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Shame On Us! Part 1. | Audrey N. Glickman

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Harry Levite, 1968. Photo used by permission of Audrey N. Glickman.
My grandfather, Harry Levite, was a young Zionist in the 1910s, long before the founding of the Israeli state, long before the Holocaust, before World War I in which Chaim Weizmann would save England with artificially produced acetone to make saltpeter for munitions — the swap which helped to secure a location for a Jewish homeland.  In the before times, my grandfather was an active Zionist.

Homosexuality Is Not Mentioned in the Torah

Homosexuality is not mentioned in the Torah.
The other day I read about Yeshiva University “tolerating” (not so much, either) LGBTQIA students and professors, while from the other side of their mouths they aver that homosexuality and whatever their authorities read into that word is against Jewish law.
I believe it was back in 1975 that a religious Christian individual pointed to “what it says in Leviticus,” accusing me of defending persons who were sinners under what he called my own laws, and I did a deep dive into what it actually says in Leviticus 20:13 and 18:22.
The passages proscribe a husband from lying with a male as with a wife.  In 20:13, “ish” and “ishah” are co-equals, a husband and wife.  “Zakhar” is the “male.”  Lying with someone as with a woman is absolutely not homosexuality.  A gay man is not lying with a woman at all.

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