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2023: Fayemi and a development minded presidency

It is in the public domain that members of the Ekiti state house of assembly recently endorsed the 2023 presidential ambition of Kayode Fayemi, despite that he has not openly declared his intention for the top seat. Funminiyi Afuye, speaker of the house who spoke on behalf of the 26-member assembly, gave the endorsement verdict while receiving a group under the auspices ‘Our Belief Project’.
Expectedly, the resolutions by the lawmakers coupled with similar positions in the past have elicited reactions.
To many, the development did not come as a surprise as the interest subjects take in their leader is not in absolute terms predicated on the leader’s physical and intellectual abilities; but, rather in what he can add to their lots in life. Fayemi, in their objective estimation, has done well as a governor. He placed the economic interest of the governed at heart and, therefore, should be entrusted with a higher office.

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