Black Widow, brings in new characters.

Iervolino to Invest $110 Million in Animation, Including Johnny Depp-Voiced 'Puffins' (EXCLUSIVE)

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Iervolino to Invest $120 Million in Animation, Including Johnny Depp-Voiced 'Puffins' (EXCLUSIVE)
Ed Meza, provided by
Italy’s Iervolino Entertainment, the film and television production company founded by producer Andrea Iervolino and co-owned with Monika Bacardi, is planning to invest €100 million ($118.6 million) in the production of animated content along with an additional €8.5 million ($10.1 million) in its new production subsidiary in Serbia.
The new Iervolino Studios, which comprises two facilities located in Belgrade and Novi Sad, will produce animated projects for the global market, among them the short animated series “Puffins,” featuring the voice talent of Johnny Depp. Produced by Iervolino and Bacardi, the toon is a mobile-first, short-content format animated series consisting of 250 five-minute episodes currently available on Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

TV tonight: our highlights for Thursday 8th April

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Britain's Brightest Celebrity Family is just one of the gems on today...
Anne Hegerty is on the search again for Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family, more revealing royal secrets in The Queen Unseen, and A League of Their Own are on a road trip from Loch Ness to London. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss on TV tonight. 
Our hand-selected recommendations for what’s on TV tonight include three TV shows, live sport, a film and the latest trending need-to-binge-on-now box set 
Keep up to date with the latest soap spoiler storylines on TV tonight with our daily soap synopsis 

Black Widow Box Office: Projected Numbers Improve After Recent Delay

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Black Widow Box Office: Projected Numbers Improve After Recent Delay
Following Disney’s official confirmation about
Black Widow’s simultaneous theatrical and Disney+ release, fans have been divided about this big announcement. Some are actually excited to have the chance to watch it at home, while others are worried that this might hurt more the film’s box office performance. However, according to a recent report by Observer, it looks like Marvel Studios and Disney’s most recent gamble with
Black Widow could actually pay off in the end after all.
The outlet notes that the Scarlett Johansson-led film is projected to perform much better at the box office with its current July 9 release than its previous May 28 date where it was projected to take only $45 million. The upcoming Marvel film is now reportedly tracking to earn around $170 million at the North American box office (including a $63 million opening weekend), which proves the studio made the right call to delay the film again.

Alaqua Cox Photos, News, and Videos

Florence Pugh have joined the cast as well, according to
Variety. All four of the actors have previously been nominated for Oscars! Four more actors have also joined the cast, which you can read more about below.
Jeremy and
Hailee walking around New York City with Lucky the Pizza Dog.
Click inside to meet the new stars and find out who everyone is playing… More Here! »

Rashida Jones' Best Movies And TV Shows And How To Watch Them

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CinemaBlend participates in affiliate programs with various companies. We may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via links.
Over the years, Rashida Jones has proven time and time again that she has what it takes to lead a hit comedy series like
Parks and Recreation or play a smaller yet key role in Academy Award-winning dramas like
The Social Network, and just about everything in between. With multiple streaming services offering the best Rashida Jones TV shows and more, it’s easier than ever before to see where the versatile star has been and where she’s going.

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Ark Mcgrath Masked Singer

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Ick Cannon Masked Singer Return

En Jeong

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Jamie Redknapp

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Norma Vera Farmiga

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Aldo Kane

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Vanessa Feltz

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Jack Whitehall

A League

Bates Motel Freddie Highmore

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Prince Philip

League Of Their Own

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Foxy Fox

Good Doctor

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Jac Schaeffer

Natasha Romanoff

Exhibitor Relation Senior Box Office Analyst

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Relation Senior Box Office Analyst

Jeff Block

Golden Globe

David Harbour

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Rachel Weisz

Ray Winstone

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Cate Shortland

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Santa Klaus

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Veronica Martin Rashida Jones

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Ed Helms

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Joya Barris Rashida Jones

Rashida Jone

Isla Fisher

Walter Peter Linz

Gary Jason Segel

Hannibal Buress

Louisiana State University

How To Watch Them

Social Network

Sofia Coppola

The Rocks

Kenya Barris

Joya Barris

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Jason Schwartzman

Jason Segel

Peter Linz

Muppet Theater

Veronica Martin

Louisiana State

For Love Of The Game

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Snoop Dogg

Apple Event

Ted Nugent


Scottie Pippen

Maxine Waters

Shang Chi

Walter Mondale

Luther Vandross


Earth Day 2021

Steph Curry

Jose Mourinho

Chet Holmgren

Stewart Cink

Chris Evans

Alex Smith

Jack Harlow

Demi Lovato

Matthew Mcconaughey

Patrick Marleau

Langley Fire


Idriss Deby


2021 Federal Budget

Federal Budget 2021

Bc Travel Restrictions

Derek Chauvin

Antron Pippen

Willi Herren

Pinky Gloves

Annalena Baerbock




Marlene Schiappa

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Jean Luc Reichmann


Sonia Mabrouk

Olivier Véran

Simon Duhamel


Thomas Pesquet


Rouge Baiser

Suri Cruise

Sarah Halimi


Patty Brard

Yab Yum

Gerrit Zalm

Leeds Liverpool

De Graafschap

Rob Jetten

Premier League Darts

Tino Martin



Gabriel Medina

Jeff Smith

Vaksin Covid

Chelsea Vs Brighton



Poco X3 Pro



Nicholas Saputra

Forbes 30 Under

Siti Nurhaliza

Asteroid 2021



Apex Legends Mobile

Horizon Zero Dawn

Alonso Ancira


Megan Fox


Farah Zeynep Abdullah

Nurettin Canikli

Stephen Curry

Red Tagging

Heat Vs Rockets

Sophie Countess Of Wessex


Bongbong Marcos


Geneva Cruz

Lorenzo Musetti

Trash Italiano

Jennifer Lopez

Santa Sara

Daniela Ferolla

Greta Thunberg

Luca Barbareschi


Hina Khan


Rahul Gandhi

Mayur Shelke

Ram Navami

Subex Share Price

Kishore Nandlaskar

Moto G60

Ssc Board Exam 2021

Sri Rama Navami

Durga Ashtami 2021

Durga Ashtami

Ambili Devi

Vera Gedroits

Csk Vs Rr

Up Lockdown News

Jharkhand News

Robert De Niro

Reforma Tributaria

Copa Libertadores


Bruno Diaz

Eduardo Pimentel

Gustavo Petro

Roberto Carlos

America De Cali

Real Madrid


Interstate Travel

Rcb Vs Kkr

Pu Amin


Joe Flizzow

Super League Table

Fred Ngatia

Nduma Nderi

Citizen News


Leicester City

Lufuno Mavhunga



Daniel Mminele

Zodwa Wabantu

Tokyo Sexwale

Travis Barker

Jp Morgan

Cape Town Fire

European Super League


Safeentry Gateway

Abercrombie And Fitch

Ryan Mason


Max Verstappen

Kevin Durant

Lewis Hamilton

New Zealand Covid

Renee Bargh

Bec Hewitt

Lucas Browne



Kelly Wilkinson

Vogue Online Shopping Night

Latrell Mitchell



Chad Townsend


Annie Mac

West Midlands Safari Park

James Charles



Mia Threapleton

Keir Starmer

Mare Of Easttown