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The 100 Best Documentaries of All Time

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The 100 Best Documentaries of All Time
Elizabeth Jackson, Stacker News
AND Nicole Johnson, Stacker News
On 5/5/21 at 8:00 PM EDT
Great documentaries often give access and illumination to stories that would otherwise go untold. The subject of a great documentary can be anything from a single individual's life to a broader political event, and the effect of the films can be anything from uplifting to devastating.
To celebrate the genre, Stacker created a ranking of the top 100 documentaries of all time by leveraging data on all documentary movies to create a "Stacker score" that serves as a weighted index split evenly between IMDb and Metacritic scores. To qualify, the film had to be listed as a documentary on IMDb, have a Metascore, and have at least 1,000 IMDb user votes. Ties were broken by Metascore and further ties were broken by votes. Documentary TV series were not included.

A Korean War mystery: What exactly happened to 6 Platoon of the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia?

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Article content
Something happened to her dad and his fellow infantrymen almost 70 years ago and Mary Polak would like to have it acknowledged.
Ernest Peter Inkman — his friends have always called him Pete — was born in Agassiz in 1929 and was 21 when the Korean War broke out in 1950.
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A Korean War mystery: What exactly happened to 6 Platoon of the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia? Back to video
Serving with the 1st Battalion of the Princess Patricia, 6 Platoon, he and his fellow Canadian soldiers spent endless days and nights on patrol in Korea in an ongoing game of cat-and-mouse with Chinese troops. One side would advance, the other retreat; then they’d repeat the push and withdraw the other way, and so on.

Give me Logic or Give me Terror (Last Part of: A Bird's Eye View of Contrived Terror) – Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services

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They’ll talk about change, about politics, about reform, about corruption, but they will never talk about war unless they mean something happening far away.  Because to admit the existence of the war waged against us is to admit that we are combatants, and if we see that we are not fighting back, then we would have to admit that we have surrendered.  That we have already been defeated.—The Arctic Circle Collective 
Hassan al Sabbah, a brilliant Iranian polymath and tactician, founded the Nizari Ismai’li state, a state that flourished from 1090 to 1256 AD in Iran and Syria. This small state relied on a cadre of fearless professional assassins to protect itself from conquests, and to protect co-religionists living elsewhere from massacres.

Man who underwent multiple brain surgeries, battled cancer participates in 10th straight Pat's Run

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Man who underwent multiple brain surgeries, battled cancer participates in 10th straight Pat's Run
PHOENIX - One Scottsdale man has had a tough year after fighting through multiple brain surgeries and waking up from his last procedure without the ability to walk.
With all that in mind, running in this year's Pat's Run seemed unimaginable.
But if you thought Joe DeMeulenaere would have given up -- well, you don't know Joe.
"It’s one of my favorite days of the year," DeMeulenaere said.
The 17th annual Pat’s Run, created in honor of the legendary Pat Tillman, happened virtually this weekend because of the pandemic just like last year. The event normally happens in Tempe.

The Best Movies of 2010

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Fort Worth Weekly
Is that top still spinning? You'll never know.
I didn’t run this piece in January like I wanted, for reasons involving file conversion that are only going to bore you silly. The more important point is that I finally accessed the list of 2010 films and re-ranked them with the passage of 10 years. You can click here and here if you want to reference what I thought at the time. While the movies at the top of my lists of fiction films and documentaries have remained the same, the stuff underneath has gotten much weirder in the last decade, and dare I say better.

Twitter Blasts Bleacher Report's 'Absolutely Pathetic' Portrayal of Pat Tillman

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Eight months after the September 11 attacks,
Pat Tillman gave up his NFL career and $3.6 million to enlist in the United States Army, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tillman was killed on April 22, 2004.
Every year, on the anniversary of Tillman’s death, he’s rightly touted as a hero, but the fact that the former NFL safety was killed by his own men is tactfully omitted. Bleacher Report was one of many outlets to partake in avoiding mention of friendly fire in their tweet.
The army initially blamed enemy combatants for killing Tillman, who was shot in the head three times from close range. It was not until later that the government acknowledged friendly fire. Tillman’s widow and brother Kevin, who also enlisted in 2002, have spoken out against the politicized use of his image, noting the late veteran opposed the war.

