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Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart On The Art Of Collaboration

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Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart On The Art Of Collaboration
From Otis 'n' Carla, through to Nick 'n' PJ...
Xiu Xiu is a project that has always expanded and contracted.
Led by Jamie Stewart, the group has invited a plethora of voices into the fold, allowing their output to constantly shift and vary.
Co-conspirator Angela Seo helps steer the ship in 2021, and the two helm excellent new album 'OH NO'.
A record that leans on their love of collaboration, the record makes room for a host of guests, featuring everyone from Liz Harris and Chelsea Wolfe through to Sharon Van Etten.

Review: Geraldine Hickey's 'What a Surprise' is a triumph of low stakes, high reward comedy

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Review: Geraldine Hickey’s ‘What a Surprise’ is a triumph of low stakes, high reward comedy
Words By August Billy
During her allotted five minutes at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala, Geraldine Hickey said the word “agapanthus” approximately 25 times. The bit –­ which centred on digging out some obstinate agapanthus and installing a “lesbian pit” in her backyard – was a perfect snapshot of Hickey’s easy-going, sensually tickling comedy style.
I don’t mean sensual in a Serge Gainsbourg, ‘Je T’aime’ sort of way. Rather, Hickey’s comedy recognises that humour arises from all our senses, is often arational and isn’t dependent on shock value.

The Quietus | Features | Rum Music | Rum Music For March Reviewed By Jennifer Lucy Allan

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Jennifer Lucy Allan
, March 29th, 2021 07:31
Jennifer Lucy Allan digs a big hole and flits around new releases that take in short locked grooves and extended multiphonic drones in this month’s letter from The Zone
Francesca Ter-Berg
The week in which I write Rum Music I am recording the audiobook of my own book, shut in a tiny foam-lined studio in a basement along the Victoria Embankment, learning that long lists might be fun to write but are a bitch to read aloud. I also tried to take up a patio in the garden, which turned out to have another patio underneath it, which turned out to have another patio underneath that.

MusicalAmerica - MA's Free Guide to (Mostly) Free Streams, March 29-April 5

8 am ET: Wigmore Hall presents
Llyr Williams. The Welsh pianist plays Schubert’s Fantasy Sonata in G D894 and Piano Sonata in C minor D958. Register, view here and on demand for 30 days.
8:30 am ET: Philharmonie de Paris presents
La Marseillaise. The Orchestre de la Garde Républicaine and the Choeur de l'Armée française perform music by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle, Giovanni Battista Viotti, Tchaikovsky, Jean Françaix, Serge Gainsbourg, Johann Strauss, Gustave Charpentier, The Beatles, and Claude Bolling. View here. LIVE
11 am ET: presents
Le Nozze di Figaro. Set designer Aurélie Maestre and costume designer Clémence Pernoud have moved the action of this Staatsoper Berlin production into the 1980s. Director Vincent Huguet’s production stars Elsa Dreisig, Nadine Sierra, and Emily D’Angelo with the Staatskapelle Berlin conducted by Daniel Barenboim. Tickets $13. View here. LIVE

Jane Birkin's heartfelt connection with Japan | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

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Video journalist
Performer and global style icon Jane Birkin has a special place in her heart for the survivors of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami. She has played a direct role in helping some of them find the strength to carry on – and the survivors themselves have lent her the support she needed during her own personal tragedy.
It has been a decade since the Paris-based British singer and actor jumped on a plane to Japan in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. She watched the catastrophe unfold on television, and says she found it impossible to sit still. At the same time that many foreigners were fleeing the country over concerns about the uncertain nuclear situation in Fukushima, "there I was, almost alone on the plane, arriving in Tokyo," recalls the 74-year-old in an interview with NHK.

The 23 Best Straw Bags to Carry 2021 — Natural Raffia and Wicker Totes for Spring & Summer

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MirrorpixGetty Images
Before her name became synonymous with the most expensive and sought after handbag in the world, Jane Birkin's taste in purses ran decidedly more egalitarian. Her go-to carrier? A nondescript wicker basket, which she found in a fishing village in Portugal. The English-French icon and her straw bag were inseparable. It accompanied her everywhere
—shopping in Paris, sightseeing in Tokyo, on the beach in the south of France. And no matter the occasion (or season), Birkin remained faithful—there she was en route to a Cannes fete in 1974 in a shimmering black and gold cocktail dress, the basket on one arm and a tuxedo-clad Serge Gainsbourg on the other. Then in the French ski resort of Avoriaz in the winter of 1975, in cashmere, fur, and wicker.

