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i m yasmin vossoughian. we have a lot to get to in the two hours ahead. breaking news out of france in the last hour or so, french president emmanuel macron has defeated far right rival marine le pen. winning a second five year term in a high stakes race with wide-ranging implications. we are live in paris with their reaction. what this means for the global political landscape. go 60 of russia s war in ukraine, ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says he is missing meeting face to face with secretary of state antony blinken and lloyd austin in the highest profile visit yet from u.s. leaders to ukraine since the war began. we should mention we don t have a lot of details on this meeting and it has not been officially confirmed by the white house or any other senior level officials as well. meanwhile, russia continuing its aggressive push to take these. rejecting calls for a cease-fire on this orthodox easter sunday. we are live with the very latest latest there. an ....

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Be anywhere else, and in fact, it is probably less, according to a lot of industry studies. and so they think that with the summer season coming up, the airlines believe that now is probably the time it makes sense to get rid of these mandates, and really embrace, hopefully, a return to pre-covid levels of demand this spring and summer. a joining me now is ben goldstein. the north american transport editor aviation weak network and co-host of the window seat podcast. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. talk to me. we re kind of watching this whole thing unfold, the news breaking, the announcements being made across the board on transportation. whatever transportation you happen to be on that day. were you surprised that the major airlines embraces change and ran with it? i was surprised in the way it happened, but i was not surprised to see the major ....

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