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Godse by any other name - The Hindu

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A scene from the play. Photo: Mohan Das Vadakara
A new play that explores one horrific moment in the past to raise unsettling questions about the future
There is something deeply troubling about Chennai-based playwright Prasanna Ramaswamy’s new play
This is my name. Long after it is over, it leaves you with a sense of disquiet and lingering insecurity. The 90-minute theatre performance featuring a large ensemble cast was recently staged in Chennai to somewhat muted response, thanks to COVID-19.
The play is ostensibly an exploration of the past — Nathuram Godse’s defence of his assassination of Gandhi. Yet, in doing so, the play essentially raises uncomfortable, deeply unsettling questions about the future.

Phules, Ambedkar and Du Bois: For a just world without caste or race

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Phules, Ambedkar and Du Bois: For a just world without caste or race
Manipulation of truth continues to incite division, violence, and oppression. As ever, the voices of Phule, Du Bois and Ambedkar ring true. Their intellectual arguments, political positioning, activism, bold and uncompromising stand on securing human rights for all people remain relevant for the transformation of societies everywhere, writes P. Dayanandan
Casteism in India and racism in the USA are a disgrace to human dignity and impediment to progress. Both are products of twisted minds justifying every form of oppression and violence to seek and sustain power and wealth. Great men and women of vision and compassion fought against such prejudice, empowered the weak, and showed humanity a path of hope. Two such anti-caste icons of India, Mahatma Jotirao Phule and Babasaheb Ambedkar, appreciated the struggles of antiracism leaders of America. Ambedkar corresponded with W.E.B. Du Bois. How their attitudes and work ran parallel, built on each other, and even crossed paths across time and place is a fascinating history. Bridging the complexities of their contexts, distinct threads can be traced. Their stories provide historical depth to the struggle today, when racism is raising its hideous head and casteism continues unabated, promoted vigorously by renewed religious and political bigotry.

Most privileged writers of them all

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The stereotypical image of the writer—destitute, harried, neglected—is hardly the norm in today’s Kerala. In the first half of the 20th century, writers hardly held regular jobs. Their income from writing barely met their essential needs. The writers of today are, by and large, part-time authors with full-time jobs. They are anchored in a middle/upper middle-class world with safeguards like a pension. Today, it is possible to make a decent living by writing alone—there are many who do—but it requires high-volume productivity and wide acceptance. There are many economically struggling writers. Their situation has got more to do with their inability, like thousands of other citizens, to win the rat race for livelihood than with their being writers. The individual writer may belong to any of these categories.

Will pass law against 'love jihad' in Kerala if BJP comes to power: Shivraj Singh Chouhan- The New Indian Express

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Will pass law against ‘love jihad’ in Kerala if BJP comes to power: Shivraj Singh Chouhan
Chouhan was speaking at the NDA poll rally in Beypore in support of its candidate K P Prakash Babu.
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Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan shares a light moment with BJP’s Beypore candidate Prakash Babu at Naduvattom in Kozhikode on Friday | Express
By Express News Service
KOZHIKODE: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Friday said BJP would enact legislation against ‘love jihad’ in Kerala on the lines of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh if it comes to power. Chouhan was speaking at the NDA poll rally in Beypore in support of its candidate K P Prakash Babu.

'For centuries, Nair and Syrian Christian feudals were partners in maintaining Kerala's caste oppression'