10 of the best: Serge Gainsbourg

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In 1958 Serge Gainsbourg hit paydirt with the first song from his first album. It was not your usual chart fodder – especially in the 1950s – recounting the quotidian existence of a Metro inspector who spends his days punching holes in ticket stubs; existential angst from all "les petit trous" leads him to contemplate putting a hole in his own head. Fast-paced, catchy and witty, Le poinçonneur des Lilas was a strong debut, though following the relatively auspicious welcome from critics and the public, he'd soon be cast into the dark again and forced to eke out a living and career that would stutter and stop/start for another decade.

Olivier Rousteing & Christine and the Queens In Conversation

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Olivier Rousteing & Christine and the Queens In Conversation
The creative director of Balmain and the musician come together for a discussion about poetic collaboration, courage and change
March 23, 2021
Lead ImageSelf-portrait by Christine and the Queens
This article is taken from the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of AnOther Magazine. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are making the issue free and available digitally for a limited time only to all our readers wherever you are in the world. Sign up here.
The synergy between
Olivier Rousteing – creative director of Balmain – and the musician Héloïse Letissier, better known as
Christine and the Queens, is unexpected but certainly evident. Both were born in France in the latter half of the 1980s – Rousteing in Bordeaux in 1985, Letissier in Nantes in 1988 – each growing up in suburban surroundings and vicariously experiencing the era’s outré fashions and extreme, emotional music. And, in turn, each has revisited those through their work: Letissier’s poetic, electronic output – labelled by the artist herself as freakpop – draws on the syncopated rhythms and melodies of the 1980s, with lyrics sometimes reminiscent of the decade’s larger-than-life ballads. Rousteing likes embroidery, strident colour, strong shoulders – all present at his Spring/Summer 2021 show, where Letissier was in the audience for the first time.

The Orielles Pick Their Favourite Film Soundtracks

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From haunting prog through to 60s freakbeat...
There's always been a huge visual dynamic to
The Orielles.
The band's exuberant live shows are paired to some outstanding videos, allowing the group to bring their creative vision to different spheres.
Second album 'Disco Volodar' was an absolute delight, infusing their indie pop template with some storming electronics, a kind of skewed club sound that felt absolutely right.
Aiming to produce some form of live stream in lieu of live shows, The Orielles decided instead to expand on this, producing a feature length film in the process.
A desire to do something different, La Vita Olistica features a plethora of unheard treats, a full creative statement from the group.

Bloody Marys on a beach – Kristina Chetcuti

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Malta is being battered by two pandemics at the moment: that of the coronavirus and that of overdevelopment.
In the first case, doctors and nurses are doing their heroic utmost to try and control it. In the second, people who should be administering the cure to control it are politicians and the Planning Authority, who seem to think nothing of going against the moral ethics of their profession. They actively encourage the transmission of overdevelopment rather than curbing it.
I can just imagine the despair felt by
Din l-Art Ħelwa president, Alex Torpiano, as he compiled list upon list of examples of the ugly development in Malta and Gozo. “It feels as if people have gone mad,” he told Times of Malta earlier last week. It’s one horror story after another: “higher, bigger and grosser” buildings, quashing whatever heritage they stand next to.

Steal the perfect spring shoe from Mick Jagger and Serge Gainsbourg

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Nothing in the world seems certain—and this ambivalent mood includes shoes. Last spring, a clutch of mega menswear designers, including Dries Van Noten and Jil Sander, put out ballet flats, while Jonathan Anderson continues to reinvent the crunchy clog into something sublime. Some observers have predicted that this signals the demise of the sneaker, while others have pointed to the ascendance of the loafer. But in truth, it seems the world is at a shoe impasse. Anything goes, and yet nothing quite looks
It is a jazz shoe.
Mick Jagger in his Repettos.
© Michael Putland / Getty Images
Repetto, the French ballet brand, first released the Zizi in the early 1970s, with an intended audience of dancers, who require flexible soft leather footwear for the technicalities of razzling and dazzling. It quickly became a favorite of Mick Jagger, who was then parading onstage with even more aplomb than the present day, and Serge Gainsbourg. For Gainsbourg, the Zizi was practically orthopedic. His then-partner, Jane Birkin, was trying to treat his “sensitive” trotters, as

