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Tribal earnings slip on pandemic hit to revenue | 17 March 2021

17 March 2021 | 07:36am - Education software provider Tribal swung to a full-year profit on lower one-off costs, though its underlying earnings fell on lower sales.
Pre-tax profit for the year through December amounted to £8.5 million, compared to a year-on-year loss of £2.9 million owing to the cost of a 'platform dispute'.
Revenue fell 6.6% to £782 million and adjusted operating profit fell 3.2% to £14.9 million.
Tribal declared a final dividend of 1.2p, in addition to a previous one-off interim dividend of 1.1p, which replaced the cancelled 2019 proposed final dividend.
'We have entered the current financial year with increased levels of revenue visibility,' chief executive Mark Pickett said.

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Skyway Stage 3 closure announced, but Ramon Ang clarifies it will remain open

The Skyway Stage 3 management earlier announced it will close the elevated expressway to motorists starting 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 16, but San Miguel president Ramon Ang later clarified it will remain open.

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No more closure of Skyway Stage 3, says San Miguel's Ramon Ang

The Skyway Stage 3 will remain open after 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 16, despite an earlier announcement it will be closed indefinitely starting from the said time and date, San Miguel president Ramon Ang said.

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Feel Good Foods: Beijing Restaurants Serve Dishes That Keep On Giving

“Being involved in the community is part of our DNA.” –
Anna Lin Yip
It’s easy for your taste buds to be satisfied after feasting on power bowls, salads, and wraps, but with four locations across Beijing, Moka Bros gives customers something else to warm their hearts. Their list of do-good deeds is as colorful and varied as their menu:
• Power Up smoothie sales benefit Smile Angel, a charity that helps kids with cleft palates regain their smiles.
• Wooden cutlery sales from takeout orders generate revenue for
 Roots & Shoots’ tree-planting project.
• A special Lanzhou Power Bowl provides schooling for girls in rural China.

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11th Day of Christmas: Win a Roast Chicken Dinner from Peach by Hulu

11th Day of Christmas: Win a Roast Chicken Dinner from Peach by Hulu
Dec 24, 2020 10:46 am | Add a comment | 33 reads
Merry Christmas Eve, Folks! For today's giveaway, Peach by Hulu will be giving out their take-it-to-go or delivered Roast Chicken Dinners along with an RMB 50 voucher to use at Peach to 4 commenters in on this post. That's dinner for your New Year's party all set!
Roast Chicken To-Go by Peach Delivery
Hours: 7am-7pm Daily
(Downstairs from the current Hulu Next to WAB)
Peach by Hulu, the 7th location by TRB Hospitality Group in Beijing, is a concept-driven restaurant with a strong sense of purpose to bring in fresh, healthy, and sustainable ingredients to our daily provision.

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and brady, and the fact he would not turn over his text messages or e-mails, and he speaks to duh skreupl 63 multiple times more than 25 minutes at a time, and doesn't make brady look very well, and it doesn't really go well with his whole story that he knew nothing about the deflated balls. >> and why did they have to hand their phones over? >> because they were team phones. and brady said it's my phone, and i am not giving you anything. >> doesn't the commissioner still have to act and do something with tom brady? >> there is a camp that thinks trb is going to be suspended, and others think he won't. i think he will. back to bountygate with sean payton he basically said i

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