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Lincoln boyhood home: Explore the 16th president's formative years in Southern Indiana

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TYRADES! Have you visited a presidential home lately?

“But I thought Abraham Lincoln was from Kentucky!” a co-worker objected.
True, Honest Abe was born near Hodgenville in the Bluegrass State on February 12, 1809, and he would make a name for himself as a storekeeper, lawyer and politician in Illinois, before settling in Washington, D.C., as chief executive. But from 1816 to 1830, the Thomas Lincoln family lived in a pioneer community in Indiana.
This is billed as the 16th president’s “formative years.” Alas, I am still in my formative years – forming ear hairs, forming superfluous chins … and emancipating my tummy every night when I arrive home from work. But I digress.

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