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The Green Knight Streaming Online for One-Night-Only Event

The unpredictable nature of the coronavirus pandemic has taken a major toll on movie theaters, seeing some studios pivoting to offer their theatrical releases in-home through a variety of platforms, with A24 Films confirming that its latest, The Green Knight, will be available to stream during a [...]

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Softoffice Promotional 'The Green Knight' Merch

Softoffice Celebrates Release of 'The Green Knight': In partnership with South Korean film distributor Challan.

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The Green Knight Director Reveals What Made Him Cast Dev Patel

The Green Knight Director Reveals What Made Him Cast Dev Patel
Ever since his breakout role in 2009's
Slumdog Millionaire, actor Dev Patel has taken on a variety of roles and earned immense acclaim no matter what project he might be starring in, and while his talents alone surely merit him being considered for exciting roles,
The Green Knight director David Lowery recently confirmed one reason he met with the actor was realization of how cool he'd look riding a horse throughout the medieval tale. Of course, this was only how the casting decision started, with Patel's innate charm also offering the filmmaker an interesting opportunity to evolve the character in an unexpected way.

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New The Green Knight Trailer Released

Movie fans have a lot of highly-anticipated blockbusters to look forward to this year, including a number of the films that were previously delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Among those is The Green Knight, the star-studded take on the Arthurian legend that has captivated a lot of [...]

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'The Wanting Mare' Review: A Visually Transporting Fable With a Stubbornly Opaque Story

'The Wanting Mare' Review: A Visually Transporting Fable With a Stubbornly Opaque Story
'The Wanting Mare' Review: A Visually Transporting Fable With a Stubbornly Opaque Story
Nicholas Ashe Bateman's directing debut is a triumph of dystopian world-building as three generations of women share the same dream of "the world before."
Mark Keizer, provided by
Running time: Running time: 89 MIN.
The explanatory text that opens “The Wanting Mare,” Nicholas Ashe Bateman’s ambitious, epoch-spanning directing debut, informs us that in the city of Whithren, citizens are desperate to escape by booking passage on the once-a-year transport ship that carries wild horses to the wintry promised land of Levithen. These words, a fantasist’s delight, only barely set the table for what’s to come, a visually enthralling but elliptical and withholding quasi post-apocalyptic drama about three generations of Whithren women who carry with them the burdensome memories of “the world before.”

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