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Square Panda India's educational series 'Early Learning Matters' stresses on bolstering foundational learning

Updated Feb 26, 2021 | 17:04 IST
The series lay emphasis on the importance of early childhood learning, its part in fuelling economic growth, and promoting the ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’ mission
File Image: Kindly observe all social distancing protocols & advisories issued by the government during the pandemic 
India’s education sector is going through a major transformation with the government announcing the National Education Policy (NEP) in 2020. After a long haul, the importance of early childhood learning has been realised, and the policy guidelines reflect that. According to the experts, the early education landscape forms the foundation for a self-reliant India, and therefore impacts the country’s economy.

Budget 2021: Edtech startups welcome focus on schools, training programmes; lament the lack of 'adequate' fund

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Nirmala Sitharaman detailing various programmes and initiatives for the sector.
From drawing up the legislation for a
Higher Education Commission of India to setting up a
Central University in Leh to strengthening 15,000 schools and creating
sainik schools as part of the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) implementation plan to the government's proposed
amendments to the Apprenticeship Act and the Rs 3,000-crore corpus allocated for it — most education-related announcements in the Budget have been dubbed "welcome" moves by startups.
However, many believe that Budget 2021 missed the opportunity to make big-ticket announcements (GST cuts, etc.), "adequate" fund allocation in education so as to fast-track the rollout of NEP, and other incentives critical to boost a pandemic-hit economy.

Union Budget 2021: Inadequate Allocation For Skilling, Digital Learning A Concern

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Union Budget 2021: Inadequate allocation for skilling, digital learning a concern
Despite the government’s stress on NEP, a 6.1 percent drop in total allocation for the Ministry of Education is considered baffling for the sector’s premier stakeholders
February 03, 2021 / 01:21 PM IST
At a time when the government is planning to formally begin the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020, with specific emphasis on upskilling and digital learning, the education sector was expecting a big increase in budgetary allocation this year, as compared to the previous budget.
Instead, what has come is a dampener. There is visible disappointment in the sector since the 6.1 percent drop in total allocation for the Ministry of Education at Rs 93,224 crore compared to Budget 2020, was announced. In the revised estimate of 2020-21, this stood at 9.5 percent higher.

Higher Education-Rewire. Reimagine. Reboot

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Higher Education-Rewire. Reimagine. Reboot
Last Updated: Sep 30, 2020, 12:20 PM IST
While the National Education Policy 2020 aims to transform the school and higher education sector, Covid has brought online education to the forefront. Is Indian education headed for its brightest days?
[email protected]
For decades, the Indian education system has been plagued with issues. The National Education Policy 2020, which has come as a ray of hope, promises to overhaul it – by focusing on vocational learning, bringing in technologies such as AI, putting thrust on online learning, increasing the budgetary allocation for education to at least 6 per cent of GDP, etc. But the effective implementation of the policy remains doubtful.

National Education Policy: What industry experts have to say

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National Education Policy: Industry experts weigh in on salient features, implementation and more
From academic credits to skills-based learning to entry of global institutes, industry experts react to the new initiatives under the National Education Policy.
July 30, 2020 / 07:16 PM IST
Unacademy | Headcount: 1,500 | Headquarters: Bengaluru | Year founded: 2015 | In 2020, Facebook-backed Unacademy became the second edutech startup to become a unicorn (startups valued at over $1 billion). (Representative Image: Pixabay)
The National Education Policy 2020 that was cleared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Cabinet on July 29 seeks to bring a sea change in the Indian education system and make the curriculum of schools and colleges more skill-oriented.

National Education Policy: Here's what education experts have to say about NEP 2020

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UPDATED: September 11, 2020 20:19 IST
The new National Education Policy was approved on Wednesday and here's what education experts across India have to say about the many changes being brought in by NEP 2020.
The new National Education Policy (NEP) was approved by the Union Cabinet on Wednesday and it is the first such policy in the last 34 years. The NEP is ambitious and futuristic but much of its success will depend on how it is executed.
A panel headed by ISRO chief K Kasturirangan had submitted a draft NEP in December 2018, which was opened for public feedback after the Lok Sabha election in May 2019.

