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cabinet have journeyed to ukrainians capital since the russian invasion started. that began exactly by the way two months ago. some european leaders have been there. among them prime minister boris johnson of britain. today marking orthodox easter, the holiest day on the orthodox christian calendar but the russians ignoring that continuing relentless bombing, more casualties despite the holy days, pound cities and towns in southern and eastern part of ukraine trying to grab the slice of the country for vladimir putin. we have live team fox news coverage, military analyst, we will look at the putin strategy on that in a moment and taylor on the high-level visit of secretary of defense to kyiv. let s give with matt finn live in lviv with the very latest on the potential meeting and what s happening with the russian forces, hi, matt. matt: eric the u.s. secretary of state and defense making ukraine, highest-ranking officials since visiting the country since the world began ....

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Censorships on platforms and over half of them came to twitter and almost all of them directed at conservatives and what elon musk wants a true open square and you obey the law and cannot incite violence and you cannot promote pornography or any junk like that. that s what made his bid so popular. arthel: let s take a listen to former president obama on social media moderation and censorship, let s listen. social media companies already make choices on what is allowed in platforms and how the content appears and both explicitly through moderation and implicitly through algorithms. the problem is we often don t know what principles govern those decisions. arthel: what is your reaction to president obama because he mentioned the word algorithms and to your point earlier you feel that twitter run the right ....

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