5 Things To Know On Thursday, April 22, 2021

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5 Things To Know On Thursday, April 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-22 07:03:04-04
While you were sleeping, we compiled the biggest stories of the day in one place. Each story has a quick and easy summary, so you're prepared for whatever the day brings. Just click on the links if you want to know more!
The nonprofit group Legacy Entertainment & Arts Foundation filed a lawsuit against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and others Wednesday in Orlando federal court, according to court records.
It argues the new "anit-riot" law violates First Amendment protections for free speech, Eighth Amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment and 14th Amendment protections of due process.

A Day To Remember Pat Tillman And His Legacy

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A Day To Remember Pat Tillman And His Legacy
Seventeen years ago tomorrow, around 7 a.m., I was helping get my kids ready to take to daycare when I got a call from a local TV sports producer asking if I had heard anything about Pat Tillman.
No, I said, and I was thinking, why ... he was deployed overseas.
There were reports that he's been killed, she said, and that was a serious gut-punch.
We all know the story by now. We all know the story comes up right around draft time -- the day after the news broke Tillman was killed, the team drafted Larry Fitzgerald. But even after all this time, the memories hit hard when late April comes around. He remains a fixture that permeates the organization, from the statue outside State Farm Stadium to his name and number in the Ring of Honor to his training facility locker, preserved in the hallway downstairs here in Tempe where players and coaches and staff walk past it on a daily basis.

Featherweight Elephant

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Featherweight Elephant
Photo by Kent Gidley/Heisman Trophy Trust via Getty Images
On this week’s Take it Easy podcast with host Kyle Ledbetter I pondered whether if given the choice of any WR in the 2021 NFL Draft pool, I would want the Arizona Cardinals to select DeVonta Smith, 2020 Heisman Trophy winner from the 2020 National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide. Please, have a listen, if you are interested:
@WBJMItch from @revengeofbirds joins the show to chat Cardinals, WR’s at the top of the Draft, Trevor Lawrence talk and MORE!!!!!!— Kyle Ledbetter (@CSM_MemesInsta) April 20, 2021

Patrick Peterson: 'I Feel Like I'm A Cardinal'

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Patrick Peterson has one final goodbye he wanted to deliver to Arizona fans.
Peterson talks about growing up in Arizona, where he got married and started his family. Learning under Darnell Dockett and Joey Porter when he first got in the league, how he still gets chills thinking about playing for the same organization as Pat Tillman, his development under Bruce Arians. He called Carson Palmer his all-time favorite teammate.
He notes that he's still chasing a championship ring in Minnesota with the Vikings, but that a piece of him will always be in Arizona.
"When people start throwing around the L-word — when they start talking legacy — I know how I want to be remembered," Peterson wrote. "I hope Arizona puts my number up with all their greats — guys like Pat and Larry Wilson and J.V. Cain. I spent the majority of my time in Arizona. I had a great time there. I built my career there. It's like I said when I was drafted: I feel like I'm a Cardinal."

Say goodbye to Mill Avenue's 'real Irish pub.' It's being forced to close after 20 years

Say goodbye to Mill Avenue's 'real Irish pub.' It's being forced to close after 20 years
Lauren Saria, Arizona Republic
For more than 20 years, Arizona State University students and Tempe revelers have counted on Rula Bula as a destination for perfectly poured pints of Guinness, live music and reliably good times. While other Mill Avenue bars changed names as capriciously as a college freshman settling on a major, Rula Bula always promised a sizable crowd, an affordable cover and plenty of space to stretch out and settle in on the back patio. 
But soon, all that will come to an end.

