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attacking mariupol. lloyd austin and secretary of state anthony blinken are set to visit the region today, according to the ukrainian president. another hour of velshi begins right now. good morning to you, it is sunday, april the 24th. it is day 60 of russia s unprovoked invasion of ukraine. i m ali velshi, live in new york city. 4700 miles away, in kyiv, ukraine, the united states defense secretary lloyd austin and the u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken are set to be the highest ranking american officials to visit the country since the start of the war 60 days ago. that is according to the ukrainian president, volodymyr zelenskyy, who announced his visit. it s not been confirmed by american officials. so lewinsky says he plans to discuss, quote, the military assistance we need, and quote, with the u.s. officials. then, secretary austin is heading to germany for pronounced meetings on ukraine with foreign counterparts. today s orthodox easter sunday, the holiest d ....

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With not only racism, but life at 17 years old in a 21st century. dear martin humanizes those tragically frequent headlines. i am sure just is far more similar to the side of the north carolina mother one of the book band and even the she would like to admit. both just and that woman s sons are likely grappling with identity and the precipice of adulthood. the difference is that just s struggles are literally about life and death. don t take my word. for ask some of our banned book club members. a former professor, wrote to us about his experience with your martin. he said quote, it enlighten my understanding of the lived experience of young black men. isn t that a bucs are supposed to do? or sharon harris, who wrote in saying, quote, this novel depicts a young black man in a very real and relevant get nuanced characterization. ....

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