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Pokemon Unite for Android: Everything you need to know

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Source: The Pokémon Company
Pokémon UNITE is an upcoming strategic MOBA team battle game developed by both The Pokémon Company and Tencent Games TiMi Studios. Pokémon UNITE will have players facing off against one another in 5-on-5 team battles. During these battles, players will continue to cooperate with their teammates in order to catch wild Pokémon, all while leveling up and evolving their own Pokémon in the process.
What is Pokémon UNITE's gameplay like?
Gameplay wise, Pokémon UNITE seems to play similar to MOBAs like Arena of Valor or League of Legends, with players having to keep watch on the battles happening between your Pokémon and also managing how to plan for the future by catching more.

Pokemon Direct 2021 start time, Presents live stream, Diamond Pearl Gen 4 Sinnnoh Remakes | Gaming | Entertainment

At 3pm UK time (7am pacific and 10am eastern) a Pokemon Presents broadcast will be airing.
So far the Pokemon Company haven't really teased what kind of announcements are in store, but the YouTube page for the Direct has labelled it 'Pokemon Presents #Pokemon25'.
So it looks like we'll be finding out ways in which Nintendo and the Pokemon Company will be marking the big Pokemon birthday.
And rumour has it fans at long last could be getting Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl Remakes this year.
Trainers have long been calling for Gen 4 Remakes and a return to the Sinnoh region.

Pokemon Presents CONFIRMED: Start time and live stream details for pre-Pokemon Day Direct

Previously the Pokemon makers teased they had "very special" plans in place to mark the big birthday.
And we know some of the ways this anniversary is being marked such as an upcoming Pokemon Day concert that is being held this Saturday and headlined by Post Malone.
But arguably what fans want to know most is what games are in store that will be releasing in 2021 as part of the anniversary festivities.
And previous leaks have claimed, besides New Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Unite, fans could be getting a Detective Pikachu sequel as well remakes Pokemon gamers have long been clamouring for.

Pokemon 25th Anniversary news: Proof of Pokemon Direct before Pokemon Day?

And as we get closer and closer to the big Pokemon birthday proof could have emerged that a Pokemon Direct will be airing soon.
The @CentroLeaks Twitter account has spotted something very curious, which could indicate a Pokemon Direct is happening shortly.
The Centro Pokemon Leaks account has spotted that unnamed Switch SKUs have suddenly appeared on GameStop computers.
This is significant as unnamed SKUs in the past have appeared on the GameStop internal system in the run-up to a Direct being held.
These SKUs act as placeholders in the GameStop store system, and should get updated after a Direct airs.

Pokémon UNITE - First Beta Test is Almost Here | Attack of the Fanboy

Pokémon UNITE was first announced almost a year ago, and took fans of the franchise by surprise. Mixing the niche MOBA genre with the Pokémon theme is

'Pokemon Unite' Beta: How to Get and Play Testing Mode (All Requirements)

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'Pokemon Unite' Beta: How to Get and Play Testing Mode (All Requirements)
How to Get 'Pokemon Unite': Play Beta Testing Mode
Photo : Screenshot From RippingLotus YouTube
For those fans of "Pokemon Go" and excited for a "Pokemon Go Unite", the studio behind the phenomenon is launching just the "Pokemon Unite" 2021 after a couple of months of the game's beta testing. "Pokemon Unite" is expected to be a team-battle game where players up to 5 form teams in order to face opponents, catch wild and rare "Pokemon", level up, and even evolve their own "Pokemon" while actually defeating the enemy "Pokemon".
Pokemon Unite download

Pokemon Unite 5v5 MOBA gets an Android beta next month

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Pokemon Unite 5v5 MOBA gets an Android beta next month
Ewdison Then - Feb 16, 2021, 8:32pm CST
Although the Pokemon franchise has very passionate and hardcore fans, especially in Pokemon GO, the games themselves are rarely considered to be “hardcore”, at least not in the sense of action. Designed for younger audiences from the start, Pokemon’s actual turn-based battle system, unlike those in the animated shows, offers more time for thought and planning and not exactly the adrenaline-generating competition that some games have these days. The next Pokemon spin-off, however, will be turning that notion on its head and fans in Canada will be some of the first to experience whatever novelty Pokemon Unite has to offer.

Pokemon UNITE Announces Regional Beta for March 2021

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The upcoming MOBA game Pokemon UNITE has announced a regional beta that will launch in Canada next month. Pokemon fans in Canada can sign up for a new round of beta testing for Pokemon UNITE by signing up on the Google Play store. Participants must be at least 16 years old to participate and must [...]

'Pokemon Unite' Regional Beta Announced for Android with Sign-Ups Now Live on Google Play

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Back in June, The Pokemon Company and Tencent revealed the 5v5 free to start MOBA for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Unite follows the initial announcement that Tencent and The Pokemon Company made when they confirmed that both companies are working together on a game.