Kevin Tillman draws a line from Afghanistan to the Capitol riot

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Pat Tillman.
On Apr. 22 it will be 17 years since Tillman was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan. Seventeen years since the Bush administration lied about the circumstances, created a fictional narrative and used Tillman’s death for crass, exploitive political purposes.
Pat Tillman was the most famous soldier of his day. He’d given up a career with the Arizona Cardinals to enlist in the army after 9/11. Not only was he a star athlete, but he also was a renaissance man – studious, articulate, committed.
But he was not alone.
Tillman's brother Kevin also enlisted
His brother Kevin, a minor league baseball prospect, also walked away from a life in professional sports. He joined the service with Pat and shared much of the same interests and passions.

Improving Cardinals' Draft Strategy - Revenge of the Birds

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Improving Cardinals’ Draft Strategy
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images
If you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, which colleges would you visit the most in your recruitment of entry-level employees?
it wouldn’t surprise you to hear that most Fortune 500 companies begin their recruiting visits at Harvard, Yale and Stanford, right?
While thoroughly enjoying Marina Keegan’s best-selling book “The Opposite of Loneliness”, Keegan said how miffed and irked she was at Yale to receive a cash incentive from a Wall Street based hedge fund company to attend their second recruiting session in New Haven —- you see, these stock managers had taken attendance during their first session at Yale, and Marina Keegan, one of the top students in her class, was a no-show.

The Tillman Test

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The Tillman Test
Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images
Pat Tillman loved playing football —- he called it “ballin’”. Anyone who knew Pat Tillman or went “ballin’” with Pat Tillman knew and understood the three qualities he epitomized:
As Cardinals’ coaches, players and fans well know, Pat Tillman’s locker in the Cardinals clubhouse remains intact.
Perhaps more than ever this year, Pat Tillman’s presence in the clubhouse and on the field will be most keenly felt.
The reason is —- this off-season the Cardinals have been building their roster by virtue of a coefficient that could be best described as “The Tillman Test.”

By Mike Johnson on 4/5/2021 12:12 PM
Church First Films, Deep C Digital, and  Stonecutter Media LTD. announced today that the riveting new MMA film VICTORY BY SUBMISSION will be releasing on demand nationwide on cable, satellite, and telco providers  April 6, 2021 featuring former Strikeforce lightweight  champion and UFC and Bellator fighter Josh Thomson and former Strikeforce fighter Casey Olson, the film chronicles the trials and tribulations of up-and-coming MMA fighter Tommy Hendricks as he struggles in his commitments to his career, his family, and his calling.   Mike Johndon sat down with Josh Thomson to discuss the film, his MMA career, MMA's relationship to its cousin professonal wrestling, his work today with BELLATOR and more.

Bi-partisan DeKalb Board of Elections and DeKalb Democratic party urge Gov. Kemp to veto Voting Bills - On Common Ground News

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Testingfg of Ads
The DeKalb County Democratic Committee and Board of Registrations and Elections (DeKalb BRE) joined the DeKalb House and Senate Delegation to denounce proposed voting bills on the steps of the Gold Dome on March 17.
“I was taught never to take our precious freedoms for granted,” Republican DeKalb BRE Vice-Chair Baoky Vu said in a statement.

The proposed so-called ‘elections integrity’ legislation … is nothing short of real voter suppression. If men and women in uniform such as Pat Tillman and Humayun Khan were willing to die fighting to defend our American democracy, then we must be willing to live fighting for it.”

Our Endless Wars Led to the Capitol Insurrection

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Just about everyone was shocked by what happened at the Capitol on January 6. But horrifying as the scenes were, as a former soldier in America’s forever wars, I also found what happened strangely familiar, almost inevitable. I thought that if only we had taken our country’s imperial history seriously, none of us would have found that day either shocking or unprecedented.

On January 6th, the U.S. became a foreign country

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How endless wars and interventions helped create the assault on the Capitol...