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‘For centuries, Nair and Syrian Christian feudals were partners in maintaining Kerala’s caste oppression’
Against the backdrop of the RSS cozying up to the Kerala church establishment, Prof G. Mohan Gopal says there is a crying need for a new political movement in Kerala that will represent the interests of SEBCs, Dalits and Tribals and ally with the Muslims to safeguard Kerala from being taken over by the former feudals
Kerala goes to the polls next month. Over the past few years, the efforts of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to enhance their role in Kerala politics haven’t gone unnoticed. In Kerala, any statement that stokes up anti-Islamic sentiment will benefit only the Sangh Parivar. Early this year, the synod of Syro-Malabar Catholic Church issued a statement decrying ‘love jihad’ and condemning the killing of Christians by radical Islamists in Nigeria on Christmas day. The RSS-BJP has also taken an active interest in resolving a longstanding property dispute between the Syrian Orthodox and the Syrian Jacobite Churches and more recently in ‘saving’ a 1000-year-old Syrian Orthodox church from being razed for the widening of a national highway. While the church seems to have been their focus over the last few months, the RSS-BJP has been equally invested in making inroads into the Ezhava community, the largest Hindu social group, into which Narayana Guru was born and which has a history of being staunchly anti-brahmanical. Prof G. Mohan Gopal, a former vice-chancellor of the National Law School of India University, Bengaluru and one of India’s foremost legal scholars, is also a keen observer of Kerala’s sociopolitics. In an interview with FORWARD

Sri Narayanan, the guru who laughed

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The honorific Guru, when used without a specific subject, refers to just one person in Kerala: Sri Narayanan or Narayana Guru. The reason is that he stands foremost as a spiritual guru and reformer among the sons of the soil who pioneered a modern society in Kerala. No other spiritual personality, woman or man, has equalled him as a humane, progressive thinker and radical, charismatic moderniser.
When he was born in 1856, the process of social change in Kerala had already been triggered through colonial influences Portuguese, Dutch and British that exposed sections of society to science and contemporary knowledge. Guru’s call for change, made from this fertile ground, was rooted in Kerala’s soil, empowered by a spiritual message that is as radical today—in fact, especially today—as it was then and accompanied by bold interventions against decadent belief systems, social and spiritual. Ayyankali, the legendary leader who led the untouchables of Kerala on a revolutionary quest for equality and dignity, was his contemporary. At the turn of the 20th century, they created a seismic change in feudal, obscurantist Kerala in their separate ways that set off a process of social transformation and decisively changed Kerala’s social character.  

RSS chief tells farmers to unite and help each other but avoid agitations

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RSS chief tells farmers to unite and help each other but avoid agitations
Updated Feb 27, 2021, 8:31 am IST
He says farmers are doing experiments and Indian farmers are having more traditional knowledge than scientists of any agriculture varsity
 The RSS chief arrived at Nirmal on Thursday night and had interaction with local RSS members and leaders. (DC Photo)
Mankapur (Adilabad): RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday called upon farmers to unite and solve their problems while in distress but avoid embarking on agitations. However, he said he has no objection to the present farmer protests as such agitations will go on.

Vice President Delivers first P. Parameswaran Memorial Lecture in Thiruvananthapuram

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New Delhi: The Vice President, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu today called upon the people to follow the path shown by Sri Parameswaranji and strive to build a stronger, happier and prosperous India.
Delivering the first P. Parameswaran Memorial Lecture oganised by BharatheeyaVicharKendram in Thiruvananthapuram today, the Vice President emphasized the need for an India that is free from social evils like casteism and corruption and takes pride in its rich cultural and spiritual heritage. Paying rich tribute to Sri Parameswaranji, Shri Naidu called him a Tapasvi and humanist par excellence and said that his life inspires us to keep the nation above everything.

How Gandhi discarded the reactionary prejudices he once held to embrace more egalitarian positions

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Mahatma Gandhi
Wikimedia Commons
The American writer, Louis Fischer, is best known for his book,
The Life of Mahatma Gandhi, which Richard Attenborough drew upon while making his award-winning film of 1982. Fischer’s book was published in 1950, two years after Gandhi’s assassination. Eight years previously, he had written a much slimmer (and now far less well known) volume titled
A Week with Gandhi. This was based on a visit Fischer made to India in the summer of 1942, in the course of which he had conversations with Ambedkar, Savarkar and Jinnah in the great city of Bombay, before travelling to Sevagram to speak with that village’s most famous resident.

City corporation urged to issue water bills monthly

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City corporation urged to issue water bills monthly
Many a problem related to exorbitant billing can be avoided, says Opposition
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Many a problem related to exorbitant billing can be avoided, says Opposition
Taking the ruling BJP to task for laxity in issuing water bills, the Opposition Congress in the Mangaluru City Corporation Council on Friday urged the corporation to ensure that consumers are issued monthly bills.
Leader of the Opposition Abdul Ravoof and the former Mayor and now a Congress member M. Shashidhar Hegde said that if the civic body issued monthly bills many a problem related to exorbitant billing can be avoided.

