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KE Healthcare CEO calls books her refuge from work stress, keeps her Kindle handy

Shreedha Singh shares her reading list and learnings from the books she has been exploring recently.

Sideswipe: April 27: School holiday madness? Caught short? Bad parker? All three?

Sideswipe: April 27: School holiday madness? Caught short? Bad parker? All three?
26 Apr, 2021 05:00 PM
2 minutes to read
The Hawking Index
In 2014, mathematician Jordan Ellenberg examined the distribution of highlighted passages within Amazon Kindle books as an unscientific measure of how far the average reader gets through each book before throwing in
the towel. If the "popular highlights" are clustered densely near the start of a book, that's (arguably) a sign that many readers abandon the book before reading much farther.
Hard Choices, by Hillary Clinton, 1.9%
Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty, 2.4%
Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace, 6.4%
A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking, 6.6%

Amazon Kindle E-Readers Can Now Add Current Book as Lock Screen

Amazon Kindle E-Readers Can Now Add Current Book as Lock Screen
Amazon Audible will let iOS users use purchase new audiobooks and utilise their credits within the app itself.
By Satvik Khare | Updated: 19 April 2021 14:10 IST
Photo Credit: Amazon
Amazon Audible feature said to be available with v3.45 of the app
Some users say the Audible feature was available even earlier
Amazon's Kindle and Audible platforms are receiving new features. In the case of the former, some Kindle e-readers are getting a new feature that will let users set their lock screen as the current book being read. In the meanwhile, Amazon Audible users will now be able to buy new audiobooks directly from the Audible iOS app without having to use the Web browsers on their devices.

Sunday's Best Deals: Pulsar Heavy-Duty Generator, Insignia Massage Chair, Star Wars Action Figures, Holy Stone Drone, Greenworks Outdoor Power Tools, and More

Sunday's Best Deals: Pulsar Heavy-Duty Generator, Insignia Massage Chair, Star Wars Action Figures, Holy Stone Drone, Greenworks Outdoor Power Tools, and More
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier
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As torn up as I am that this is my last week at The Inventory, I recently accepted a new job that’ll have me working from home indefinitely ... unless I move to LA, which I won’t. So if I didn’t have one already, I would be the perfect candidate for a commercial-grade ergonomic chair.
G/O Media may get a commission
This one in particular from premium (yet affordable) office supplier Branch costs significantly less than the Herman Miller alternative and offers many of the same perks, including height, tilt, and tension adjustments, as well as an optional lumbar support rest. Its thick cushion can hold weight up to 300 pounds, and a dual-layered mesh back lets your back breathe to prevent it from getting too sweaty, just in time for that scorching summer heat. While by no means essential, you can—if you’re so inclined—tack on an adjustable headrest to match for just $45 more. The seat comes in black, gray, and light blue, though the latter is sold out as of this writing, while the frame can be outfitted in either white or black.

Saturday's Best Deals: Reading Pillows, Westinghouse Curved Gaming Monitor, JACHS NY Sweaters, TomCare Outdoor Accessories, and More

Saturday's Best Deals: Reading Pillows, Westinghouse Curved Gaming Monitor, JACHS NY Sweaters, TomCare Outdoor Accessories, and More
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier
G/O Media may get a commission
Did you give up on your new year’s resolution to run more, or faster, or harder? Or maybe you just want to up your running game anyway? You should check out these JVC AE wireless earbuds with live coaching!
These buds are down to a super cheap $18 right now at SideDeal (WAAYYY less than the $121 price they are on Amazon).
Since these JVC AE wireless earbuds are meant for running outside, they do allow ambient noise in for safety. But you’ll still be able to hear your music, podcasts, and your running coach loud and clear! And, they have a nice and long battery life of up to seven hours.

Which is better: printed books or e-books?

A look into the age-old question of which is better: printed books or e-books?
The first time I bought an e-book on Kindle, I was enchanted by the instantness of the transaction. While I have shifted more towards e-books, mainly for ease and convenience, I still prefer to read print books. With book stores being shut and people moving to e-readers, this is a good time to look at the pros and cons of each medium.
The physicality of a print book literally adds weight to the reading experience by providing sensory dimensions. The feel, look and even smell of dog-eared books are subconsciously processed, as we absorb their contents. You might have read an insightful paragraph or a particular line and often can recall where that line occurred. Further, we encountering the title and the author’s name each time we open/close the book helps consolidate our memory. As e-books simply open to the page you’re on, you don’t see the names often, making your memory of them shakier.