Cardinals Re-Define Veteran Leadership

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Cardinals Re-Define Veteran Leadership
In his most recent article for
The Athletic, Michael Lombardi maintains, like a fair number of Cardinals’ fans, that the Arizona Cardinals paid way too much for DE J. J. Watt. Here is the crux of his argument:
there were reports that Arizona was not the highest bidder. The Colts (completely false) and Browns (not sure, but highly doubtful) were rumored to have higher bids. Why is this even important? Watt being paid $15 million per season with $23 million guaranteed is a huge overpayment, regardless of whether another team was willing to do a similar deal. Two wrongs have never made a right. For some reason, flaming a story about another team’s pending interest makes doing something financially ridiculous justifiable. In Watt’s case, the tape does not justify the number. Watt will turn 32 on March 22. He has only played in all 16 games for two seasons in the past five years.

Cardinals' JJ Watt in awe of Pat Tillman upon arrival to team

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Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on
J.J. Watt, the newest member of the Arizona Cardinals, toured the facility Wednesday and stopped to take a picture near a case honoring the late Pat Tillman.
Watt tweeted a photo of himself near the Tillman memorial.
"A true honor to walk the same halls," Watt wrote in the tweet.
Tillman was serving as a U.S. Army Ranger in Afghanistan when he was killed by friendly fire at the age of 27. He was an All-American linebacker for Arizona State and was selected in the seventh round by the Cardinals in the 1998 draft.

J.J. Watt gets Marshall Goldberg's No. 99 as Cardinals unretire jersey

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Goldberg played for the Cards (then based in Chicago) from 1939 to 1943 and after the war, from 1946 to 1948. He was a running back, defensive back and return man during the league's two-way heyday and a member of the franchise's last championship team in 1947. A second-team All-Pro in 1941, Goldberg finished with 2,420 yards from scrimmage and 17 total touchdowns during his career. An excellent returner, he led the NFL in all-purpose yards in 1941, and finished with 19 career interceptions – including a league-best seven in 1941.
Nicknamed "Biggie," the West Virginia native was inducted into the Jewish Hall of Fame in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1980. He was 88 when he died in 2006.

In defense of the all-volunteer force

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In defense of the all-volunteer force
Dana T. Atkins
February 4
Future sailors, soldiers and airmen take the oath of enlistment at the Military Entrance Processing Station Fort Dix on June 13, 2020, in Lakehurst, N.J. (MC1 Diana Quinlan/Navy)
The all-volunteer force remains a successful reform born out of the Vietnam era. Evidence of this success is noteworthy this year for many reasons. The anniversary of Desert Storm certainly brings back the historical significance of what the all-volunteer force can accomplish, and the subsequent deterrence to a conventional conflict it has offered our nation. This past year also demonstrated the resilience of our total force, with the largest National Guard mobilization since WWII. In 2020, the Reserve component fought forest fires, conducted hurricane relief, established security during social unrest, and provided pandemic support across our nation. This high-performing force has grown stronger because of its volunteers.

Application Cycle Now Open for the Tillman Scholar Program

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The Pat Tillman Foundation (PTF) unites and empowers remarkable military service members, veterans and spouses as the next generation of public and private sector leaders committed to service beyond self.
PTF has opened the application process for the Tillman Scholar program. The program supports eligible military service members, veterans and spouses with academic scholarships, leadership development opportunities and a national network so they are empowered to make an impact in the fields of health care, public service, business, STEM, law, the humanities and education. The application to join the 2021 class of Tillman Scholars will remain open until Feb. 28.
The fellowship program honors Pat Tillman, a starting safety for the National Football League’s Arizona Cardinals, who in 2002 put his football career on hold to serve his country. Family and friends established the Pat Tillman Foundation following Tillman’s death in April 2004 while serving with the U.S. Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan.