Dr Palpu – who countered plague and caste alike

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Dr Palpu – who countered plague and caste alike
Kerala needs another Dr Padmanabhan Palpu, and can do without a M.S. Golwalkar, to ensure just representation for those historically in the margins and to take democracy to new heights, writes Ajay S. Sekher
The latest attempt by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to get a toehold in Kerala has been through the proposed renaming of Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology in Thiruvananthapuram after Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, the late chief ideologue of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The announcement made by Union Health Minister Harshvardhan has drawn widespread criticism including from the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who has written to the Health Minister requesting that the institution be renamed after an eminent scientist instead. Among the prominent names doing the rounds is Dr Padmanabhan Palpu. 

Opinion: In South, BJP still has a tough road ahead

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Opinion: In South, BJP still has a tough road ahead
By News Desk|   Published: 23rd November 2020 6:28 pm IST
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with representatives from Varanasi based NGOs via video conferencing, in New Delhi, Thursday, July 9, 2020. (PIB/PTI Photo)
Kalyani Shankar
After pulling-off a win in the Bihar Assembly election this month, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJJP) is now focusing on South India where two states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and union territory Puducherry, are going for polls early next year.  Elections are scheduled for the states of West Bengal and Assam too. 
Will the BJP achieve its South India goal? Success has been eluding the saffron party as its penetration so far has been only in Karnataka, that too in the coastal area primarily. So far, it has failed in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Kerala because of historic, religious, social, and ideological reasons.

Like-minded organisations demand 'Mangaluru' airport to be highlighted than 'Adani'

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Like-minded organisations demand 'Mangaluru' airport to be highlighted than ‘Adani’
  Sat, Nov 21 2020 03:56:54 PM
Pics: Spoorthi Ullal
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru (ANK)
Mangaluru, Nov 21: A group of like-minded organisations has raised objection over the name ‘Adani Airports’ at the entrance and exit points of Mangaluru International Airport. They said that the name has created a lot of confusion among public.
Addressing media here on Saturday November 21, Dilraj Alva said, “As soon as the airport was handed over to Adani Group, the name ‘Adani Airports’ was put up. When you notice the name board, Adani Group is projecting as the airport is under their control. The name Adani Airports at the entrance and exit points creates a lot of confusion among public as even the public feels that the airport is indeed under Adani Group’s control now.

BJP district chief says Billavas will not fall for Congress plan

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BJP district chief says Billavas will not fall for Congress plan
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BJP district president Sudarshan Moodbidri (second from right) speaking at a press conference in Mangaluru. File
By demanding re-naming the international airport here after Koti Chennaya — revered twin heroes of Tulu tradition, the Congress is sowing the seed of hatred among Billavas, said BJP district president Sudhershan Moodbidri here on Thursday.
Speaking to reporters, Mr. Moodbidri said that by raking up the issue of re-naming the airport after Koti Chennaya, the Congress is trying to appease the Billava community.
“Billavas know how the Congress has made use of the leaders of that community. People of the community will not fall for this Congress plan through an ongoing agitation,” he said.

Prof P. Sanal Mohan: Like the rest of India, Kerala is racist and caste-conscious

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In this concluding part of an interview with FORWARD
Press, P. Sanal Mohan, professor of History at Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam, Kerala, and author of the widely acclaimed Modernity of Slavery: Struggles Against Caste Inequality in Colonial Kerala
, talks about the strong undercurrents of racism and casteism that run in Kerala society and explains the lack of social movements for Dalitbahujan unity.  
Despite social upheavals, casteism and racism are still a reality in Kerala.
I think so. People tell me that I am very critical of Kerala. What I’ve found in my life is that Kerala is very much part of India in the sense that it is very racist and very caste-conscious. It may not come out in a stark form. The famous book is titled

'Babasaheb Ambedkar was P.S. Krishnan's inspiration'

