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China's Primavera raising up to $5 billion in new dollar fund, say sources

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China’s Primavera raising up to $5 billion in new dollar fund, say sources
Hong Kong |
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March 08, 2021
The PE firm was an early investor in Jack Ma’s Ant Group
Chinese private equity firm Primavera Capital Group, an early investor in billionaire Jack Ma’s Ant Group, is raising a new US dollar-denominated fund of up to $5 billion, two people with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.
The firm, an avid investor in China’s tech start-ups, is targeting $4 billion for its fourth dollar fund, with a hard cap at $5 billion, said the people, who declined to be identified as information related to the fund-raising is confidential.

Sandro Botticelli's 'Primavera' Is a Mysterious Celebration of Spring. Here Are 4 Things You May Not Know About This Marvel

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Much of the conversation around
Primavera has rightfully centered on distinguishing and identifying the scenes’ mythological figures. The painting, which measures a sizable 80 by 124 inches, is intended to be read from right to left.
The generally accepted reading is as follows: the blue figure of Zephyrus, the cold wind of March on the right, clasps the nymph Chloris, whom he will kidnap. Zephyrus will later marry Chloris and she will be transformed into Flora, the goddess of spring. Botticelli has signaled this transformation by overlapping the figure of Chloris and that of Flora, who appears as the third figure from right, elegantly scattering flowers. At roughly center and slightly to the back of the composition is a figure widely agreed to be Venus, in a dress of gray-blue and a red shawl. Above Venus is her companion, Cupid, blindfolded, with his arrow aimed.