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When talking to someone, do you know when to shut up?

Dubai: Do you know when to shut up when talking to someone? And how do you know when your conversation buddy already wants you to stop talking?
These are some of the important questions researchers tried to answer in two recent experiments. It’s a established fact that social connection is key to physical and mental well-being, especially in these COVID times.
Overdoing it
And having a good conversation is the main route to that end. But it turns out many of us overdo it. In new experiments, behavioural scientists led by Harvard University’s Adam Mastroianni showed evidence of the propensity of people to yak way. The results show, for one, that chattiness is not really just one characteristic of certain personality types.

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Merrimack, state of New Hampshire sue Saint-Gobain over stalled contamination mitigation

Merrimack, state of New Hampshire sue Saint-Gobain over stalled contamination mitigation
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Saint-Gobain in Merrimack
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is facing two lawsuits -- one from the town of Merrimack and the other from the state of New Hampshire -- over efforts to control water contamination.
In the lawsuits, the state and the town of Merrimack say Saint-Gobain had one year to install a device, but it failed to meet that deadline.Sign up for our Newsletters
According to the lawsuit filed by the Department of Environmental Services, Saint-Gobain was ordered to put in a thermal oxidizer to help control toxic air emissions that are contributing to groundwater contamination. The device was supposed to be installed and working by Feb. 11, officials said.

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Special election sought to fill Hinch's vacant House seat

Town officials in Merrimack have submitted a formal, written request seeking a special election to fill the seat left vacant by state Rep. Dick Hinch, who died earlier this month from COVID-19.
“The requirement is that the town can’t hold a special election without approval of the governor and executive council,” said Town Council Chairman Tom Koenig.
A letter was sent last week to Gov. Chris Sununu and Secretary of State Bill Gardner asking that a special election be granted to fill Hinch’s seat.
“There have been questions about what is going to happen,” said town councilor Nancy Harrington.

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