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Former jail insider: Sheriff created 'chaos' and undermined staff at the detention center

The safety of Mecklenburg County’s main jail has become a big issue. In December, the state said staffing shortages were posing a safety threat, and it is the top topic in this month's Democratic primary for sheriff. Now retired Maj. Jeff Eason said much of the jail's problems were the result of Sheriff Garry McFadden's management style.

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Virgil Gammon Receives TNPBA Endorsement for Sheriff

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN- Virgil Gammon, former Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy and Republican candidate for Sheriff, announced today that he has been endorsed by the Tennessee Police Benevolent Association. In the endorsement of his candidacy Tennessee Division President Johnny Bohanan said, “we will ask our members, their friends and families, and all citizens who respect the strong and efficient enforcement of our laws to cast their ballots in the upcoming electi ...

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The Absurdity of Joey Hensley's Enhanced Handgun Bill

SB2523 would see to it that ''law enforcement officer’ also means a person who has been issued an enhanced handgun carry permit'

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Southern states' anti-protest bills face First Amendment challenges

As legislative sessions wind down, Republicans in states across the South are still pushing bills that could lead to mass arrests of protesters. Meanwhile, lawsuits have been filed against new anti-protest laws recently passed in Florida and Louisiana.

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Roswell officer cleared, teen charged in fatal police chase

Carlos Sierra-Gonzalez faces a vehicular homicide charge following a crash Sept. 12. Cars were allegedly laying drag, resulting in a police chase through Roswell. Officer Robert Hulon is now back

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City Of Alexandria To Establish Nominating Committee For Collective Bargaining Labor Relations Administrator

City Of Alexandria To Establish Nominating Committee For Collective Bargaining Labor Relations Administrator - West End Alexandria, VA - The Alexandria City Council voted unanimously to adopt a Public Employee Collective Bargaining Ordinance.

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Analysis: Law Enforcement Groups Drive Anti-Protest Laws

Law enforcement groups did support many of the efforts, though. Such organizations donated $342,602 in the 2019-2020 election cycle to sponsors of anti-protest bills in 2021. The vast majority of those on the list are police and correctional unions. The Southern States Police Benevolent Association and Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York were the top two law enforcement donors to anti-protest bill sponsors, contributing $39,300 and $38,350 respectively. Neither group responded to a request for comment. Also included were a handful of campaign funds for sheriff’s office candidates.
The most meaningful demonstration of an organization or interest group’s support for a bill is to lobby for it. In 13 states, law enforcement officers or police unions have expressed support for at least one anti-protest bill since June, according to Gibson, the researcher. Among them are Arkansas, Florida, and Indiana, where bills recently passed into law, and Arizona, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin, where bills are still being considered.

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