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Huge Cyberpunk patch 1.3 improves the minimap, adds free DLC & more

Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.3 is coming, another huge update to the open world game that looks to improve and fix hundreds of issues. Here's the patch notes.

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Rumble promotes Eddy Gilmour, Bec McCall and Rhys Venning to key leadership positions

(Pictured L-R: Eddy Gilmour, Rhys Venning, Bec McCall)
Independent agency, Rumble Strategic Creative has announced promotions within its core leadership team as the agency continues to grow. Eddy Gilmour has been promoted to managing director, while Bec McCall and Rhys Venning will assume joint creative director roles.
Rumble founders Remy Brassac, Nancy Hartley and James Burchill say they embarked on a well-planned runway to elevate the trio, and that the team had been working towards assuming greater responsibilities since Gilmour returned to the agency at the start of the year.
Says Brassac: “Eddy, Bec and Rhys are part of the very fabric of Rumble, greatly respected and admired by colleagues and clients alike. They have energy, ambition, and exceptional talent. We are extremely proud to now have them leading the agency as Rumble grows across borders.”

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