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The best romantic comedies on HBO Max

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Screenshot: Singin’ In The Rain
Singin’ In The Rain defies an auteurist reading. As the film’s star, co-director, and co-choreographer, Gene Kelly would seem like a likely candidate for authorship, but the fact that Kelly shares the last two roles with Stanley Donen reveals the film’s collaborative nature. Similarly, songwriter-turned-producer Arthur Freed could rightly be singled out for his part in its creation, since he came up with its concept of a film that would showcase the songs he’d co-written with Nacio Herb Brown. Finally, screenwriters Betty Comden and Adolph Green can claim much of the credit for

Of Nebbishes and Kings

As a triple-threat moviemaker—producer, director and writer—Lelouch has provided a triple-leveled film that works as thriller, as romance, and as humanistic story, and works with chic every step of the way. His casting is impeccable: Lino Ventura, as Simon, proves himself a
nouveau Bogey, with a completely irresistible smile to boot, defining a true man as “someone who goes all the way” and Francoise Fabian, as the female in the tale, proves herself the kind of woman who can suggest to the man she is dismissing,” A man always tells a woman he can love her and still live his own life; imagine it the other way.” And Charles Gerard is simply swell as the semiliterate and wholly loyal sidekick. Lelouch has himself a ball in noting the seven-year generational gaps have occurred in our society, in paying an

Vision Distribution pins its hopes on Atlas and Lei mi parla ancora

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The Undoing, which debuted in the US in October 2020.
(The article continues below - Commercial information)
Another title set to be wagered on by Vision Distribution at the EFM comes courtesy of the veteran of Italian cinema
Pupi Avati:
Giuseppe Sgarbi’s novel of the same name, is produced by Bartlebyfilm and Vision Distribution in league with Duea Film and was broadcast on Sky Cinema Italy as a Sky Original movie at the beginning of February.
Renato Pozzetto and
Stefania Sandrelli play Nino and Caterina who have been married for sixty-five years and have been deeply in love since the moment their eyes first met. Upon Caterina’s death, in the hope of helping her father move past the loss of the woman he’s loved all his life, their daughter puts him in touch with Amicangelo, an editor who aspires to be a novelist, with a view to the latter using her father’s memories to write a book about her parents’ love. Amicangelo accepts, but only out of financial necessity, and he immediately clashes with the father who seems his polar opposite. But with every passing day the two men grow closer, until their relationship turns into a veritable friendship.

Santa Fe Events –

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Jamon Jamon movie review & film summary (1994)

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"Jamon Jamon" is the funniest sexy movie, or the sexiest comedy, since "Like Water For Chocolate." The movie is an outrageous throwback to the days when directors took crazy chances, counting on their audience to keep up with them. It comes from Spain, land of Luis Bunuel and Pedro Almodovar, and is in their wicked anarchic spirit; it sees sex as a short cut to the ridiculous in human nature.
The movie, which won the Silver Lion at the 1993 Venice Film Festival, takes place in a steamy little provincial town, where the richest family owns the underwear factory. The most famous local landmark is a billboard of a bull with a pair of cajones you can see for miles. Jose Luis, the son of the underwear people, falls in love with Silvia, the pneumatic and sensuous daughter of Carmen, who runs the local bordello.

Summer Entertainment in Fiesole, Art in Pisa

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Summer Entertainment in Fiesole, Art in Pisa
19 Giugno 2020
4 minuti di lettura
In a  time when the vast majority of summer festivals and events have been cancelled or postponed until next year, one event that will still be going ahead in streamlined form is the Fiesole Summer Festival
 (Estate Fiesolana).  Over in Pisa, Palazzo Blu just reopened, offering free admission through June 30, that comprises entrance to the small Artemisia Gentileschi one-woman show and the "Pisa in the '60s" exhibition.  Hours are 10 am - 7 pm weekdays, 10 am - 8 pm on weekends and holidays such as San Ranieri (June 17).

Stealing Beauty movie review & film summary (1996)

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This is one of several poems written by Lucy, the heroine of “Stealing Beauty,” as she drifts through an endless house party in Tuscany. I quote Lucy’s poetry because I want to set you a test question. Reading it, how old would you guess Lucy is? Nine? Fourteen? The notion of being “quiet as a cup” is not bad.
“Rattle me” is better than “drink from me.” Those double exclamation points, however... Pencils up. Lucy is 19. If this poetry seems unsophisticated for a worldly 19-year-old, you should read some of her other poems, which are superimposed on the screen in her own handwriting, and (I am afraid) her own spelling.

Movies on TV this week, June 14: 'Milk'; 'Stand by Me'

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ENCORE Mon. 2:06 p.m.
ENCORE Sat. 7:22 a.m.
ENCORE Sun. 12:31 p.m.
An alphabetical listing of movies on TV the week of the week of June 14 - 20, 2020
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