Bookstore Sales Fell 16.6% in January

Bookstore sales were $797 million in January, down from $956 million a year ago. The 16.6% decline was only a slight increase over the December drop, and was another indication that bookstore sales declines may be levelling off.

PODCAST: Is Amazon destroying your local library? | WTAG

By Jim Polito
Mar 16, 2021
Amazon was started as an online book seller and that legacy could lead to the demise of libraries. The popularity of ebooks over print has libraries begging for copies from Amazon after their refusal to sell. Tech Talk Guru Craig Peterson explains in the podcast below.
(Photo courtesy Getty Images)

Sunday's Best Deals: Hisense 70" 4K TV, The Child Backpack and Lunchbox Set, KN95 Face Masks, Gillette Razor Refills, Noco Boost Plus Jump Starter, and More

Sunday's Best Deals: Hisense 70" 4K TV, The Child Backpack and Lunchbox Set, KN95 Face Masks, Gillette Razor Refills, Noco Boost Plus Jump Starter, and More
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier
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Now that we’re at home all the time, slowly losing our minds, it’s crucial, now than ever, that we start taking our vision seriously. I mean, without the right pair of glasses, how are you going to finally binge-watch the entirety of
The Sopranos over the next few weeks—without overworking your retinas? How are you going to comfortably see every bright, raytraced pixel on your new PS5 or Xbox Series X?

Podium Audio Hit New Milestones in 2020

Podium Audio Hit New Milestones in 2020
By Jim Milliot
Mar 12, 2021
The surge in digital audiobook sales has helped numerous publishers grow in the past few years, and perhaps none has benefitted more than Podium Audio. The audio-first publisher, which began life as Podium Publishing before changing its name about a year ago, hit $50 million in revenue in 2020, and its total title output passed the 2,000 mark, from 1,300 at the beginning of the year, CEO Scott Dickey told
Podium is best known for its large list of science fiction titles, but Dickey said romance sales “grew dramatically” in 2020. Mysteries and thrillers also saw good gains, as did nonfiction.

Bookselling Spotlight: Cavalier House Books

By Ed Nawotka
Mar 12, 2021
Cavalier House Books, a new and used general trade bookstore in Denham Springs, La., opened in 2009, but its roots go back to 2005, when John Cavalier and his future wife Michelle Cavalier started supplying local elementary, middle, and high schools with required-reading titles while they were still students at Southeastern Louisiana University. At first, they filled their pickup truck with orders off of 18-wheelers on the highway because they were not allowed to deliver to residential homes, and they shipped books out of a 12-sq.-ft. shed in the backyard of John’s parent’s house in Denham Springs, a bedroom community across the river from Baton Rouge. “When things got busy, we would have palettes of books in the living room,” John said.

New Milford author pens new novel

New Milford author pens new novel
March 12, 2021
NEW MILFORD — Local author Scott Leddy’s latest book is a novel called “All the King’s Men.”
Taken from the book’s synopsis, which was written by Leddy:
Tatiana Botnari’s life is hard in Moldova. She struggles to financially support her young son in a country falling into disrepair. When her clairvoyant dreams show visions of a serial madman preying on young children and the police department scoff at her claims, she seeks the help of former FBI Behaviorist and serial profiler, Raymond Fischer. Fischer, self-exiled, fled the US to Soroca after the death of his daughter. A bottle in his fist and a grudge on his shoulder, he joins the search for the elusive Bogeyman of Bessarabia. The pair team up with local reporter, Aleksandr Radu, and the manhunt soon becomes the largest in Moldova’s history.

What Did We Read in 2020? The Most Checked Out Books

What were the top books for 2020? Not the ones that people bought, but the ones checked out from the library?