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Food Bank

Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department












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Happiest Season

East London

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Get Him

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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Please Give

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True Grit

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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School In Parkland

Legacy Entertainment Arts Foundation

Broward County School Board

Legacy Entertainment

Arts Foundation

First Amendment

Eighth Amendment

Superintendent Robert Runcie

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

County Public Schools

President Joe Biden

Douglass Commonwealth

Some Republicans

Hill Capitol Building Dome

Weather Forecast

5 Things To Know

5 Things To Know While You Were Sleeping

Wptv 5 Things To Know

While You Were Sleeping

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Larry Fitzgerald

Pete Kendall

William Wallace

State Farm Stadium


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Notre Dame

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Eric Stokes

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Marco Wilson

Kaiir Elam

Heisman Trophy


Red Sea

Djibouti General


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Patrick Peterson

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Joey Porter

Lisa Matthews

Player Tribune

State Farm



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Doug Ducey

Tirion Morris

Rula Bula

Arthur Guinness

Steve Goumas

Sam Gordon

Eli Imadali

Pat Tillman Foundation

Arizona State University


Us Post Office

Arizona Cotton Growers Association

National Register Of Historic

Mill Avenue

Wexford Developments

Andre Building

National Register

Southside Progress

Restaurant Mexico

Rula Bula Irish Pub

Republic Rula Bula Irish Pub

Republic Rula Bula

Gate Brewery



University Of Alabama


Cape Cod

Amari Rodgers

Kadarius Toney

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Marvin Wilson

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Trevon Grimes

Jaelan Phillips

Tamorrion Terry

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Dylan Moses

Gregory Rousseau

Asante Samuel Jr

Nico Collins

Tyrann Mathieu

Tyler Shevlin

Jonathon Cooper

Rashard Lawrence

T Alex Leatherwood

S Budda Baker

G Deonte Brown

Andre Ellington

Najee Harris

Kwity Paye

Deionte Thompson

Malcolm Gladwell

Isaiah Simmons

Travis Etienne

Pete Werner

Kevin Minter

Chris Evans

G Jackson Carman

Baron Browning

Mason Cole

Josh Kaindoh

T Jalen Mayfield

Steve Keim

Carlo Kemp

Deandre Hopkins

Kyler Murray

Hamsah Nasirildeen

Wall Street

New Haven

Butkus Award

Andre Hopkins

Pro Bowl

Alex Leatherwood

Deonte Brown

Wyatt Davis

Jackson Carman

Coby Stevens

Creed Humphrey

Jalen Mayfield

Richard Lecounte

Darrell Daniels

Ezekiel Turner

K Matt Prater

Dave Mcginnis

Malcolm Butler

S Chris Bano

T Kelvin Beachum

S Shawn Williams

C Rodney Hudson

Robert Alford

Dennis Gardeck

Fritz Shurmur

G Max Garcia

Kliff Kingsbury

Tanner Vallejo

P Andy Lee

Tillman Test

Arizona Cardinal

Brett Prieto

Casey Olsen

Michael Mcdonald

Rachel Hendrix

Eric Roberts

Mike Johndon

Josh Thomson

Gil Melendez

Nick Diaz

Roger Corman

Fred Williamson

Bobby Lashley

Scott Coker

Mike Johnson

John Mccarthy

