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Korea spends over $84.6 bil. on R&D in 2022: science ministry

Korea invested more than 112 trillion won ($84.6 billion) in research and development (R&D) last year, making it the second-largest spender in the world in comparison to the size of its economy, the science ministry said Thursday.

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3 Steps To Progress Your Fintech Talent Strategy In 2024

Talent in 2024 will see a fundamental shift. These changes will reflect the change in demand for people, skill sets and the future of work.

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Not Sure Where To Start With Your AI Strategy? Here Are 3 Steps

There’s good reason for all the action around AI but it’s understandably challenging to know where to start.

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Media Insider: Ryan Bridge to host new 7pm news show replacing The Project; Leaked: RNZ's puzzling and provocative new digital strategy; TVNZ star jumps ship to Sky

Exclusive: AM host Ryan Bridge to move to primetime for new current affairs show to replace The Project ; RNZ’s bizarre move to target an already saturated...

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An Inside Look Into The World Of Espionage With

The realm of intelligence and espionage often seems shrouded in mystery, filled with veiled strategies and clandestine operations.

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Canadian Family Offices: Beware Of Deal-Killers: Six Common Due-Diligence Pitfalls - Corporate Governance

In his article "Beware of deal-killers: Six common due-diligence pitfalls", published on Canadian Family Offices, Tobias Jaeger, Founder & CEO of Falcone International, underlines the importance of comprehensive due diligence ...

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Tata Power has a fix for the missing link in green-energy transition. (Hint: Store efficiently)

Tata Power is investing in pumped storage hydropower, a technology that can potentially shape Indias sustainable-energy future. The company is planning a capital investment of INR13,000 crore in two such storage projects in Maharashtra.

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Decode The Intelligence Mindset With

Decode the intelligence mindset with "How Spies Think" and learn intelligence analysis from ex-GCHQ director David Omand to improve your decision-making skills.

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