Saturday's Best Deals: Westinghouse 42" Roku TV, AutoFull Rabbit Ears Gaming Chair, Nutale Bluetooth Trackers, Mophie Power Banks, Dyson Humidifier + Fan, and More

Saturday's Best Deals: Westinghouse 42" Roku TV, AutoFull Rabbit Ears Gaming Chair, Nutale Bluetooth Trackers, Mophie Power Banks, Dyson Humidifier + Fan, and More
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier
G/O Media may get a commission
Now that we’re at home all the time, slowly losing our minds, it’s crucial, now than ever, that we start taking our vision seriously. I mean, without the right pair of glasses, how are you going to finally binge-watch the entirety of
The Sopranos over the next few weeks—without overworking your retinas? How are you going to comfortably see every bright, raytraced pixel on your new PS5 or Xbox Series X?

This Week's Bestsellers: March 15, 2021

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A Mighty Blaze Continues to Build

A Mighty Blaze Continues to Build
Year-old social media initiative promotes authors
By Claire Kirch
Mar 11, 2021
A year ago this week as bookstores began closing their doors to in-person traffic and publishers started canceling author events, A Mighty Blaze was lit on social media. Its purpose, co-founders Caroline Leavitt and Jenna Blum told
PW last March, was to connect readers with the authors of new adult releases by traditional publishers whose tours had been canceled due to the pandemic.
“We’re two technophobe female novelists in yoga pants trying to save authors from canceled tours and indie bookstores from being shuttered and we’re doing it every Tuesday,” they said.

At core of 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' is to create wealth, values for humanity: Modi

Launches through video conferencing the kindle version of Swami Chidbhavananda's Bhagavad Gita

At core of 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' is to create wealth, values for humanity: PM

Bhagavad Gita was born during conflict, and many felt humanity is passing through a similar conflict and challenges now, says Modi

Kindle Version of Swami Chidbhavananda's Bhagvad Gita Launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Kindle version of Swami Chidbhavananda’s Bhagavad Gita on Thursday. Speaking at the event via video conferencing, the prime minister said 1.3 billion people of India have decided their course of action of making India Atmanirbhar, or self-reliant.

Moe's Booksellers Unionize

Moe's Booksellers Unionize
Mar 11, 2021
A growing unionization movement is afoot among booksellers and publishing workers across the country. On Wednesday, employees at Moe’s Books joined their ranks, announcing that they have formed a union and joined the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Twenty of the Berkeley, Calif.-based bookstore’s 21 employees have signed on. The union was immediately recognized by store owner Doris Moskowitz.
Moe Moskowitz opened the store in 1959. It has long been helmed by veteran booksellers, some of whom have worked there for four decades. But during the pandemic, bookseller Noah Ross said some booksellers departed, and newer employees were hired. When employees proposed ideas for how the store should reopen to foot traffic, Ross said their requests were not heeded by management.

Religion Book Deals, March 10

InterVarsity buys Sheila Wise Rose's newest, Rachael Gilbert's 'Restored' goes to Cook, and more.

Princess Di Biography Returns to Bestsellers List After Harry and Meghan Interview

Princess Di Biography Returns to Bestsellers List After Harry and Meghan Interview
Princess Di Biography Returns to Bestsellers List After Harry and Meghan Interview
Originally released in 1992, sales of 'Diana: Her True Story - in Her Own Words' are surging, after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle remembered the late princess in their interview with Oprah
Tim Chan, provided by
Originally released in 1992,
Diana: Her True Story – in Her Own Words is back in the Top Ten on Amazon’s top British books chart, where it has slowly climbed since Harry brought up his late mother during the revealing interview with Oprah. Asked why he was so concerned about the relentless press attention on his wife, Markle, Harry said he was “worried about history repeating itself,” seemingly referencing his mother’s 1997 death in a car crash that many believe was caused by the paparazzi.

Most e-books harm children learning to read, research finds, as technology distracts from stories

Most e-books harm children learning to read, research finds, as technology distracts from stories
Digital books including games at the end of chapters were found to have particularly negative effects on young children's learning
9 March 2021 • 3:00pm
Print books outperformed their technological alternatives when children between one and eight were assessed on their comprehension of what they had read
Credit: Tetra Images/Alamy
Most ebooks actually harm children in their efforts to learn to read because the added use of technology can be distracting, research has found.
In a comprehensive review of 39 different studies, researchers found that children aged one to eight-years-old were less likely to understand picture books when they read the digital version compared to the print.

