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Riddle of BBC host's swing behind Tories won't hold him back from promotion, insiders say

Sources have claimed that Mr Rajan changed party allegiance for the Independent in 2015 in order to get David Cameron to attend his bosses birthday party.

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Scottish child payment to double to £20 from April, says Sturgeon

First minister calls policy ‘the most ambitious anti-poverty measure anywhere in the UK’

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Christmas Books 2021: Richard Osman, Schitt's Creek, Barack Obama and more

WHEN it comes to Christmas gift ideas you can rarely go wrong with a book. That's certainly always been our motto anyway.

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Royal Family has not ruled out taking action against the BBC

The Royal Family's lawyers will be carefully watching tonight's final instalment of the BBC documentary series, The Princes and The Press, and may still take action against the broadcaster.

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Leave the UK Government to sort their self-inflicted constitutional farrago

‘LABOUR, LibDems and the SNP need to put their differences to one side and build a coalition to stop the Tories at all costs” – a quote from a…

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Trouble for Boris as Cummings colleague dubbed 'The Gazelle' is tipped to join 'Chatty Pig'

Allies of Boris Johnson have been concerned by claims that one of Mr Cummings's closest colleagues, adviser Cleo Watson, is in line for a senior role at the Treasury.

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Is THIS why ex-Independent editor Amol Rajan suddenly switch his newspaper's support to the Tories?

A senior political source claims Amol Rajan agreed to support the Tories if David Cameron agreed to attend the birthday party of his proprietor, the Russian businessman Evgeny Lebedev.

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SARAH VINE: Rein in these mischievous Westminster elves before they lose the plot

SARAH VINE: Liam Booth-Smith, Chancellor's Chief of Staff has been accused of briefing against the Prime Minister in a bid to promote his man. That sort of behaviour doesn't surprise me.

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The sudden scrutiny of Boris Johnson has one explanation: he's served his purpose | Owen Jones

The sudden scrutiny of his shambolic behaviour has one explanation: the prime minister has served his purpose, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones

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Nicola Sturgeon LOSES IT after refusing to answer if she will lead SNP in 5 years time | Politics

Nicola Sturgeon branded it “preposterous” to speculate on whether she will be the leader of the SNP in five years’ time. The First Minister dismissed questions on it and insisted she had “lots to do” before the next election. The speculation comes after Ms Sturgeon said in the future, post-politics she told Vogue magazine she […]

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The Left loves to demonise Nadine Dorries but the new Culture Secretary has a very human side

Nadine Dorries, maverick MP and former I'm A Celebrity contestant, was quite delighted that her appointment to the post of Secretary of State for Culture sent shockwaves through the establishment.

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Andrew Marr's departure says a lot about the crumbling state of the BBC

The man who’s been at the helm of his own Sunday morning show for 16 years has given some reasons and hinted at others – principally he wants to…

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