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Shutdown draining pool of trained lifeguards, safety advocate warns

"At some point those will be reopened and they take in some cases hundreds of lifeguards to supervise," said Perry.
"We recommend that when the stay-at-home mandate is lifted, that people continue with their training as soon as they can, so they don't get into a situation where … they're not able to get the training they want going into the summer," said Perry. 
A lifeguard at Ottawa's Westboro Beach in June 2018.(CBC)
Between mid-March and Boxing Day, when Ontario's 28-day lockdown went into effect, first aid training and lifeguard certification was allowed to continue, albeit with safety protocols including smaller classes, frequent cleaning of equipment and the some online elements.

The Weather Network - Careful on the ice: Winter drownings may increase in Canada, new study says

Careful on the ice: Winter drownings may increase in Canada, new study says
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Every winter, the ice that forms on lakes, rivers and oceans, supports communities and culture. It provides transportation across winter roads, hunting and fishing, and recreational activities, such as lake ice festivals, skating, hockey and ice fishing.
For many communities, ice cover had been stable and predictable for generations. But no ice-covered body of water is without risk. Falls through the ice are especially dangerous because the cold water temperature can lead to shock, which can rapidly lead to unconsciousness, irregular heartbeats and death.

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