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‘Babasaheb Ambedkar was P.S. Krishnan’s inspiration’
Since I was close to him, I can testify to the tremendous qualities of P.S. Krishnan’s head and heart. These enabled him to drink deep at the reservoirs of knowledge. At the same time he rushed to every nook and corner of this vast country carrying loads of succour wherever and whenever needed by individuals and communities, says Bhupinder Singh
A year has passed by. Our memories of our friend are still fresh. He lived not for himself but for the sections of society, namely Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs) and Backward Castes (BCs), which needed every type of material and psychological support and succour. Last year, this day, when he left us suddenly, we poured our hearts out. Today, let us remember two great personalities. Not only P.S. Krishnan, my close friend, but also his inspiration Bharat Ratna Babasaheb Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.

Narayana Guru was modern like Ambedkar and anti-caste unlike Gandhi

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Narayana Guru was modern like Ambedkar and anti-caste unlike Gandhi
Narayana Guru’s messages of liberation through education and empowerment through organization clearly echo Ambedkar’s slogan ‘educate, agitate and organize’. He believed caste is the evil that annihilates the human and prevents the making of an egalitarian society, writes Ajay S. Sekher
By the early 19th century, the much-celebrated renaissance had already begun and modern Kerala was in the making (Sugathan 2016: 7). It had its origin in the western colonial modernity and missionary intervention; the Nadar revolts for self-respect; Ayya Vaikundhar’s defiant critique of both the British Raj and the Varnasrama-based Travancore kingdom; and in the socio-cultural interventions of Tykad Ayya and Chattambi Swamikal (Sekher 2017: 8-27). But it was Narayana Guru (1855-1928) who gave these modern values like liberty, equality and fraternity an ethical and compassionate social philosophy and visionary praxis on a higher human and secular plane through his articulations and pluralistic writings (Guru 2006; Velayudhan 2015). While the aforementioned three predecessors of Narayana Guru and others like them operated within the Vaishnava and Saivite Hindu meta-referential structure, we have in Guru a truly polyphonic and secular vision that encompasses various ethical and religious praxes of the world, including the rational and agnostic argumentative modes of critical enquiry. Modern Kerala thus came of age with the pluralistic and egalitarian ethical thinking of Narayana Guru in the late 19th century. His legacy needs to be recovered and cherished, especially when the Hindutva forces are trying to hijack him and reduce him into a “Hindu Sanyasi” in true fascist fashion; and when the elite in Kerala consider his thinking and writings to be worthy of informal education only, overlooking the fact that he was always for modern formal education and encouraged all his disciples to pursue university degrees and higher research.

P. Sanal Mohan: Kerala's journey to 'modernity' begins before Narayana Guru enters the picture

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Because of the extreme diversity within this particular social group we find people involved in a variety of professions and also a class formation within that social group. I think what gave a different thrust to the Sri Narayana Guru movement was a class of people who could support the movement financially – unlike the social movements of Dalits who were mostly agricultural labourers. Things weren’t much different during the first half of the 20th century as far as the Dalits were concerned. Now when I say Guru was central to the transformation of Kerala, I mean the social movements he founded and the kind of ideological, scholarly work he did. As a scholar, as a sanyasi, social activist, thinker, ascetic, all of these rolled into one – that gave a substantial reach to him. Or rather we could say that it was something quite unusual for the times because he combined spiritual and social power, which culminated in the founding of the movement. If we look at the mid-19th century situation in Kerala, before all these reforms of the 20th century were born, we find the Protestant missionaries of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) and London Missionary Society (LMS) working among the Untouchable castes in Travancore but they were not just in the southern part of Kerala (Travancore) but also in north Kerala (Malabar), especially the Basel Mission. Because of this, the region today identified as Kerala had undergone a certain kind of transformation well before the so-called 20th-century reform movements, caste reform movements and anti-caste movements emerged. We have quite a few unknown figures mostly from the Dalit communities of that time. There was also a segment of the Ezhavas who joined the Protestant missionary churches. Therefore, we have this very interesting kind of transformation. It is important because this happened before the coming of the modern social movements and mobilizations or before the genesis of modern politics and we have these missionaries intervening against caste slavery, with thousands of slave-caste people joining the missions. The LMS had their congregations from Quilon (Kollam) towards south Travancore, including regions that are today part of the Tamil Nadu state. The CMS was at work from the north of Quilon upwards. From all these areas thousands joined the missions, both from the slave castes as well as the Ezhavas. And in the Tamil-speaking region there were the Nadars.

