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Michael Lee Lindgren

He was born on Nov. 20, 1955, in Mason County, Washingon.
He spent his youth hiking, camping and fishing.
“Mike had a lifelong passion for fishing that started at a young age when he would go shrimping with his beloved Grandpa Johnny in Hoodsport, Washington,” his family writes.
He moved to Ketchikan in 1979 to work at Whitman Lake Hatchery, where he met Jill, who would later become his wife.
After working at the hatchery, he worked as a deckhand on a longliner, troller, seiner, tender and processor. In 1991, he bought the Seven Seas — a wooden fishing vessel built in 1944 — and spent the next three decades “resurrecting it into a beautiful boat,” heis family writes.

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2020 tough year for some hatcheries

A map of the hatcheries controlled by the Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association.
Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The United Fishermen of Alaska recently held a webinar to discuss issues important to Alaska fishermen.
David Landis of the Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association said 2020 was not a strong year for returns, "Chum production that pays for all the bills has been going down for nearly three years.  Last year we met 25% of our cost recovery goal for chum.  We are using reserves and taking advantage of state programs.  These are cyclical runs and we expect them to bounce back at some point."

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