Pokemon Direct: Will there be a 25th Anniversary Direct? Potential date, leaks and rumours

And to mark a quarter of a century of Pikachu and co, the Pokemon Company has teased they have some "very special" plans in store.
The Pokemon 25th Anniversary festivities began last month, with the Pokemon Company launched a website to mark the celebrations.
They also announced that pop superstar Katy Perry had been signed on for the celebrations.
Since then we've found out Post Malone will be headlining a virtual Pokemon 25th Anniversary concert, and McDonald's have launched a Happy Meal Pokemon trading cards promotion to coincide with the birthday festivities.
But what many Pokemon fans will be looking forward to is an announcement on the games that will be launched during this anniversary year.

Tencent Buys Stake In Life Is Strange's Creators

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Tencent continued its massive expansion in the gaming world today after acquiring a minority stake in French developer Dontnod, maker of Life is

Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada Wants To Make A Sequel to Pokken

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But it’s not what we decide, it’s what they decide.https://t.co/U8mzxSpWsv
Since its release in 2016,
Pokken Tournament and its subsequent port to the Switch in 2017,
Pokken DX, the game has sold over two million copies according to vgsales.com. As far as
Pokemon spinoffs go, this puts it almost right in the middle in terms of sales figures. The Pokemon Company has made it clear that they have a few surprises in store for the beloved franchise’s 25th anniversary. Since it’s going on three years since the last DLC character for the game came out, it could be the right time for a new Pokken game to freshen up the Switch’s lineup.

Nintendo Direct THIS week? Switch fans could get surprise broadcast | Gaming | Entertainment

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And at the start of this week Kelios dropped a very eye-catching post on Twitter.
Kelios shared a meme that showed Harry Potter wishing for a Nintendo Direct and alongside it wrote: "Have a nice week".
It's only a brief tease but given Kelios's track record it could mean a Nintendo Direct for January 2021 is inbound.
Super Nintendo World: Universal Studios Japan release teaser
This Direct tease also comes as there has been lots of Direct activity online in recent weeks - with Direct YouTube playlists and websites all being updated, which seemed to hint at an upcoming stream.

New Pokemon Unite Gameplay Footage Leaks

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In case you forgot, there’s a new Pokemon MOBA in the works called Pokemon Unite that is set to come to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices in the future. While The Pokemon Company hasn’t said much about this new game since first revealing it back in 2020, it seems like we may soon be getting a [...]

Pokémon Unite Beta Footage with Cosmetics Leaked

The new footage from the Pokémon Unite beta gives fans a glimpse of MOBA matches, gameflow, menus, skins/cosmetics, and more.

Pokémon Unite Leak Reveals You Can Dress Up Your Monsters In Dapper Outfits

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Garchomp is living its best life - You'd be forgiven if you'd forgotten about Pokémon Unite recently. As the series' 25th...

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gets an Update

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Gets an Update
Pokemon Sword and Shield's latest update is now live. Earlier today, Game Freak rolled out a brand new update for
Pokemon Sword and Shield, which allegedly patches some undisclosed bug fixes, including those that deal with some battle mechanics. Patch notes are not currently available, but players can download the update for free when they connect to the Internet with their Nintendo Switch. There is likely no significant content update included to
Pokemon Sword and Shield, as they game was functionally completed with the release of its Crown Tundra DLC earlier this fall.

Think you could be a Pokemon Consultant? Here's what the job takes

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Eric Abent - Dec 18, 2020, 11:51am CST
There are no doubt many of us out there that know a lot about
Pokemon. The franchise has been around for nearly 25 years about this point, so there are definitely some fans out there with an encyclopedic knowledge of the series. Do you know enough about
Pokemon to land a job as a
Pokemon Consultant? Chinese mega-corporation Tencent is looking for one, and the requirements for the job are surprisingly steep.
As Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad shared on Twitter today, Tencent is actually looking to fill 19 jobs related to the
Pokemon franchise. One of those jobs is for a

Pokemon Teases 25th Anniversary Plans at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Pokemon Teases 25th Anniversary Plans at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
The Pokemon Company unveiled a new logo for its upcoming 25th anniversary celebration during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The anniversary celebration was officially "announced" via a group of dancing Pikachu, who unfurled a banner showing the 25th anniversary logo after dancing along to the original
Pokemon theme song. The parade also featured the appearance of a giant winter-themed Pikachu balloon, marking the twentieth straight year that Pikachu has appeared in the parade. The Pokemon Company did not reveal any of its plans for its 25th anniversary, but promised that more information about the "very special upcoming celebration" would come soon.

Tencent's TiMi Studios sets world daily active user record

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Tencent's TiMi Studios sets world daily active user record
Monday 2 November 2020 | 13:46 CET | News
Tencent Games' TiMi Studios said that its 'Honor of Kings' mobile game set a new world record of 100 million average daily active users year to date. The record was announced during an online livestream celebrating the game's fifth anniversary with players. Two new untitled games were also announced, expanding the Honor of Kings world from multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) into two more unspecified genres.
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