Alan Autry

Lee Majors

Nate Diaz

Tommy Hendricks

Casey Olson

Paul Daley

Dan Henderson

Josh Thomson Gilbert Melendez

Jake Hager

Gilbert Melendez

Tommy Hendrix

Gerald Strebendt



Stonecutter Media

Major League Baseball


Church First Films

First Films

Deepc Digital

Bay Area

Christmas Eve

New Year

Strikeforce Champion

Strikeforce Lightweight Champion

Shogun Rua

Demand April

Verizon Fios

Knoxx Gym

For Knoxx Gym

Im Mike


H Chíinh

Dekalb County


Brian Kemp

John Jackson

Loweman Smith

Humayun Khan

Karla Drenner

Baoky Vu

Senate Delegation

Dekalb County Democratic Committee

Dekalb House

Gold Dome

Kalb House Delegation

Dele Loweman Smith

Governor Brian Kemp

Dekalb County Board

General Assembly

Governor Kemp

Democracy Republican

American Democracy

Voter Registration

American Greatness

Secretary Raffensperger

Big Lie

Gabriel Sterling

South Vietnam

Communist North









Costa Rica




Dhi Qar





Mohammad Mosaddegh

Jessica Lynch

Chalmers Johnson

Georgew Bush

Al Qaeda

Manuel Zelaya

Nancy Pelosi

Juan Guaid

Carlos Castillo Armas

Pacific Ocean

Jacobo Arbenz

Venezuelan National Assembly

House Committee On Oversight

Brown University Costs Of War

President Donald Trump

House Committee

President Trump

Ranger Regiment

President George

Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh

Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz

Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas

Chilean President Salvador Allende

Honduran President Manuel Zelaya

Central America

Maybe Costa Rica

President Nicol

Greater Middle East

Global War

Brown University

War Project

Inaugural Address

President Biden

Us Military

Honduran President

Global War On Terror


Travis Robertson

Shawn Banzhaf

Pat Tillman Veterans Center

Postsecondary National

Pat Tillman Center

Office For Veteran Military Academic Engagement

Virginiag Piper Center

State Press Play

Veteran Writing Circle

Creative Writing

Veteran Military Academic Engagement

Veterans Writing Circle

Keanna Curry

Writing Circle

Postsecondary National Policy

Veterans Center

Enneagram Personality Test

State Press

Apple Podcasts





Blake Shelton

Jeremiah Owusu Koramoah

Charles Washington

Emmitt Smith

Vance Jospeh

Steelersm Garafolo

Jonathan Joseph

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Tom Brady

Kay Adams

Haason Reddick

Angelo Blackson

Rashard Lawerence

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Michael Lombardi

Gareon Conley

Rhamondre Stevenson

Maxx Williams

Brownsk Adams

Deforest Buckner

Micah Parsons

Demarcus Lawrence

Christian Darrisaw

Corey Peters

Edgerrin James

Alijah Vera Tucker

Frank Caliendo

Rashawn Slater

Zach Allen

Mike Vrable

Sean Kugler

Darius Leonard

Trent Sherfield

Khalil Mack

Myles Garrett

Rashod Bateman

Tristan Wirfs

Budda Baker

Ccalais Campbell

Javian Hawkins

Jordan Hicks

Rondale Moore

C Corey Linsley

Peter Schrager

Javonte Williams

Elijah Moore

Josh Jone

Alan Faneca

Justin Pugh

Jalen Thompson

Graded Non Captains

Edge Defenders

Chase Young

Jordan Phillips

Leki Fotu

Morning Football

Watt Chose

Ripple Effect

Teven Jenkins

Virginia Tech

Aaron Jones

Trey Sermon

Ladarius Toney

Old Cardinals


Us Army Ranger

Honor Flight Network

Arizona State

Arizona Sports Hall

Tel Aviv





West Virginia

Matthew Emmons

Eric Dickerson

Kim Klement

Alex Smith

Patrick Mahomes

Ben Roethlisberger

Jerry Rice

Lamar Jackson

Aaron Rodgers

Dwayne Haskins

Steve Largent