The Quietus | Features | Rockfort | Rockfort! French Music For March Reviewed By David McKenna

David McKenna
, March 16th, 2021 09:08
David McKenna celebrates ten years of the Rockfort column and tackles folk, rap, the dark arts - and classic French Europop
This column marks the ten-year anniversary of Rockfort on The Quietus, a realisation which is a source of delight and no little consternation (for me, but perhaps for others too). It’s the sort of moment that leads to pained reflections on where the time has gone, and what I’ve achieved. Then I remember that over the same period Daft Punk only managed to release one paltry album before splitting up and I feel much better!

Paris Fashion Week A/W 2021: fashion for life after lockdown

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Paris Fashion Week A/W 2021: discotheque chic to apres-ski sleek
Paris Fashion Week A/W 2021: discotheque chic to apres-ski sleek
Paris Fashion Week 2021 offered a wardrobe for life after lockdown, by brands including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Christian Dior and Loewe
Chanel A/W 2021
It’s no secret that a largely digital-only fashion week is a tricky event to master. Fashion shows function on suspense and anticipation, the expectation of an audience, the first foot on a runway, the inaugural beat of a show soundtrack, the force of the catwalk finale. It’s difficult to recreate this suspense through a computer screen. But for Paris Fashion Week A/W 2021, designers living in a city operating through a lockdown and strict curfew pushed on.

Macron lists 'diverse heroes' for use in new street names

Cartoonist Georges Wolinski, killed in 2015 in the attack against Charlie Hebdo
Globally-recognised artists such as Pablo Picasso, Victor Vasarely, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro
Figures who fought for France, including: 
Aviator Roland Garros
Romanian and German Resistance figures Olga Bancic and Dora Schaul
Ouassini Bouarfa, an Algerian member of the Kieffer commando - the only French unit to have taken part in the Normandy Landings
Senegalese rifleman Bakary Diallo, the first French-speaking African to have testified about his experience during the First World War
Konrad Piotr Rygiel, Mohammed El Gharrafi, Christophe Barek-Deligny and Facrou Housseini, who all died in Afghanistan in 2011.

The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Unearthing A Pearl: Praising The Sexual Mysticism of Anita Lane

Eleanor Philpot
, March 9th, 2021 08:14
For years Anita Lane was overshadowed by her collaborator and ex-boyfriend Nick Cave. Eleanor Philpot argues that we instead need to see the singer as an artist whose exploration of female sexuality was way ahead of its time
I started listening to Anita Lane by accident, during one of those heartbreaks so painful you become physically unwell. I spent my days incapacitated in the bath, repeatedly listening to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds'
The Boatman’s Call and sobbing. It was during one of those sessions of weeping that the cruel murmuring of ‘Green Eyes’ segued into the Spotify album radio.

Chanel channels Stella Tennant's chic androgyny in Paris tribute

Chanel channels Stella Tennant’s chic androgyny in Paris tribute
Jess Cartner-Morley
In a filmed catwalk show at Paris fashion week, Chanel has paid tribute to Stella Tennant, the British supermodel who was a muse and model of the house for several decades before her sudden death in December.
A monochrome tweed kilt worn over woollen leggings, and bright Fair Isle-style knits teamed with Oxford bag trousers and flat shoes, were among several looks that took inspiration from the elegantly androgynous chic of Tennant, a catwalk star who was most at home in the Scottish countryside.
“Today some of these silhouettes make me think of Stella Tennant’s allure; the way she wore certain pieces, it was so Chanel,” said the designer Virginie Viard before the show.

Chanel channels Stella Tennant's chic androgyny in Paris tribute | Chanel

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Filmed while the city languishes under a strict night-time curfew, the show also paid homage to nightclubbing. The low-lit corridors of Castel club, the left-bank haunt of Serge Gainsbourg and Françoise Hardy, which is to Paris what Annabels in Mayfair is to London, stood in for a catwalk. Models tossed their tweed overcoats in the tiny box cloakroom, chandelier earrings brushing as they squeezed past one another on the narrow staircases.
Viard “wanted something warm, lively … I imagined the models doing a show for themselves, going from room to room,” she said. Also on her mood board was the stylised nocturnal glamour of Jean-Baptiste Mondino’s 1985 music video for Bryan Ferry’s Slave to Love.