Boox Nova 3 Color Review: Color E Ink Screens Still Need Work

Photo: Andrew Liszewski/Gizmodo
If the PocketBook InkPad Color was an attempt to bring the benefits of a tablet’s larger screen to e-readers so ebooks like comics and magazines are easier to read, the Boox Nova 3 Color is an attempt to bring the benefits of an E Ink screen to tablets. The results are a more capable and powerful e-reader, but with a price tag that makes the Nova 3 Color feel like a tablet with limited capabilities.
The Boox Nova 3 Color tablet is the second device to use E Ink’s new 7.8-inch, second-generation Kaleido color screen technology. PocketBook was the first, and its implementation of the new display was an attempt to improve the company’s first color e-reader, the PocketBook Color. That device’s 6-inch screen that made it hard to read image-rich documents like comic books that can’t be easily re-formatted for a smaller display. Boox’s use of the new Kaleido color screen instead aspires to deliver a feature-rich tablet without the drawbacks of power-hungry display technologies like LCD or OLED. Unfortunately, the limitations of E Ink stymie those aspirations.

PRH Audio Debuts Voiceover Casting Platform, Ahab

Penguin Random House Audio has launched Ahab, a global online casting platform for voiceover actors in any business. The platform was originally developed as an internal tool for PRH's audiobook producers.

Backlist Drives Print Book Unit Gains Higher Through February

Driven by strong backlist sales, unit sales of print books rose 26% last week over the week ended February 29, 2020, at outlets that report to NPD BookScan. It was the largest week-over-week gain compared to 2020 so far this year, helping unit sales finish the first two months of 2021 with a 21.2% increase over the first two months of 2020.

2021 WonderCon, San Diego Comic-Con Stay Virtual; CCI Plans November In-Person Event

Comic-Con International announced that it will once again replace WonderCon, its annual spring convention in Anaheim, and the San Diego Comic-Con in the summer, with free virtual events in 2021. In addition, CCI plans to launch a new and as yet unnamed in-person pop culture event in November 2021.

PocketBook InkPad Color Review: A Great Tablet for Comic Books

Photo: Andrew Liszewski - Gizmodo
Just six months after the first e-readers featuring E Ink’s color electronic paper technology arrived, the next generation of devices is already here with upgraded color screens. The improvements E Ink has made are minor, but the new PocketBook InkPad Color has a larger screen that offers a much improved reading experience over the original PocketBook Color.
When E Ink announced the next-generation Kaleido 2 color electronic paper displays just months after the first version of the product became available to consumers, we weren’t expecting it to solve all of the issues we had with color E Ink devices like the original PocketBook Color—and it doesn’t.

Butler Public Library News

9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. Closed Friday and Sunday
Shot assistance offered
Senior citizens ages 60 and over who need help scheduling appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations may come to the library for assistance. Visitors are asked to come to the library during normal business hours to receive assistance or call the library at 868-2351 for more information.
Evergreen library cards
Did you receive a new iPad, Kindle or e-reader for Christmas? The Butler Public Library has Evergreen Indiana library cards that provide access to over 100,000 e-books, e-audio books, videos and magazine titles. Contact the library for more information.
New materials available

Sourcebooks Launches Women Voices Imprint with E.L. James as First Author

By Jim Milliot
Mar 01, 2021
Sourcebooks has formed a new imprint that company founder and publisher Dominique Raccah said will “expand what publishing can be for women authors.” The as yet unnamed imprint will launch at midnight March 31 when the entire print backlist of mega-selling author E.L. James becomes part of the unit. James’ current publisher, Penguin Random House, will retain audio rights to her back and front lists, and large print rights to James’ backlist. Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial will retain the Spanish language rights to James’ backlist. PRH has a 45% stake in Sourcebooks.
Raccah said she had been thinking about creating a new publishing model for entrepreneurial women for a number of years and in informal talks with PRH executives discovered they were interested in such an approach as well. For her part, James said she is looking forward to becoming part of something new. “I’m thrilled to be joining the Sourcebooks family,” said James in statement. “It feels like I’m coming home – returning to my indie roots, and working with an innovative, dynamic and hugely successful publisher who’s always up for new ventures.”

