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Estimativa para a Selic de 2021 sobe de 7,25% para 7,50% no Focus do BC

Na esteira dos dados mais recentes de inflação, os economistas do mercado financeiro alteraram suas projeções para a Selic (a taxa básica da economia) no fim de 2021. O Relatório de Mercado Focus

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Ata: para próxima reunião, Copom antevê mais um ajuste de 1% na Selic

O Comitê de Política Econômica (Copom) do Banco Central (BC) reafirmou nesta terça-feira, por meio da ata de seu último encontro, a intenção de promover novo aumento da Selic (a taxa básica de

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SELIC เพิ่มทุน 28 ล้านหุ้น ขาย PP 3 ราย มูลค่ารวม 84 ล้านบาท

บอร์ด SELIC อนุมัติเพิ่มทุน PP วงแคบ 3 ราย จำนวน 28 ล้านหุ้น ราคา 3 บาทต่อหุ้น รวมมูลค่า 84 ล้านบาท เสนอขายระหว่าง 11-15 มิ.ย. หวังสร้างพันธมิตรเชิงกลยุทธ์-รองรับแผนการลงทุนของบริษัท

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idea. i've come to know him and he's a spectacular human being. he gives of himself, the charitable deeds he does that no one knows about. he's someone who doesn't gripe and complain. today he lost it for a good reason. he sat through ten days, ten days of this proceeding where he listened to this guy tony bosch come in there, make up stories about him, be impeached where he slithered off the witness stand and waiting for his turn to put on his case. the witness we chose to call to explain his decision, which we knew he couldn't explain would be commissioner sealy. the individual who testified according to mlb, saying mr. man ford testified the coo of baseball regarding the explanation of suspension. that's not true, piers. mr. man ford basically deferred to mr. selic.

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