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UI to begin internal search for faculty ombudsperson

Thomas Vaughn, associate professor of health management and policy and Faculty Senate past president
The new faculty ombudsperson will replace Rachel Williams, who is stepping down at the end of the 2020-21 academic year.
The faculty ombudsperson is tasked with offering a confidential, neutral, informal, and independent resolution services to ensure all members of the university community receive fair and equitable treatment. The position reports directly to the president and is ordinarily a half-time faculty appointment for a non-renewable term of four years.
Qualified individuals must be an associate or full professor on a regular faculty track or an emeritus faculty member. The individual must have a commitment and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion in an academic environment and display excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Additionally, the candidate should not simultaneously be a member of the administration at the departmental level or higher, or have other faculty leadership roles.

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