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Judge blocks Wyoming abortion ban from taking effect amid legal challenge

By Brendan Pierson (Reuters) - A Wyoming judge on Wednesday blocked the state's near-total ban on abortion from taking effect while doctors, a clinic ...

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Abortion rights prompted former Miss America to join North Dakota Congressional race

BISMARCK, N.D. - Former Miss America Cara Mund said Wednesday that her concern about the erosion of abortion rights prompted her independent bid for t...

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Nebraska woman charged with helping daughter have abortion - New Delhi Times - India Only International Newspaper

A Nebraska woman has been charged with helping her teenage daughter end her pregnancy at about 24 weeks after investigators uncovered Facebook messages in which the two discussed using medication to induce an abortion and plans to burn the fetus afterward. The prosecutor handling the case said it’s the first time he has charged anyone…

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Iowa motorist accused of hitting abortion rights protester

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa man faces two criminal charges accusing him of driving his vehicle through a group of abortion rights protestors in Cedar Rapids in June and striking a woman before driving away, court documents posted online Wednesday said.

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Court sides with Oregon governor over early prison releases

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that Gov. Kate Brown was within her authority to grant clemency during the coronavirus pandemic to nearly 1,000 people convicted of crimes.

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Pa. doctors oppose Dr. Oz Senate run

Doctors launched the “Real Doctors Against Oz” tour in opposition to a Senate run by GOP nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz. The group is backing Democrat John Fetterman.

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Red River Women's Clinic opens new location in Moorhead

MOORHEAD - The owner of what was North Dakota's only abortion clinic says the clinic has opened in its new location in Moorhead, just weeks before it ...

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