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a route shrouded in tear gas a security forces crackdown on anti-government protests opponents are demanding a new independent leader for the country. and what would christmas feel without the not crack. we go behind the scenes of a production and ballets country of origin russia and meet a rising young star of the renowned the bolshoi as he makes his grand debut. i m brian thomas great to have you with us search crews have so far failed to find the bodies of the 2 victims still missing a week after new zealand s volcano disaster the prime minister has led the country in observing a minute silence in memory of those killed in last monday s eruption. of a chari also known as white island the official death toll now stands at 16 another 20 people are in critical condition suffering from severe burns. bad weather forced recovery teams to call off their search for the 2 missing back domes rescuers about that they will though press ahead with their search. hold on hold a new ....

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Ambulance closure fight to go to Senedd |

Campainers will be heading to the Senedd to present petitions with more than 3,000 signatures opposing plans to remove a rapid response vehicle from Monmouth Ambulance Station, reports Saul Cooke-Black.. ....

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Plans for cancer centre are lodged with council |

Plans for a new radiotherapy centre which will provide cancer treatment closer to home to patients in Gwent have been lodged with Monmouthshire council, reports Saul Cooke-Black, Local Democracy Reporter ....

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