Ezhava community group slams Kerala govt over V-C appointment

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Ezhava community group slams Kerala govt over V-C appointment
CPI(M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan maintained that the issue should not be looked at from a religious or community point of view. What should matter, he said, is that the appointee should be capable.
October 10, 2020 1:20:15 am
Natesan asked why state Higher Education Minister K T Jaleel (in pic) was “determined” not to appoint an Ezhava community member as the first V-C of the Open University.
Prominent leader of the backward caste Ezhava community and general secretary of the community’s outfit Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP Yogam), Vellappally Natesan, on Friday took on the CPI(M)-led LDF government in Kerala over appointment of the vice-chancellor of newly established Open University that is named after social reformer Sree Narayana Guru.

Mangaluru: Flex at Ladyhill junction that read 'Narayana Guru Circle' removed

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Mangaluru: Flex at Ladyhill junction that read 'Narayana Guru Circle' removed
  Thu, Sep 24 2020 12:07:38 PM
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru (SP)
Mangaluru, Sep 24: At a time when the issue of renaming of Ladyhill circle has courted controversy, a flex announcing the name of the circle as 'Brahmashree Narayana Guru Circle' with a flag of Bajrang Dal atop the flex, was found erected at the circle on Wednesday September 23 evening. This gave rise to apprehension for some time.
As of now, a debate is on, both for and against the proposal to rename the circle. The city corporation has not taken any stand on the issue. Therefore, the police, being aware of the sensitive nature of the issue, cleared the flex.