Bob Mcmanaman

Derrick Henry

Matthew Stafford

Philipg Pavely

Jeff Hanisch

Jameis Winston

Stan Mauldin

Patrick Mahome

George Walker

Markj Rebilas

Jared Goff

Marshall Goldberg

Seattle Seahawks

Rob Gronkowski

Joseph Maiorana

Russell Wilson

Bill Belichick

Peyton Manning

Steven Bisig

Odell Beckham Jr

Dericke Hingle

Joe Camporeale

Rich Barnes

University Of Wisconsin


Us Army Rangers

Adding Watt

Jewish Hall

Houston Texans

Denver Broncos

Frank Tripucka

Nate Davis

Super Bowl

Drew Brees

New England

Denny Medley

New Orlean

Ken Blaze

Dennis Laich

Army Maj

National Guard

Desert Storm

Powell Doctrine

Katy Quartaro

Jolynn Parker

Ron Novack

Robin Evans

Ryan Gross

University Partners

Federal Bureau Of Investigation

Falk College

Syracuse University Tillman Scholars

University Tillman Scholars

School Of Information

College Of Engineering

Syracuse University

Defense Intelligence Agency

Tillman Foundation

Bureau Of Investigation

University Partner

National Football League Arizona Cardinals

Tillman Foundation University Partner

Tillman Scholar

Tillman Scholars

National Football League

Laura Buys

Marine Corps

Federal Bureau

Katie Piston

Computer Science

Information Studies

Syracuse University Tillman

Scholarship Advising

Trending Now

Albert Pujols

Floyd Mayweather

Jimmy Rich

Jake Ehlinger

Resident Evil Village

Stranger Things Season 4

Willie Mays

Serena Williams

A Quiet Place 2

Anthony Edwards

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Arsenal Vs Villarreal

House Of The Dragon



Josh Duggar

Caitlyn Jenner

Connor Bedard

David Backes

Ontario Doug Ford

Diego Sanchez



Friedrich Merz

Jan Hahn



George Clooney

Lena Gercke

Johnny Depp


Karl Lauterbach

Helge Braun


Frank Mcrae

Jens Lehmann

Nick Kamen


Hunger Games





Laurent Ruquier

Charles Michel

Florent De Kersauson

Michel Fourniret

Julian Alaphilippe


Pim Fortuyn

Davina Michelle

Bryan Roy

Tino Martin

Angela Merkel

Thomas Tuchel

Renze Klamer



Alexandre Garcia

Santa Cruz

Stranger Things


Luan Santana

Marcelo Queiroga

Junior Barranquilla

Atletico Nacional

Arsenal De Sarandi

Fernando Diniz





The November Man


Macarena Achaga

Benfica Porto

Guillermo Murray

Simon Levy

Stranger Things 4

Kristal Silva


Real Madrid

Florian Thauvin



Liz Cheney

Jang Ki Yong


Nam Da Reum

Antonio Carpio

Wilbert Ross

Achille Lauro

Maria De Filippi

Ursula Von Der Leyen

Stefano Accorsi


Cerciello Rega

Monica Bellucci

Eros Ramazzotti

Claudio Baglioni

Coppa Italia

Ajit Singh

Kerala Lockdown

Idbi Share Price

Barkha Singh

Champions League Final



Rajasthan Lockdown

Sushil Kumar

Little Mix Jesy Nelson


Lucas Villa


Don Omar

The Guardian


Humberto Maturana



Actor Pandu

Pandelela Rinong

Fa Cup

China Rocket

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Bill Gates Melinda

Rafael Nadal

Mco 3 0

Jaringan Prihatin




Kabi Wa Jesus

Fa Cup Final

Cinco De Mayo

University Of The People


Melbourne Victory


Nadia Mukami

William Ouko

The Queen

Solly Msimanga


Mangosuthu Buthelezi


Lindani Myeni

Hertha Berlin

Fc Porto

Megan Fox

Prince Kaybee

Changi Airport


Chew Shou Zi


Ng Yat Chung

Astrazeneca Blood Clots

Sam Newman

Tim Tszyu

Locked Down

Son Of Sam

China Australia

Howard Springs

Kayla Itsines

Hartlepool By Election

Polling Station

Lions Squad

London Mayor Election

Ian Wright

Jake Paul

Milly Dowler

Count Binface

Sharon Stone

Local Elections 2021

Jayda Fransen


Ed Sheeran

Local Elections

Jimmy Savile