Serge Gainsbourg: his best albums

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The English Channel can have a strange effect on people’s tastes. In France Serge Gainsbourg (1928-91) is rightly regarded as a genre-crossing combination of singer-songwriter, poet and cultural

Podcast: Filming under a Covid cloud, surveying the French, the Foreign Legion

Spotlight on France
Issued on:
Audio 32:12
35 min
Why is France's Covid vaccination drive lagging behind other countries? Also, French film and TV productions are booming, despite new restrictions on set to stop the virus spreading. A large-scale health survey of tens of thousands of French people yields troves of information. And Foreign Legion recruitment woes as the elite unit marks its 190th anniversary. 
The French movie industry is booming, despite Covid lockdowns and the risk of transmitting the virus on set. The first Covid lockdown in March 2020 shut down productions in France, but since then filming has picked up speed. Some 450 productions have been shot in France since May 2020 (compared to 300 in 2019). But Covid has meant people work differently, and productions are more expensive. We hear from a nurse who is a Covid 'référent' on set. And assistant director Laure Monrréal describes how her work has changed over the last year, bringing new continuity challenges.  (Listen @6'40'')

Serge Gainsbourg Museum: Singer's Paris Home Opening to Public in October 2021

Number five
bis Rue de Verneuil is pretty hard to miss. In the middle of Paris’s otherwise staid and well-heeled seventh arrondissement, this expansive townhouse is covered in eye-catching lyrics, tributes and portraits, graffitied in every colour imaginable. You’d think a national icon had lived here or something, and you’d actually be totally right – for this is where the feted (and more than occasionally controversial) French singer and songwriter Serge Gainsbourg spent the last 20 years of his life.
Ever since Gainsbourg died from a heart attack on March 2, 1991, the house has acted as an unofficial shrine to his legacy. For hardcore fans, the allure of this place is no doubt enhanced by the fact that the contents of the house have remained exactly as he left them three decades ago – even his cigarette butts are still in the ashtray.

Gainsbourg: still France's favourite bad boy three decades on

Gainsbourg: still France’s favourite bad boy three decades on
Issued on:
Serge Gainsbourg, 18 April 1980 in Paris. Getty images/Ulf Andersen
7 min
French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg was undeniably one of this country’s great wordsmiths and melodists. But his taste for provocation, playing with incest and misogyny through his music, could have made him a ready target to get cancelled in the era of #MeToo and #MeTooInceste. Thirty years after his death, not only has this not happened, he is more popular than ever.
Read more
When Gainsbourg died aged 62 on 2 March 1991, then-president François Mitterrand praised his mastery of language and described him as “our Baudelaire, our Apollinaire… he elevated song to the level of art”.

Thirty years after his death, Serge Gainsbourg's house to open as a museum

Number 5 bis rue de Verneuil, where iconic French singer and songwriter Serge Gainsbourg lived for more than 20 years until the end of his life, has remained virtually untouched since he died suddenl…

Serge Gainsbourg dominates airwaves 30 years after his death

Serge Gainsbourg dominates airwaves 30 years after his death
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Serge Gainsbourg dominates airwaves 30 years after his death
The French singer-songwriter died 30 years ago today, leaving behind a controversial but impactful legacy… and the ashes of a Ff500 note
2 March 2021
Gainsbourg died March 2, 1991. He is remembered for his iconic music and outlandish and often controversial personalityBy Brian McCulloch
The French radio is still full of Serge Gainsbourg songs today, 30 years after the death of the influential musician. 

French music icon Serge Gainsbourg's legacy continues to inspire

French music icon Serge Gainsbourg’s legacy continues to inspire
Issued on:
02/03/2021 - 17:40
French songwriter and performer Serge Gainsbourg died on March 2, 1991 in Paris. © France 24 screengrab
Text by:
Philippe THEISE
4 min
French pop artist Serge Gainsbourg died thirty years ago Tuesday after a career that redefined the boundaries of pop songcraft and challenged conventional mores.
Born in Paris to Russian émigrés in 1928, Gainsbourg released his first album,
Du chant à la une!... in 1958. He achieved international renown with the 1969 long-player Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg, which included the sultry hit
Je t’aime, moi non plus, and 1971’s
Histoire de Melody Nelson, a concept album with orchestral elements.

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