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Kalyani Shankar

Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham

Union Home

Union Territory

Bihar Assembly

Party Of India Marxist

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham

Union Home Minister Amit

Prime Minister Modi

North Indian Brahminical

Communist Party


Srinivas Mallya

Koti Chennaya

Dilraj Alva

Umanath Kotekar

Rani Abbakka

Adani Group

Mangaluru International Airport

Adani Airport

Mangaluru International

Saturday November

Adani Airports

Tulunadu Airport

Ambedkar Jyotiba Phule

M Mallikarjuna Kharge

Sonia Gandhi

Indira Gandhi

Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi

Veteran Congress



Deyi Baidethi

U Srinivas Mallya

Sudhershan Moodbidri

Nalin Kumar Kateel

Udupi Pejawar

Mangalore University

Airports Authority Of India

Indian Railways

Dakshina Kannada

Airports Authority

Jokatte Railway Station

Vishwesha Thirtha Swami

Narayana Guru Chair



Abdul Nazer Mahdani

Black Man

Dalit Christians

George Floyd

People Democratic Party

History At Mahatma Gandhi University In Kottayam

Kerala Congress

Cherama Sambava Development Society

Mahatma Gandhi University

Struggles Against Caste Inequality

Colonial Kerala

Whati Ve

Thirteen Ways

Emigrant Indians

Black Lives

American South

Democratic Party

Cherama Sambava Development

Catholic Syrian




Shrips Krishnan

V Vasanthi Devi

National Overseas Scholarship Scheme

Dhebar Commission

Viceroy Executive Council

Scheduled Castes

Scheduled Tribes

Backward Castes

Bharat Ratna Babasaheb Bhimrao Ramji

British Government

Depressed Classes

Yerawada Pact

Provincial Legislatures

Social Inclusion

Special Component Plan

Tribal Sub Plan

Social Justice

State Legislatures

India Act

Executive Council

Matric Scholarship

Manual Scavengers

Rehabilitation Act

Central Educational Institutions

Private Educational Institutions Admissions

Chattambi Swamikal Sekher

Ayya Vaikundhar

Tykad Ayya

British Raj

Varnasrama Based Travancore

Chattambi Swamikal

Saivite Hindu


Jana Sena

Pampady John Joseph

Quilon Kollam

Bharatiya Vichara Kendra

Henry Baker Jr

Ayya Vaikundar

Mala Arya

Pulaya Christians

Muthukutty Swamy

Kerala Travancore

Basel Mission

British Parliament

Basel Mission Factory

London Missionary Society

Church Missionary Society

Salvation Army

Temple Entry Movement Vaikom Satyagraha

Temple Entry Movement

Travancore State

Sree Narayana Guru Dharma Paripalana Yogam

Bharath Dharma Jana Sena

Guruvayoor Satyagraha

Protestant Christians

Pampady John


Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Vellappally Natesan

Mubarak Pasha

Kodiyeri Balakrishnan

Sree Narayana

Shaju Philip Thiruvananthapuram

Supreme Court

National University Of Science

Strategic Planning Department

Calicut University Distance Education Department

Farook College

Shaju Philip

Higher Education Ministerkt Jaleel

Open University

Strategic Planning

Oman Based National University

West Asia

Calicut University

Distance Education

Bajrang Dal

Catholic Sabha

Brahmashree Narayana Guru Circle

Wednesday September

Trending Now

Bitcoin Price

Ryan Kerrigan

First Amendment

Mc Kevin

Child Tax Credit 2021

Miss Universe 2021


Olivia Rodrigo

Portland Trail Blazers

Miss Universe

Dave Bautista

J Cole

Addison Rae


Caleb Kennedy

Pittsburgh Penguins



Rafael Nadal


Btc Price

Chris Bosh

Byron Nelson Tournament


Tony Ferguson


Florida Panthers

Ricky Schroder


Hermann Gerland

2 Bundesliga

Dynamo Dresden

Werder Bremen

Holstein Kiel

Temptation Island

Thomas Schaaf

Vfb Stuttgart


Axel Kahn

Disneyland Paris


Quentin Dupieux


Florian Thauvin



Sylvie Vartan

Sharon Stone

Sylvain Tesson



Bill Gates


Paul De Leeuw

Sergio Herman

Bridget Maasland


Frank De Boer





Fabio Carille

Marlon Wayans


Thiago Freitas

La Liga





Andrea Meza

Instagram Com


The Last Stand


Bella Hadid

Fernanda Gomez

Mauricio Ambrosi


Brandon Figueroa

Armando Manzanero


Lucas Biglia


Ozan Kabak

Rabiya Mateo

Pelicans Vs Lakers

Nba Playoffs 2021

Miss Universe Philippines 2019

Latin Countries

Tim Tebow

Astrazeneca Vaccine




Elettra Lamborghini

Ludovico Tersigni

San Pasquale

Roberto Angelini

Pelicans Lakers

Regione Emilia Romagna

Serena Williams

Serena Grandi

Cate Blanchett


Arunraja Kamaraj

Nitish Veera

Soorarai Pottru

Narada Case

2dg Medicine

Up Board Exam Date 2021



Nizam Palace

Calcutta University

E Registration

Sudha Chandran

Uttarakhand Cm

Tata Motors


Egan Bernal

Paulina Vega



Barcelona Femenino


Paola Jara






Henry Golding


Liverpool Fixtures


Brenda Michelle

Bournemouth Fc

Wajir Governor

Israel Palestine Conflict

Bonang Matheba

Bishop Makamu

Jacob Zuma

Vaccine Registration


Minka Kelly

How To Register For Covid 19 Vaccine

Load Shedding

Gladafrica Championship

Ac Milan


Ong Ye Kung

Elon Musk Twitter

White Sands

Fuchun Primary School

Calvin Cheng

Thailand Covid

Atletico Madrid

Singapore Poly


Stephen Curry

Ben Cousins

Lego Masters

Lauren Jackson

Lily James



Menendez Brothers

Torah Bright

Marvin Gaye

Mia Fevola

The Nevers


Ingrid Tarrant

Jesy Nelson

Ufc 262

Chelsea Women

Oliver Farnworth



Fantastic Beasts