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Urgency of COVID-19 exacerbates corruption risk in Indonesia, says deputy chair of anti-graft commission

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Urgency of COVID-19 exacerbates corruption risk in Indonesia, says deputy chair of anti-graft commission
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Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) deputy chairman Nurul Ghufron (Photo: Nivell Rayda) 
09 Mar 2021 06:10AM)
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JAKARTA: The urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, especially in terms of procuring medical supplies and rolling out social assistance packages, has heightened the risk of corruption, said a deputy chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission.
In an exclusive interview with CNA, Mr Nurul Ghufron noted that COVID-19 has prompted the government to loosen regulations and bypass procedures in order to procure health equipment quickly as well as to roll out incentives and social aid in a timely manner.

Indonesian governor's arrest in road project points to more tainted contracts

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Indonesian governor’s arrest in road project points to more tainted contracts
Indonesian anti-graft investigators last week arrested Nurdin Abdullah, the governor of South Sulawesi province, for alleged corruption in an upcoming road project in the province.
They have charged him with taking at least 2 billion rupiah ($140,000) in bribes to grant the contract to a local developer, and another 3.4 billion rupiah ($238,000) from other companies awarded other contracts.
Environmental activists are calling on the agency to expand the investigation to include other infrastructure projects approved by Nurdin.
Corruption in infrastructure projects is common in Indonesia, with local leaders like governors and district chiefs channeling the money back to their parties or using it to fund their re-election campaigns.

Govt fights corruption through prevention, law enforcement: Jaleswari

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Govt fights corruption through prevention, law enforcement: Jaleswari
1st March 2021
Deputy V of the Presidential Staff Office, Jaleswari Pramodhawardani. ANTARA/HO-Presidential Staff Office.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Presidential Staff Office's Deputy V, Jaleswari Pramodhawardani, highlighted the government's relentless efforts to implement prevention measures and enforce the law in fighting corruption.
"The government wants to ensure that it will never stop to create an atmosphere of consistent prevention and prosecution of corruption," Pramodhawardani noted in a statement received here, Sunday.
The deputy’s statement came in close heels to the Corruption Eradication Commission’s (KPK’s) recent move to arrest South Sulawesi Governor, Nurdin Abdullah, along with five others from the provincial government and the private sector.

17 districts, cities in South Sulawesi brace for floods

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17 districts, cities in South Sulawesi brace for floods
22nd February 2021
A river ferry boat at a jetty on River Jeneberang in Makassar bordering Gowa district in South Sulawesi Province. ANTARA/Suriani Mappong
Makassar, S Sulawesi (ANTARA) - A flood alert has been sounded in 17 out of 24 districts and cities in South Sulawesi province amid forecasts of heavy rains until Tuesday this week.
The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Office in Makassar on Monday issued a notice on potential heavy rains, which may lead to floods in South Sulawesi. The notice will be valid for two days until 7 p.m. local time Tuesday.

Indonesian tourism players split on government recovery plans

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/ Posted on 9 February, 2021 9:39
Government directions to salvage Indonesia’s ailing tourism industry by speeding up development of five super priority destinations as well as nursing Bali back to health have inspired debate among industry stakeholders.
At a recent Reviving the Tourism Industry Webinar, minister of tourism and creative economy Sandiaga Uno stressed the importance of Bali as a critical contributor to the country’s tourism and creative economic sector. As such, he intended to share his recovery focus on both Bali as well as the five super priority destinations, being Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Borobudur in Central Java, Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara, Mandalika in West Nusa Tenggara and Likupang in North Sulawesi.

South China Sea: Indonesian Politician Said an Underwater Drone Might be Chinese Origin

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Jan 06, 2021 09:21 PM EST
 An Indonesian politician said an underwater drone found by local fishermen last month is of Chinese origins. The Chinese navy is active in the South China Sea and carrying out naval related activities.
 The People's Liberation Army Navy is conducting probes of Indonesian water to look for sub passages used by Chinese subs.
 According to the Governor of the Indonesian region of South Sulawesi, Nurdin Abdullah, last Tuesday, the unknown drone's investigation shows it might belong to China. The only probable nation that will deploy it is China reported The Epoch Times. Abdullah added that it might not be China who deployed the unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV).

Indonesia governor believes drone behind security scare was made in China

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JAKARTA - The governor of Indonesia's South Sulawesi said on Tuesday (Jan 5) that an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) found in the waters off his province that sparked concern about a potential security breach or espionage attempt appeared to be made in China. The vehicle, described as a "seaglider" by the Indonesian navy, was found late last month by fishermen...