Print Units Rose 10.9% in Mid-February

By PW Staff
Feb 26, 2021
Unit sales of print books rose 10.9% in the week ended Feb. 20, 2021, over the comparable week in 2020, at outlets that report to NPD BookScan. The adult fiction category had a solid week, with unit sales up 20.5% over the week ended Feb. 22, 2020.
A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas was the top title, selling nearly 95,000 copies in its first week. In second and third place on the adult fiction list were two Kristin Hannah titles:
The Four Winds, which sold more than 46,000 copies, and
Firefly Lane, which sold more than 20,000 copies. YA fiction print unit sales jumped 47.7% over 2020, as E. Lockhart’s

Baby Got Backlist: Backlist Backbones 2021

By Alex Green
Feb 26, 2021
Children’s booksellers often need to satisfy more than one customer when making a book recommendation. There’s the young reader herself, but there’s likely also a parent, grandparent, or other adult with an opinion about what belongs on her shelf. With multiple people to please, children’s booksellers say they tend to reach for beloved older titles, and consequently, children end up reading deeply into an author or genre’s backlist.
In short, backlist is integral to starting kids on the path to becoming lifelong readers, says Cathy Berner, children’s and YA specialist and events coordinator at Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston. “You want to hook them; you want them to love reading. When they do, they gobble up books. When you’ve got a voracious reader, you need to know backlist—it’s so important for the bottom line. Every bookseller in the store has favorite backlist titles that we always keep in stock.”

Use of Print Materials Fell in Higher Ed in 2020

Use of Print Materials Fell in Higher Ed in 2020
By Jim Milliot
Feb 24, 2021
The National Association of College Stores released the findings of its annual survey compiling college and university faculty members’ view of trends in course materials yesterday. The report provided a look at how great the shift of usage from print materials to digital was in a year dominated by Covid-19 concerns and a move to online learning.
According to the report, “Faculty Watch: Attitudes and Behaviors toward Course Materials 2020 Report,” the use of traditional print materials declined much more quickly in 2020 than it had in previous years. In 2020, 77% of faculty members responding to the survey reported “strong” print usage, down from 86% in 2019 and 88% in 2018. Among all formats, 24% of faculty still prefer to use traditional print materials, while 20% prefer a print textbook with a digital component. The report also showed 48% of students preferred some type of print course materials.

HarperCollins Focus Debuts New Fiction Imprint

HarperCollins Focus Debuts New Fiction Imprint
By Calvin Reid
Feb 24, 2021
HarperCollins Focus announced plans to launch Harper Muse, a new imprint aimed at general market adult fiction. The imprint will be directed by v-p and publisher Amana Bostic and will be based in HarperCollins Focus’s Nashville offices.
The new imprint will target millenial and Generation X readers and specialize in women’s fiction, historical fiction, and southern fiction.
“Stories have a profound ability to connect people—especially in the fragmented world we find ourselves in today, and I could not be more thrilled to be launching HarperCollins Focus’ first fiction imprint, Harper Muse,” said Bostic.

Kick off 2021 with [email protected] members-only events

Kick off 2021 with [email protected] members-only events
Feb. 21, 2021
Overhead view of busy young Asian woman having breakfast while working from home using laptop computer and handling paperworks in the living room at homeAsiaVision, Contributor / Getty ImagesShow MoreShow Less
In 2021, [email protected] will continue to offer Capital Region women access to virtual networking, education and mentoring programs designed to spark and support professional and personal development. Until recently, these digital events have been made available to the public. Going forward, participation in these forums is now exclusive to [email protected] members. Members who register will be sent a link the day before the event.

The 7 Best Selling Electronics on Amazon Right Now

The 7 Best Selling Electronics on Amazon Right Now
On 2/18/21 at 8:00 AM EST
As you might imagine, the list of best-selling electronics on Amazon includes plenty of its own Echo, Fire TV and Kindle products. People love using a smart assistant to control their smart home, which is why Echos with Alexa dominate the list of top-selling items. As much as smart home devices are catching on, streaming video takes the top spot with a low-cost Fire TV stick at number one.
Besides Amazon's heavy presence, there are smartwatches, video game console accessories and other general home electronics. Overall, as you could guess, the best-selling electronic items are ones that bolster people's time at home as COVID continues to keep us isolated.

