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Henderson County Business: Eggs Up Grill opens on Spartanburg Highway

Henderson County (Aug 25, 2021) - Eggs Up Grill, which serves breakfast, brunch and lunch seven days a week, opened Wednesday at 637 Spartanburg Highway next to Planet Fitness.

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from the grilled cheeseery. the "b" stands for bacon and butter milk cheddar and pair that with a seasonal jam. right now it's a caramelized apple and shallot jam. we're taking comfort food and elevating it. >> we are root town food truck asheville, north carolina, and this is the pork and pimento cheese sandwich. what makes our pimento cheese different, we don't use mayo. we use dill pickle juice as a binder. we're going to cap this and add pecan smoked pork. it takes two southern staples and combines them together in one delicious bite. >> we're a tex-mex barbecue in south austin and this is our real deal holyfield taco. made with refried beans, a nice slice of brisket. everything is all made with love. ♪ >> we're in charleston, south carolina, with braised in the south food truck and this is our southern fried shrimp and grits.

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