Indonesian Politician Suspects Unidentified Underwater Drone Has Chinese Origin

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Indonesian Politician Suspects Unidentified Underwater Drone Has Chinese Origin
An Indonesian government official believes an underwater drone found by local fishermen last month is of Chinese origins.
The Governor of the Indonesian region of South Sulawesi, Nurdin Abdullah, said on Tuesday that based on preliminary findings “it seems like the drone was made in China.”
“Whether it was put there or who put it there is unknown to us,” Abdullah said.
The confirmation comes after Indonesian security and defence commentators noted its resemblance to Chinese “Sea Wing” drones.
Indonesian defence commentator JATOSINT wrote on Twitter on Dec. 29 that the drone’s specifications resemble to those used by China.

Indonesia governor believes drone behind security scare was made in China

Indonesia governor believes drone behind security scare was made in China
By Agustinus Beo Da Costa
JAKARTA (Reuters) - The governor of Indonesia's South Sulawesi said on Tuesday an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) found in the waters off his province that has sparked concern about a potential security breach or espionage attempt appeared to be made in China.
The vehicle, described as a "seaglider" by the Indonesian navy, was found late last month by fishermen off Sulawesi island and brought to Jakarta this week.
Governor Nurdin Abdullah told Reuters "based on findings, it seems like it was made in China."

South Sulawesi govt coordinates with Navy on foreign UUV discovery

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South Sulawesi govt coordinates with Navy on foreign UUV discovery
4th January 2021
Naval Chief of Staff (KSAL) Admiral Yudo Margono (center) explains about the discovery of UUV or Sea Glider in Indonesian waters, during a press conference in Jakarta, Monday (4/1/2021). (ANTARA FOTO/M RISYAL HIDAYAT)
Makassar, S Sulawesi (ANTARA) - The South Sulawesi government is coordinating with the Indonesian Naval Base (Lantamal) VI in Makassar to deal with the recent discovery of an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) belonging to a foreign nation near Selayar Island.
The discovery of the underwater drone deep inside Indonesia's territorial waters is obviously an act that needs to be responded to seriously, South Sulawesi Governor HM Nurdin Abdullah told journalists after attending a meeting for budgeting and evaluation here on Monday. | In Indonesia, a company intimidates, evicts and plants oil palm without permits

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by Ian Morse
A bulldozer clears a path through rice paddies in Maroangin. Image courtesy of Rahim/Mongabay
A state-owned plantation company, PTPN XIV, is evicting farmers to make room for an oil palm estate on the eastern Indonesian island of Sulawesi.
In 1973, the company got a permit to raise cattle and farm tapioca on the now-disputed land, but it expired in 2003. After a long hiatus, the company has returned to claim the land. It says the government has promised to give it permits in the future, but has started operations anyway even as local communities resist.
The case is one of thousands of land disputes simmering across Indonesia, as President Joko Widodo attempts to carry out an ambitious land reform program.

South Sulawesi flood kills at least 38 people, dozens reportedly missing

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Severe flooding that hit North Luwu regency, South Sulawesi, last week claimed at least 38 lives, while dozens more remain missing, authorities reported on Monday.
“As of Monday, the joint rescue team has recorded a total of 38 casualties,” Makassar National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) spokesperson Rizal said as quoted by
On Sunday, the joint team found two victims in Pombakka village, West Malangke district.
“One was a female, estimated to be aged 23, and another victim, a male, was found at the Masamba River, Bone Tua subdistrict,” he said.
Rizal explained that the two bodies, which were taken to Hikmah Masamba Hospital, had not yet been identified.

Flash Flood Hits 2,281 Households in SE Sulawesi

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Flash Flood Hits 2,281 Households in SE Sulawesi
Jakarta - Some 2,281 households in 14 sub-districts of Kowane District, Southeast Sulawesi Province, bore the brunt of flash floods, triggered by torrential rains lashing the areas for around a week, a local disaster mitigation official stated.
Three disaster zones to reel from the maximum impact were located in the villages of Laloika, Wonua Monapa, Pondidaha Sub-district, and Waworaha, Lambuya Sub-district, Head of the Kowane Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) Herianto Pagala noted.
"Until Saturday, Aleuti Village in Padangguni Sub-district and Lalomerui Village in Routa Sub-district, remain isolated," he informed ANTARA on being contacted from Kendari, the capital of Southeast Sulawesi Province, on Saturday.

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