National Education Policy: What Industry Experts Have To Say

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Image: Shutterstock
The National Education Policy 2020 that was cleared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Cabinet on July 29 seeks to bring a sea change in the Indian education system and make the curriculum of schools and colleges more skill-oriented.
There will not only be a change in the way a student studies but also in the way examinations are conducted and the final assessment is provided. Also, there will be a lot more flexibility to choose subjects in schools and colleges.
However, concerns remain about how it will be implemented. Moneycontrol brings you voices from across the education industry:
Malabika Sarkar, Vice-Chancellor, Ashoka University

NEP paves way for top-200 global varsities to set up operations in India

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Students shun American dream, eye Canada, UK

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Students shun American dream, eye Canada, UK
Confusion and uncertainty over the changed rules have left students – especially those in universities that had announced only online classes in the fall – conflicted, panicky and angry. About 3,000 Indian students are dropping plans to join US colleges, according to Yocket, an online platform for international education.
New visa order for foreign students in US: Here's all you need to know
New Delhi/Kolkata: Barely two days after new rules directing international students to leave the US if they are not attending in-person classes, Harvard University along with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has filed a plea in the US District Court in Boston seeking a temporary restraining order prohibiting enforcement of the directive.

Behind India's Lockdown Education Divide - OZY | A Modern Media Company

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Behind India’s Lockdown Education Divide
Copy link
By Maroosha Muzaffar
Copy link
By Maroosha Muzaffar
April30, 2020
Misbah Ansari, a student at Ambedkar University in New Delhi, stands near the door of her house in the Ajmeri Gate neighborhood, phone in hand. “Hello … hello, hello!” she shouts into it repeatedly. No luck. After a few minutes, Ansari gives up and messages me on WhatsApp: “Am facing network issue.”
It’s an issue that is increasingly defining India’s attempts at pivoting its massive education system — the second largest in the world after China’s — to a digital-only learning experience in the face of the coronavirus crisis. The country’s 1.5 million elementary and secondary schools and 52,000 colleges and universities have shut as part of a nationwide lockdown that started on March 24. Schools and colleges are expected to keep their campuses closed until at least June, even if the broader lockdown lifts earlier. Like their counterparts across the world, most Indian universities have started offering, or are planning to offer, online classes. Many public school systems in the country are also making the transition.

'Allow higher education institutions to invest surplus in alternative asset classes'

'Allow higher education institutions to invest surplus in alternative asset classes'
   Top Stories
Industry body FICCI
has suggested to the Union Finance Ministry during a pre-budget interaction
that higher education institutions should be allowed to invest their surpluses
in a wider range of asset classes.
FICCI had recently organized a roundtable
discussion with various stakeholders from the higher education sector on
alternative investment financing strategies in the sector.  
According to Dr Rupamanjari Ghosh,
Co-chair, FICCI Higher Education Committee, for international institutions drawdowns from endowments contribute significantly to
the operating revenue of these institutions, thereby allowing them
to undertake quality enhancement initiatives such as scholarships,

Things to do in Mumbai today

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Things to do in Mumbai today
Mumbai Mirror / Updated: Nov 21, 2019, 07:00 IST
Date Night
Dating, falling in love and heartbreaks are part of everyone’s life. In tonight’s show the comedians are going to share jokes related to matters of the heart, with a focus on dating. They will talk about how dating took place in the past and what the future holds for it. The comics performing tonight are Sonali Thakker, Christopher Baretto, Abira Nath, Jeeya Sethi, Arpit Sedani and Rohit Shah. It will be hosted by Tushar Abhichandani.
WHERE: The Juhu Studio WHEN: 8.30 pm ENTRY: Rs 300 onwards LOG:

UpSkilling India: What does it take?

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Education Series 2019: Part 2
Narayanan Ramaswamy, Dr. Rukmini Banerji, Dr. O.P Goel, Samyak Chakrabarty
With the world’s youngest working population, India is expected to welcome 70 million people into its workforce by 2023. This demographic dividend, with equal participation from the female workforce, can become the driving force of India’s growth story if the young population is provided with the necessary training, education and support. In a country which values formal university degrees, employers report a discernible lack of experienced and employable candidates in a constantly evolving labour market. While the number of school drop-outs at the secondary and tertiary level has significantly risen in the past few years, more than 50 lakh students are now enrolled in vocational training courses across the country under government or private institutions. 

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