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russia launched its invasion into ukraine and the civilian death toll here continues to rise. overnight 8 people were killed in the port city of odesa when russian missiles slammed into a residential block. a mother and her 3-month-old baby among her death and stark reminder of the innocent people stuck in this war and russian troops are reportedly trying to storm a steel plant where more than a thousand ukrainian soldiers and civilians are trapped underground. ukraine s deputy prime minister calling on the united nations to demand ceasefire in order to create humanitarian evacuation routes after humanitarian corridor collapsed earlier today. they ll be a referendum and leave negotiator process. trey: intense fighting continues along the front lines in the eastern part of this country from north and tank battles are reportedly fired. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken and u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin would be visiting the ukrainian capital of kyiv. we are w ....

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tonight, breaking news. the stunning images. the plane falling from the sky in russia. onboard, the leader who tried that revolt against putin. that march to moscow. now, he s dead. rudy giuliani s mug shot just in tonight. and in pittsburgh, the shootout and siege lasting hours, shooting at officers and police drones. first tonight, that chilling video from moscow. the jet falling from the sky. plunging 28,000 feet. a trail of smoke in the air. yevgeny prigozhin, the head of the wagner mercenary group, among the ten people killed tonight. he was the leader commanding thousands of fighters for russia in ukraine. tonight, russian state tv saying he s now dead. the clues already in the wreckage. tom soufi burridge with late reporting for us. also breaking tonight, rudy giuliani s mug shot just coming in, booked in atlanta. jenna ellis and sidney powell, the lawyers, also surrendering, as well. and what rudy giuliani is now saying tonight. and what to expect when d ....

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tonight, breaking news, the stunning images, word coming in tonight the suspect decoming in 116 degrees. rob marciano is here tonight in new york city. the young woman who shoved a beloved 87 year old broadway singing coach down to the ground. later dying. tonight, that suspect in court. will she go to prisonay. the first republican debate. eight candidates in their first showdown. donald trump a no-show. rachel scott in mill wau key. police say a teacher arrested in the first day of school, accused of being drun income the classroom. what she claimed was in her cup. tonight, india landing on the moon. and america strong. you have to see the baby giraffe in tennessee, now making global headlines tonight because of what s missing. and what happened today. good evening and it s great to have you with us here on this wednesday night. several major stories as we come on the air this evening. rudy giuliani, his hug smug shot released. and then, of course, the sur ....

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horrific state of mass shootings including racist attack in buffalo, new york and massacre of 19 children and two teachers at grade school in uvalde, texas, any new legislation would need at least 60 votes to pass in the senate and simple majority in the house. associate editor of the wall street journal and fox news contributor john busse is standing for analysis but first we go to lucas tomlinson with breaking news. lucas: moments ago the white house putting out a statement from president biden saying that this is a proposal, i want to thank chris murphy especially cornyn synema, there s the word again. does not do everything that i think is needed but reflects important steps in the direction. every day passes more children are at risk to be killed from mass shootings or shootings across the country. in 2020 there were 21,000 murders and after spade of mass shootings, buffalo, uvalde, chattanooga and philadelphia. our colleague mike emanuel has put up news, gop repub ....

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with all on this. sandra: a big line-up, but an economy in crisis. americans are looking for solutions to those surging gas prices and the highest inflation in decades. but it has democrats staring down a red wave in november as more and more voters are coming to the conclusion biden administration is not up to the task. hello, and welcome as we begin a brand-new week. sandra smith in new york. john: great to see you back after a long weekend. john roberts in washington, and this is america reports . the price of gasoline setting a record high the tenth day in a row, an average of $5 a gallon. the cost to fill up the tank up 103% since president biden took office. sandra: and people are certainly taking notice. those numbers putting democrats hopes in jeopardy in november, 83% of the american people in a new abc news poll say the economy is the top issue for them heading into the fall. now desperation setting in at the white house as word comes, president biden ....

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