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unfortunately. meanwhile, what about the weather for the rest of the weekend? joining me now, keith carson from the weather channel. >> we have a chance of strong storms across the northern plains as we head into the afternoon. a lot of moisture plowing into that. the areas we're watching into parts of montana and another area here in parts of minnesota, those are spots where we could see strong to severe spots. in the orange, generalized thunderstorms. tore con today, our measure of the tornado possibility, 3 out of 10. and southwest, parts of south dakota, 3 out of 10 as well. not super high. maybe a brief spin of a tornado a possibility. more severe weather as we head into tomorrow. again, in through nebraska, one of the hot spots, in through south dakota. a little more spin in the atmosphere tomorrow. southern south dakota is a 3 out of 10 on your torcon.

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