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2021: The Year in Review, Part 2 - The Highland County Press

The Highland County Press is recapping some of the top stories from 2021. This is Part 2 of the series.


• Jordan McCracken of Highland County was se

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Editor’s note — We’re continuing our tradition of taking a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd even

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Boys receives PTK award - Times Gazette

Boys receives PTK award
Southern State Community College President Dr. Kevin Boys was recently honored with the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Shirley B. Gordon Award of Distinction, one of the most prestigious awards for community college presidents.
The Shirley B. Gordon Award is given to college presidents who have shown strong support of student success on their campus by recognizing academic achievement, leadership and service among high-achieving students at their colleges. Recipients are nominated by students on their campus and are only eligible to receive the award once over the course of their career. College presidents with a minimum of five years of service can be nominated by their PTK chapter.

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Year in Review: Remembering the headlines of 2020 - The Highland County Press

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Year in Review: Remembering the headlines of 2020
Pictured in January are (l-r) Hillsboro administrators introduced to city employees: council president Tom Eichinger, mayor Justin Harsha, chief of police/systems administrator Eric Daniels, safety and service director Brianne Abbott, public works superintendent Shawn Adkins and auditor Alex Butler. (HCP photo by Caitlin Forsha.)
Demolition of the former Parker Hotel began in February 2020. (HCP photo by Caitlin Forsha.)
On Jan. 24, then-Director of the Ohio Department of Health Dr. Amy Acton declared novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) an immediately reportable disease. Pictured is the Ohio Public Health Advisory System map as of Dec. 17. (Photo courtesy of the Ohio Governor's Office.)

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