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Catastrophic hunger levels leave 500,000 Somalian children at risk of dying – UN

UN agencies on Tuesday warned that catastrophic hunger levels in Somalia have left more than 513,000 children at risk of dying, 173,000 more than during the 2011 famine.

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and the secret hidden in china's rivers, finally exposed after a long drought. we begin with some news which has been breaking out of somalia over the last couple of hours, where security forces say they've ended a siege that had lasted over 30 hours at the hayat hotel in the capital, mogadishu, where islamist gunmen were reported to be holding hostages. there's been no independent verification, and no official statement from the somali government. the militant group, al—shabaab, claimed responsibility. our reporter emily brown has been following the story and joins me now. what is the latest? we know

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top story — officials in somalia so the security services have ended the 30 hour siege at a hotel in the capital, mogadishu. the claim has not been independently verified. at least 20 people are believed to have been killed after the possible hayat hotel was stormed by members of the islamist militant group al—shabab. that story is the top story on our website where you will find updates as they come in. you can download the bbc news app. also more on unfolding events in ukraine, including these updates posted including these updates posted in the past few minutes. the daughter of a close ally to vladimir putin has reportedly been killed in a car bomb in moscow. herfather is been killed in a car bomb in moscow. her father is a russian philosopher nicknamed predinner�*s brain. it is not clear if he was the intended target. —— putin's kevin o'brien. that is it for now. you can reach me on twitter.

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external audiences, outside of somalia, to potential recruits outside of somalia, as well as to the somali population, but the second is frequently a retaliation when a business or an entity refuses to pay extortion fees, which al—shabaab regularly connects al—sha baab regularly connects across al—shabaab regularly connects across mogadishu, as well as elsewhere in somalia, but even in the capital.— in the capital. looking under the bigger— in the capital. looking under the bigger picture _ in the capital. looking under the bigger picture when - in the capital. looking under the bigger picture when it i the bigger picture when it comes to islamist extremist groups, who are al—shabaab aligned to? groups, who are al-shabaab aligned to?— aligned to? you are their allegiances _ aligned to? you are their allegiances with? - aligned to? you are their - allegiances with? al-shabaab's allegiances with? al—sha baab's allegiances with? al—shabaab's allegiance remains to al-qaeda. the islamic state has tried to flip al—shabaab over to its side, and did not succeed in that, so a splinter group emerged which has become the islamic state in somalia, however, it still remains rather weak. al—shabaab is not only the strongest of the militant groups and somali groups in somalia, but it also remains essentially aligned in its ideology with al-qaeda. but

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felbab—brown, she's co—director of the africa security initiative at brookings. she joins us from washington. good to see you, and thank you very much for being with us. 30 hours is a long siege. are you surprised it took this long for it to be brought to an end? unfortunately not. al—shabaab unfortunately not. al—sha baab remains unfortunately not. al—shabaab remains very potent and has been increasing its potency somalia for a number of years. in fact, last year the mission of the african union was supposed to end, and there was significant concern that if that mission ended, al—shabaab would be able to take over much of southern somalia as well as mogadishu altogether. so the mission was changed to a new mandate and a new name, but the reality is that the somali security forces remain weak and

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large comedy somali security forces, including the national army, remain plagued by corruption, it is a conglomeration of essentially planned malicious but often resent each other and are not necessarily aligned with mogadishu. and unfortunately we have had several years of really bad governance in somalia, which has, like in afghanistan, really weakened the somali forces further, often aligning them with particular plans in particular politicians. so there has long been a fear as we have waited for this government to finally exceed this length but it was finally strengthening al—shabaab, and indeed that has been the case, this latest attack is just one symptom of that. attack is 'ust one symptom of that. ~ . that. we will leave it there, but we're — that. we will leave it there, but we're very _ that. we will leave it there, but we're very for _ that. we will leave it there, but we're very for your - but we're very for your insights. —— very grateful. air defence systems have again been sounding in the city

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