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Atlanta Market Set to Welcome Nation's Top Buyers to Winter 2022 Market

Retail Furniture News: Atlanta Market Set to Welcome Nation’s Top Buyers to Winter 2022 Market, Atlanta Market continues to refine its product offerings with new commitments in showrooms and temporaries further expanding some 8,000+ lines presented in 1,000+ permanent showrooms and 1,000+ temporary exhibits.

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>> shepard: bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, the major league pitcher taking a foot in the face after trying to crawl through a doggy door. seriously. and wait until you hear the explanation he just gave the cops. pig out, a pork producer of the southern staple is sounding the alarm about a shortage. and it could take ham and bacon off of the menu nationwide. more than 100,000 people told to leave their home as flames raced their way. it is a fox news wilde fire alert. a live look los angeles county and wide shot from sky fox, fast-moving wildfires burning

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for anything that was said. the point of it it is the scene. high-profile politicians chowing down on a southern staple and getting loose on the dance floor. for the first time since he made controversial comments about working with segregationist senators, former vice president joe biden was in the same place as his rivals. recent survey of south carolina's black democrats still indicate biden has a wide lead over his competitors. white house correspondent for the pbs news hour and an msnbc contributor and co-host of the podcast "unredacted." and mara gay is a member of the "new york times" editorial board and an msnbc contributor and david coren is the washington, d.c. editor for "mother jones." and in the field garrett

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it is called the waffle house index. i know. but this is what fema uses to determine how quickly an area will rebound from a natural disaster. watch him house opened 24 hours seven days a week, it is a southern staple. check out the color-coded index. the store is open and offering a full menu, that's green, opened serving a limited menu, that's yellow, red is closed. red is rare, waffle house so dedicated to keeping opened, they have a waffle house center. pat warner is the director pr. he is joining me live. nice to see you, sir, in norcross, georgia. here we go, i'm a southern girl. i have been to many a watch him

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>> can't eat it? >> no, we are done. >> every southern family has a pimento cheese recipe and foot tru food trucks are doing this. >> you have something else. >> i do. this is a deep fried deviled egg. this is from a truck in charlotte, north carolina. these sell out every time the owner has them on the truck. a little honey mustard dipping sauce. >> what truck? >> roaming fork in charlotte, north carolina. >> i love that. >> anna would love that. >> this is corn bread salad. this is another southern staple. you've got buttery corn bread, you have a dressing that you make with relish and sweet onions, miracle whip, dijon onion, bacon. toss it altogether. that is from a truck in louisville, kentucky, called get it on a bun. here we have some southwestern

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