Bookstore Sales Fell 28.3% in 2020

Bookstore sales fell 15.2% in December, the smallest monthly decline since February, but sales fell 28.3% for the year, according to preliminary estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Dr Vishakha Shivdasani launches e-book on 'Re-engineering Health and Immunity in Context of COVID'

Dr Vishakha Shivdasani launches e-book on 'Re-engineering Health and Immunity in Context of COVID'
Updated: Feb 16, 2021 15:01 IST
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 16 (ANI/NewsVoir): The year 2020 will for long be recalled as a year of the pandemic which put our lives on hold on all fronts. While we all hope that the pandemic is over, we also wish to know how we can now empower ourselves to effectively deal with the deadly COVID-19 virus if attacked by it or any of its new variants and also the complications which many develop even after 'surviving' the virus. Who better than the renowned Dr Vishakha Shivdasani (popularly known as Doctor Vee) to tell us about it.

Elite CEO rekindled his love for reading in the lockdown; learnt valuable lessons from 'Shoe Dog'

Elite CEO rekindled his love for reading in the lockdown; learnt valuable lessons from 'Shoe Dog'
Elite CEO rekindled his love for reading in the lockdown; learnt valuable lessons from 'Shoe Dog'By
Krishna only gets time to read on the weekends or while travelling.
Lockdown for Rohan Krishna, Co-Founder, CEO, Elite, has brought back his love for reading. The disposable time was channelised in the right direction.
"I have read a mix of business and entrepreneurial books. Couple of books that I have read and am reading includes - 'Zero to One' by Peter Thiel, 'Blitzscaling' by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh, and 'Shoe Dog' by Phil Knight," he says.

This Week's Bestsellers: February 8, 2021

The #1 book in the country is
Just as I Am by Cicely Tyson, who died two days after its publication, at age 96. “In her spirited debut memoir,” our review said, “actor Tyson recalls her extraordinary life, as well as the racial and gender stereotyping, movie-business prejudice, and ill-behaved men that shaped her seven-decade career.” Several of her lauded performances originated in books, including her Oscar-nominated turn in 1972’s
Sounder, adapted from William H. Armstrong’s Newbery Medal winner, and her Emmy-winning starring role in
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, the 1974 TV movie adaptation of Ernest J. Gaines’s novel.

Jeff Bezos' Amazon: The landmarks on a 27-year journey to global domination

It was all too good to be true. The dotcom bubble burst.
The company’s share price, which had hit $106.69, took a beating as analysts fell out of love with the sector.
He had to lay off 15pc of the workforce before the share price recovered.
But all was not lost.
Time magazine named “the king of cybercommerce” as its person of the year. At the age of 35, he was the fourth-youngest recipient of the award.
Bezos is set to turn more of his attention to Blue Origin, his space company
In 2002 Amazon expanded its offering. A company which was once only selling books offered electronics, toys, magazine subscriptions and kitchenware.

Bookselling Spotlight: The Writer's Block

By Ed Nawotka
Jan 29, 2021
When Drew Cohen and Scott Seeley opened the Writer’s Block in 2014, it was Las Vegas’s only independent bookstore. Today, it still is. It is also the only independent bookstore in southern Nevada and, along with Sundance Books and Music in Reno, one of only two independent bookstores in the state focused on selling new books.
“The growth of Las Vegas has really outpaced the book scene,” said Cohen, who noted that Las Vegas’s best-known used bookstore, the Amber Unicorn, closed at the beginning of January after nearly 40 years in business.
Cohen and Seeley came to Las Vegas from New York City, where Seeley had been cofounder and executive director of Brooklyn literary nonprofit 826NYC. The opening of the Writer’s Block was serendipitous: “[Author] Jennifer 8. Lee was working with [late Zappos CEO] Tony Hsieh and approached Scott to ask if he knew anyone who might want to come to open a bookstore in Las Vegas,” Cohen recalled. “He said he did: us.”

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