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Pacific Rim: The Black Confirms Season Two

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Pacific Rim: The Black Confirms Season Two

Pacific Rim: The Blackcontinued the story of the kaiju franchise that pits giant monsters against robots wielded by man to save humanity from their ever-encroaching extinction, and it seems that the story of "The Black" will continue as Netflix has announced that the original animated season will be making a return with season two. With the first season exploring a war ravaged Australia that is teeming with giant monsters around each corner, there is plenty of area that is left to explore in the franchise of
Pacific Rimfirst began as a live-action film, directed by legendary creator Guillermo Del Toro, which first introduced us to this insane world where humans piloted giant robots by entering "The Rift", a mechanism that unites two or more pilots mentally to take full control of the Jaegers. Becoming popular enough to warrant a sequel in

Pacific Rim: The Black is indeed a Pacific Rim anime, alas

Before reading any further, please understand that
Pacific Rim is a perfect movie. I simply will not hear any contrarian blasphemy suggesting otherwise. Guillermo del Toro takes a frankly dumb premise (giant robots punching giant monsters) and executes it with so much care and passion that it becomes transcendent cinema. It builds on established genre tropes and transforms them into something new and distinct. It is, in part, a live-action anime, and yet it’s not really surprising that the new
Pacific Rim anime on Netflix falls far short of the 2013 movie’s perfection.
Pacific Rim anime. It just very much is indeed an anime.

Pacific Rim The Black Spoiler Review: Apocalypse Now – /Film

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The single most memorable line of the
Pacific Rim franchise came in the first movie when Idris Elba’s battle-armored mech marshal, Stacker Pentecost, proclaimed, “Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!” In the first season of
Pacific Rim: The Black, which hit
Netflix on March 4, Stacker’s name is now relegated to Easter-egg status among a new generation of Jaeger pilots. They have big blue doll eyes, anime-style no-noses, and chins so sharp you could lance a Kaiju Skinmite with them.
Animated by
Polygon Pictures — the Japanese studio known for its 3DCG Godzilla trilogy —
The Black jumps forward to some indeterminate point in the monster-filled future. In doing so, it skips over what seems like a crucial bit of narrative: namely, said apocalypse. Apparently, it was rescheduled and happened mostly offscreen. What’s left in these seven easily-binged episodes is a post-apocalyptic Australia, straight out of

Pacific Rim: The Black Is Now Streaming on Netflix

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Pacific Rim: The Black Is Now Streaming on Netflix

Pacific Rim The Black is Netflix's first entry into the world that was spawned from the mind of legendary creator Guillermo Del Toro, imaging giant robots known as Jaegers being created to combat giant kaiju, and the animated series is now streaming on the platform. With Netflix taking the opportunity to enter the world of anime with a number of series including the likes of
Baki: Son of Ogre,
Aggretsuko, and Devilman Crybaby, the streaming service is definitely trying its best to leave an impression on anime fans in the streaming wars.

Netflix March 2021 Releases: Indoo Ki Jawani, Pagglait, and More

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Pagglait available March 26 on Netflix
Bombay Begums premieres March 8 on Netflix
Netflix has announced three originals so far for March 2021. First up is Bombay Begums from Alankrita Shrivastava (Lipstick Under My Burkha), a series about five ambitious women in modern-day Mumbai, starring Pooja Bhatt, Shahana Goswami, Amruta Subhashm, and Plabita Borthakur. Then there is another title with the city in its title — Bombay Rose, Gitanjali Rao's animated film that went to the 2019 Venice Film Festival. It was originally set for December but then got delayed. Both Bombay Begums and Bombay Rose arrive on International Women's Day, March 8. The third Netflix Indian original is Sanya Malhotra-led Pagglait, releasing March 26 worldwide.

Pacific Rim: The Black Releases New Netflix Trailer

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Pacific Rim: The Black has released a new, and presumably final trailer ahead of its big premiere on Netflix. Pacific Rim's film franchise might currently be at a standstill for now if recent updates are to be believed, but at least it's not marking an end for the franchise overall. Because of [...]

Pacific Rim: The Black Debuts Creepy New Teaser

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The world of Pacific Rim was first brought to life thanks to the legendary director Guillermo Del Toro who established a universe on the silver screen that focused on giant robots fighting on the side of humanity against a number of rampaging kaiju, and Netflix is producing a new anime series [...]

Pacific Rim: The Black Releases New Posters and Stills

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Pacific Rim: The Black Releases New Posters and Stills

Pacific Rim helped breathe new life into kaiju flicks upon its debut, and its legacy continues to influence the genre today. Right now, the series promises to live on all thanks to Netflix and its plans to adapt the franchise in an anime.
Pacific Rim: The Black. The streaming service uploaded four new posters for the anime with each one featuring a different monster. It seems these are the kaiju that plunged Australia into chaos within the show, so fans better get used to seeing them.
Of course, that was not all. Netflix went on to release a poster that showcases the Jaeger used in

Netflix's Pacific Rim: The Black Reveals Poster and Episode Order

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Netflix has revealed a new poster and the episode order for its new anime based on Legendary's Pacific Rim franchise, Pacific Rim: The Black. Pacific Rim went on to two successful film releases a few years ago, and fans have been wanting to see more of the franchise ever since considering how fun [...]

Netflix's Pacific Rim Anime Shares New Synopsis

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Netflix's Pacific Rim Anime Shares New Synopsis
Pacific Rimmovie series focused on killer kaiju battling against giant mechs that count as humanity's last line of defense, known as Jaegers, and Netflix is continuing the story of the franchise via it's upcoming anime series titled
Pacific Rim The Black, releasing an official synopsis for the anime series! Though it doesn't seem as if a third movie for the
Netflix earlier this week announced a slew of new anime series that they will be producing alongside big time studios such as Studio MAPPA, Science Saru, and more, while also bringing to North America anime with the likes of

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