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HCSO officially launches new Work Release program for Silverdale inmates

The HCSO Re-Entry Program was created to assist inmates who are incarcerated at the Silverdale Detention Center gain the skills, programming, and resources necessary to successfully integrate back into society.

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Wide Range Of Items From Old Lucey Boiler Plant Available At Thursday Auction

Wide Range Of Items From Old Lucey Boiler Plant Available At Thursday Auction
Tuesday, December 15, 2020
With the conversion of the Lucey Boilers property in Highland Park to a $20 million mixed-use development, a wide range of items of architectural, historical, industrial, and practical use will be available at auction on Thursday.
Compass Auctions will feature numerous items from the historic Lucey Boilers and Southern Spear Iron Works company that is directly tied to the work being done to bring the Lucey Quarter community to realization.
Lucey Quarter is positioned on what will be the East Line pathway and will give residents access to top tier dining, retail, and recreational venues, officials said.

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